Best PC Gaming Chairs 2021: Cheap PC gaming Chairs under $100 – $200 300

What type of best pc gaming chairs are you after? Are you looking for cheap and budget gaming chairs under 100, $200 or can you go up to 300 dollars? It really depends on whether you are a Pro gamer or just an occasional gamer? If you are a professional gamer or an avid gamer then you must need a comfortable gaming chair.

So, we will not be recommending you the gaming chairs that come under 50 dollars but instead we have a list of gaming chairs that are sturdy, come with ample cushioning, good padding and at the same time come at a cheap affordable price. Gaming chairs can be a lifesaver for those long marathon gaming sessions. We help find the perfect gaming chair for your needs.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or just need a comfortable chair to fall asleep in, you’ve probably come across PC gaming chairs in the past. These high-back chairs look similar to office chairs but are designed specifically for long gaming sessions.

There are a lot of PC gaming chairs on the market today. Maybe it’s because they’re such a convenient and popular gift — or maybe it’s because they look so darn cool. I’ll admit — that hip Racing-style seat is pretty irresistible. However, when you find yourself looking at $200+ price tags, you might start to wonder: Is it really worth paying that much? Can I save some money by going with a cheap chair I found on Amazon?

There’s nothing quite like kicking back in a comfy gaming chair after an epic match of League of Legends or Apex Legends. Whether you’re playing on a PC or console, a quality gaming chair can make all the difference. In this article, we’ll help you pick out the best gaming chair for your needs and price range. We’ve taken some of the most popular options and reviewed them based on their comfort level, ergonomics, adjustability, aesthetics, and price.

Best Cheap gaming Chairs (For PC, PS4, PS5 and Xbox)

Step into the future and enter the next level of gaming with a high-quality, super comfortable PC gaming chair. Now let’s follow the below list to know which are the best pc gaming chairs that are available now?

OFM ESS Racing Chair 

Ultra Cheap Gaming Chair under 100

This is one of the best cheap gaming chairs under 100 that provides you ultimate comfort throughout the whole day. This chair has ergonomic design and has a strong metal base for great stability. This is an adjustable chair that comes with the adjustable headrest as well as a lumbar pillow which provides you great comfort and relaxation while playing your favourite games by sitting on it. It also has adjustable armrests that allows you to adjust your arms to your own dezired height. 

OFM ESS Racing purple Chair under 100
  • Can be reclined from 90°to 160°.
  • 300 lbs load carrying capacity.
  • 2 years warranty on parts.

The powerful heavy-duty base with the smooth-rolling castors provides you super stability as well as mobility. This chair is made up of high-density foam and high quality tear-resistance leather that provides great durability. This chair is a very powerful gaming chair and has the ability to handle loads upto 300 lbs which shows the strength of this chair. 

This great gaming chair can be reclined from anywhere between 90° to 160° that is an amazing thing about this chair. This chair also supports the great 360° swivel rotation feature so that you can easily look around without moving your neck. It also has a 30 days replacement policy and 2 years of warranty on its parts. 

Mentioned below are some of the amazing features of this chair.

  • Great heavy-duty metal base for great stability.
  • Made up of high quality leather and high-density thick foam.
  • 30 days replacement policy.
  • Can be reclined from 90°to 160°.
  • 300 lbs load carrying capacity.
  • 2 years warranty on parts.
  • Supports 360° swivel rotation feature.

Buy this amazing gaming chair today and enjoy the best comfort experiences while sitting on this chair.

Homall Gaming Office Chair

Ergonomic High Back Low-budget Computer Gaming Chair

The Homall PS4 Chair is an outstanding affordable gaming chair that fulfils all your demands. This gaming chair provides awesome comfort and relaxation while sitting on it. This great gaming chair is made up of powerful thick and sturdy metal for providing great stability to this chair. The ergonomic office gaming chair is made up of fine-quality PU leather which is easy to clean and is very comfortable. 

Homall cheap ps4 computer Gaming Office Chair
  • High density shaping foam
  • Sturdy and comfortable
  • Skin friendly leather

Homall Chair is a powerful gaming chair that has the carrying capacity of 330 pounds which shows the power of this chair. This is an adjustable gaming chair that can be reclined anywhere between from 90° to 180° of your own desired height and it also supports the backrest lock feature. 

