8 Best Apple AirTag Cases, Keychains, holders

With the introduction of the Apple AirTag, Apple has opened a new world of possibilities for mobile communication. The AirTag can be used to send and receive data through both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, allowing it to be used in a wide variety of ways. It can even work on other devices that aren’t made by Apple! Many people are using their Apple AirTags to send and receive messages, take photos, record audio, control smart home appliances and more. 

Whatever you’re planning on using your AirTag for, you’ll want to be sure you have the right kind of accessories for it.

Best Apple AirTag Accessories - Cases Keychains, holders
Below are some of the Best Apple AirTag Cases Keychains and holders for personal use

For instance, if you’re going to be taking a lot of photos with your AirTag you’ll need a case that fits your camera attachment. If you want your AirTag to function as an alarm clock then you’ll need a stand that works with it.

You’ll also want to think about cases or stands if you’re going to be carrying it around with you while traveling or walking around town. It’s important to make sure that whatever case or stand you get works well with your specific AirTag before purchasing it. You can find these cases and stands in any online shop or at any offline apple store.

Below are the best Cases and Keychain holders for Apple AirTag

Apple AirTags are a great way to see what’s on your Mac or PC, but they’re even better when you add accessories to them. AirTags can be customized to fit any style, budget and personality, while still being easy to use.

Here are some of my favorite accessories that are compatible with the Apple AirTag.

1. Belkin Secure Holder (Best Keychain for AirTag)

Belkin Secure Holder (Best Keychain for AirTag)

Belkin has created a new line of accessories for Apple AirTags. The company has also given it the creative name, “Belkin Secure Holder.” You might be wondering why this new product will be different from other holders in the market. Belkin’s Secure Holder is designed to keep your Apple AirTag in place even when you drive over rough road surfaces. This is not possible with other Apple AirTags holders since they easily fall off if bumped or shaken.  

With a Secure Holder, you can keep your AirTag right where you want it—conveniently accessible.

There are many different kinds of holders for Apple AirTags. Some have a swivel mechanism, while some just hold it straight. Then there are cases that attach to your car’s dashboard. All these holders have one thing in common: they can’t keep your AirTag in place when you drive over rough road surfaces.

This product will be very useful for people who use their AirTags for driving directions.

2. Otterbox AirTag Rugged Case (Best Case for AirTag)

Otterbox AirTag Rugged Case (Best Case for AirTag)

The Otterbox AirTag Rugged Case is much like the protective covering of a baseball or softball, or perhaps a hockey puck. It’s made of solid plastic and it actually encases your AirTag.

When you’re on the go, it’s easy to lose track of your AirTag. You might not realize it’s missing until you get home and need to use it. By then, you’ve probably already forgotten where you put it, and it could be anywhere—at the bottom of your laptop bag, tucked into the side pocket of your purse or left behind at a restaurant. To help you keep track of your AirTag, Otterbox has launched a line of accessories for the AirTag that include a keychain holder specifically designed to fit your AirTag inside.

It’s available in two colors: black or white. The plastic casing is smooth and sturdy, with a separate top piece that unscrews to reveal an open space where you can place your AirTag. The top piece screws back onto the bottom piece to lock the AirTag inside, but because there’s only one screw holding everything together, you do have to make sure that everything is lined up properly before tightening so that the case doesn’t come apart when you’re fiddling around with it.

3. Cyrill AirTag Case Cover

Cyrill AirTag Case Cover

Vegetarians and vegans have to be extra careful about where they spend their hard-earned money, because the choices available to them can be limited. Cyrill, the Korean brand behind many vegan leather accessories, has a lovely little key chain that is a perfect example of why it’s important to look for vegan options.

The Cyrill AirTag Case Cover ($16.99) comes in black or stone color options and is made with synthetic leather that feels like the real thing.  

It’s not as big or bulky as some other key chains out there, making it nice and compact—just what you want from something you probably have on you every day anyway!

4. Apple Leather Key Ring ( Best leather case for AirTag)

Apple Leather Key Ring ( Best leather case for AirTag)

The Apple-branded leather key ring costs $35 and comes in three colors: black, saddle brown and red. I had no idea that they were even making a leather key ring until I saw it on the Apple store site. I love the idea of an Apple-branded leather key ring for my AirTag, but the price was is not reasonable, especially for what you get.

The leather key ring is made with real leather (the tag itself is genuine aluminum) and has a small, magnetic clip to easily hold the AirTag in place. The dimensions are 1 inch tall by 0.5 inches wide by 1 inch long. It’s small enough to fit on your key chain without taking up too much space or weighing down your keys and it looks great!

