7 Best Apple Watch App for Golf

Golf GPS SwingU best apple watch app for golf

Wondering which is the Best Apple Watch app for Golf? Over the past few weeks, I’ve tried out a bunch of Apps and shortlisted the below list that I personally like. It is a popular saying that says “Well begun is half done”. This adage also applies to the game of golf as well. Though, … Read more

How to turn off apple watch

How to turn off Apple Watch 4

Turning off or Turning on an Apple watch series 4 and Series 5 is pretty simple. But if you have just bought the Apple watch and are new  to Apple watchOS then you might be struggling even with the basic settings.  In fact many new customers who buy a new smartphone or a new smart watch do … Read more

How to screenshot on apple watch

Take screenshot on Apple Watch 2, Watch 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Watch 5

Taking apple watch screenshot is easy. Want to know, how to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch, and where to find saved screenshots in the camera app on your iPhone? Enable the screenshot feature on your watchOS and you will be able to take a screenshot on Apple Watch. The watchOS has an in-built … Read more