This chair also provides you 2 sponge cushions out of which 1 is for your headrest and other is for your lumbar support so that you can enjoy the best comfort experiences to the fullest. The casters of this chair are scratch-free so that you can easily roam around your or on your house without damaging your floor.

Given below are some of the outstanding features of this chair. 

  • Made up of fine-quality PU leather.
  • sponge cushions for headrest and lumbar support.
  • powerful thick and sturdy metal for stability.
  • weight carrying capacity of 330 pounds.
  • Can be reclined anywhere between from 90° to 180°.

Purchase this outstanding chair today and enjoy playing your favourite games while sitting on it. 

BestOffice Video Gamer Chair

Most comfortable gaming chair under 100 with Footrest

The BestOffice cool gaming Chair is an amazing computer racing chair that has great features that makes you fall in love with this chair.  This chair provides you a comfortable large seat so you can comfortably sit on it. BestOffice gaming chair is made up of high quality PU leather which is easy to clean. It also has removable headrest and lumbar support to provide extra comfort. 

A must have good cheap pc gaming chair for 100 dollars from BestOffice.

BestOffice good cheap pc gaming chair for 100 dollars
  • ergonomic racing chair
  • breathable premium PU leather
  • Bucket seats for comfortable seating

The BestOffice comfy and top rated gaming Chair is an adjustable computer desk chair that comes with a high backrest for providing proper support to your back. This chair can be reclined anywhere between 90° to 155° and also 7 cm armrest adjustable height.  This chair is best for the people who are the height 5’2 to 6.   

This chair is a very well made and sturdy gaming chair that comes with the weight carrying capacity of 400 lbs that is an impressive feature of this chair. This chair provides you 1 year of warranty on parts and also 1 month of replacement policy. 

Listed below are some of the awesome features of this chair. 

  • Made of high quality PU leather.
  • 400 lbs weight carrying capacity.
  • 1 year warranty on parts.
  • Can be reclined from 90° to 155°.
  • 1 month replacement policy.
  • High backrest for proper support.
  • Removable headrest with lumbar support.

Buy the Hbada Gaming Chair today and enjoy the best gaming experiences with this amazing chair. 

Best Budget gaming Chair $200 to $300

From $100-$200 price range you can find an excellent PC gaming chair that will have adequate features and comfort to last you for longer gaming sessions. The below gaming chairs range from 100 to 200 dollars and go up to Sub-300 dollars pc gaming chairs.

RESPAWN 110 Pro chair

Best budget gaming chair right now you can buy.

When you are looking for a budget gaming chair, there are so many options and most of the time you can’t decide which gaming chair is the best bet. Most of the chairs under a budget price of 200 dollars come with footrest, headrest and lumbar support. The Respawn that we are recommending to you is a very well made chair that provides comfort and has a very well made steel base. 

RESPAWN 110 best budget gaming chair right now
  • Premium Build
  • Wide gaming chair
  • 4D Soft padded armrests
  • Great Customer Support

Respawn 110 dominates the other gaming chair due to its material quality and premium design. The integrated lumbar support and headrest are made from premium faux leather. It is ergonomically designed for long hours sessions, so that you can always focus on your gameplay without any discomfort. 

This nicely designed cool PC gaming chair comes in Red, Black, Purple, Pink and many other vibrant colors. The Respawn 110 is a comfortable gaming chair that offers a wide seat which is nicely padded with thick high quality foam for utmost comfort and premium resting/seating position. This chair  has a 275 pound weight capacity which is more than enough for any big and tall guy/girl.

A must have Top gaming chair for any pro or novice gamer who wants  to buy a nice- well made budget computer gaming chair under $200.

GTRACING High-Back Chair

Best Budget Fabric Gaming Chair.

From our viewpoint the GTRacing High back chair is the best option under $200, preferably for those who want a cool, flashy and comfortable pc  gaming chair. The red/black, Purple/black, White/black and Pink colors look very good. 

GTRACING red and black gaming chair under 150
  • Ergonomic design
  • Well-padded seat
  • Big and Tall
  • Durable metal frame

The GTRACING looks like a premium gaming chair but you can get this chair under the mid-budget price of around 150 dollars. The seats are ergonomic and are S-shaped with bucket like design. The ergonomic design helps in keeping your lower back and spine in good posture after long hours of tiring work or gameplay. This chair is very well built and has silent castor wheels. 