5. PXHDCN Airtag Keychain

PXHDCN Airtag Keychain

The PXHDCN Airtag is a skin-friendly silicone case for your Apple Air Tag that comes in five colors. It will add a little bulk to your tag so it doesn’t rattle around in your bag or get scratched up. The case is sturdy and lightweight. It doesn’t interfere with the functionality of the AirTag, and it’s easy to put on and take off. I’ve had mine for about a week now and I’m very happy with my purchase!

This product is amazing! I have been looking for a way to be able to keep my Apple Air Tag with me at all times and was leery about sticking it on the back of my phone case because it would eventually damage the case itself. The PXHDCN Airtag Keychain solves that problem. The silicone is extremely durable and very stretchy, so you can adjust it to fit your Air Tag perfectly. It also means that you will not have to worry about it getting stretched out or breaking if you are constantly taking your key chain in and out of your pocket. The cutouts for the tag are very small, so it is unlikely that any dirt or grime will get stuck in them. The silicone has a slight texture to it, which helps prevent fingerprints and makes the Airtag a lot easier to grip.

6. KOFAIR Wallet Case Holder for AirTag 

KOFAIR Wallet Case Holder for AirTag

For the KOFAIR Wallet Case Holder for AirTag, the first thing to note is that this is a 2-piece set. The holder itself is about 3 inches long, and then you have an extra piece that can be used as a keychain or to attach it to your purse. The holder comes in two colors: grey and green. The wallet case only fits one AirTag (sold separately), but if you’re buying this for someone else, it’s helpful to know that it’s compatible with both of the AirTag models. This wallet case is also a keychain—it has a hole on one end where you can connect a separate keychain, which is not included with the wallet case.

If you’re considering buying a wallet that serves as a tracking device, you’ll want to consider KOFAIR’s AirTag wallet. The AirTag is a credit card-sized that can be slipped into your pocket or purse. The holder loops around your wrist or attaches to your bag strap so that you don’t have to worry about losing your AirTag again.

The wallet case is made out of plastic, so it will help protect the AirTag from scratches and chips. The front of the plastic part has holes for you to see the status lights on the back of an AirTag through.

7. TagVault Surface (Waterproof AirTag Case)

TagVault Surface (Waterproof AirTag Case)

TagVault Surface is a new waterproof mounting solution from Elevation Lab. This is a 4-pack of the newest version of their adhesive mounts, which are designed to stay put on a variety of surfaces, from patio doors to shower walls to car dashboards. 

They’re extremely easy to use: just twist open the top, attach the mount to whatever you want to stick it on with its 3M adhesive backing, and then screw in any AirTag or other device you want to mount. The adhesive is reusable and fully replaces traditional sticky pads (giving them a permanent place on your kitchen counter or dashboard), but if it gets dirty, you can always clean it with soap and water.

For outdoor situations, the TagVault Surface is ideal for attaching things like house keys or your dog’s ID tag that you don’t need to access all the time. Just stick it out of sight and forget about it until you need it—your keys are right where you left them. For indoor situations, they work great as a convenient place to store something you only use at certain times.

TagVault Surface is a versatile adhesive mount that lets you attach your phone, camera, or other gear to almost any smooth flat surface. The ultra-durable design allows you to stick it on and take it off as many times as you need; the nondescript, non-obtrusive design ensures that it won’t draw attention to itself. It’s perfect for mounting your AirTag in the car, at the office, or anywhere else you can think of!

8. Supfine Waterproof Airtag Holder

Supfine Waterproof Airtag Holder

If you love to go on outdoor activities, it is necessary for you to bring your pet with you. However, we all know that pets will run away if they see a chance. So it is really important for you to find the best tools for keeping your pet close. The Supfine Waterproof Airtag Holder is a great helper for you.

This tag holder can be used for attaching Airtags to your pets, wallet, luggage and so on. It features hard PC+TPU body with full body protective design and has loop key ring for holding tags. The tag holder is waterproof, scratch resistant and shockproof.

So how could you use an AirTag to track certain items? Here are some suggestions:

If you have an Apple AirTag, you may have considered using it to track all sorts of things. The AirTag is a device that can be attached to just about anything, and it will communicate with your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth.

  • For a car, attach an AirTag to the keyring and watch on your iPhone as you walk away from your car with the AirTag—useful for keeping track of where your car is at all times.
  • The AirTag can also be used in this way with other key items—a purse, backpack, bike helmet, etc.
  • If you’re concerned about the security of your home or office when you’re out of town, place an AirTag on the door handle and another on the window frame so you’ll know if someone has entered. Other areas that might benefit from this type of monitoring include safes, drawers, and backpacks.
  • If you have a child who rides the bus or walks to school, let them wear the AirTag on their backpack—your phone lets you know immediately when they arrive at their destination. If your child wears a bike helmet and attaches an AirTag to it.

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