The base is sturdy and can hold up to 300 lbs of weight which is more than enough for any big and tall gamer. A highly recommended pc gaming chair (we have tried the blcak version) from our staff writers. The top rated reviews and sales also makes a good case for GTRACING as a must have console gaming chair that provides comfort with cool design and color variants.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers

Best bluetooth Audio gaming chair under $150.

The GTRACING Surround Sound Gaming Chair is one of the best bluetooth gaming chairs with speakers in the world. This is a great gaming chair which is small in size but large in performance. This amazing chair provides you all day comfort and relaxation to enjoy the best gaming experiences. The blue-black gaming chair color combination looks really cool.

GTRACING Gaming Chair with Speakers
  • ergonomic racing chair
  • breathable premium PU leather
  • Bucket seats for comfortable seating

This chair has a great 2.0 surround sound feature that can easily access various bluetooth devices including PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One as well as XBox X etc within a few seconds. 

Mentioned below are some of the awesome features of this gaming chair. 


  • Stylish and attractive look.
  • Comfortable chair.
  • Advanced 2.0 surround sound feature.
  • Can be connected with PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One as well as XBox X.

Buy the GTRACING Surround Sound Gaming Chair today and enjoy the best comfort experiences.

Recommended PC gaming chairs

Below featured gaming chairs are excellent but didn’t make our Top 5 list of best gaming chairs in uk for PS4/PS5

AutoFull PC Console Gaming Chair

Best Big and Tall Gaming Chair

Autofull red black gaming chair for PS4 xbox and pc

The AutoFull High-Back computer Racing Chair is a great pick for those who are looking for a Big and Tall chair with sleek design and well padded seats. All of these features are embedded into this chair. This is one of the widest PS4 gaming chairs available in the market under the budget price of 200. From armrest to headrest and lumbar support, the materials used are premium and are perfect for pro gamers. Overall, a perfect gaming chair for every gamer. Check Price

Dowinx Computer Gaming Chair

Best Budget Massage Gaming Chair

Downix Budget Massage Gaming Chair for PC PS5 Xbox

This is not your simple gaming chair, not at all. A vintage gaming chair with a power supply massager to relieve your back muscles during intense gaming sessions. If you are looking for a combination of massage and a chair then this Leather pc chair is a steal for you. It comes with breathable high quality leather, a massager, and bucket seat design. The footrest that comes with this affordable chair is of high-quality and is very well padded, so that you can lean your legs on it. You also get a neck pillow, headrest, lumbar pillow which is suitable for all body shapes. Check Price

Hbada E-Sports racing chair

Best Value gaming chair under 200

Hbada best value gaming chair for PC

If you’re looking for a comfortable gaming chair between the price of  $150 to $200, look no further than the Hbada racing style chair for PS4, XBox and Pc.  This is one of the top rated and best gaming chair deals that you can get right now. The large seat area is one of my favorite features about this chair, which makes this a good and comfortable gaming chair. You can recline this pc chair between 90° to 155°. If you are 6 feet tall then buy this chair and enjoy your work or gameplay while sitting on this nicely built chair. Check Price


Premium Black Gaming Chair

CORSAIR T1 black gaming chair for pro gamers-2

This is a top class premium gaming chair under $300. For those gaming nerds or Pros, Who want to enjoy their gaming sessions for a full day, the Corsair T1 is the best pick from us. We highly recommend this budget 300 dollar balck gaming chair because of its build quality and material used in the seat padding. This pc gaming chair from CORSAIR in black color looks stunning. The full black contour gives this racing chair a premium automotive look. Check Price

Which Option is the Best Gaming Chair for You?

There are a lot of factors to consider when going out and choosing a computer chair. First and foremost, the PC gaming chair you choose will largely depend on how much you spend. These chairs have an average range of $100 to above $500 for even the most basic models; those looking for high-end computer chairs better start saving!

A good gaming chair provides a level of comfort and supports beyond what is offered in an average office chair. A comfortable computer gaming chair should also come equipped with extra features such as LED lighting, headphone holders, built-in speakers, 4D-armrests, a rocking function, and a retractable footrest.

What you need to remember when shopping for a great gaming chair is that each of them will be better for specific purposes.

If you are in the market for a gaming chair, it is crucial to know what to look for before making a buying decision. Chairs are not created equally, with features like adjustable headrests and armrests included with some models.

Even the best gaming chair won’t be great if the design does not suit your body – no matter how fancy the features. There is nothing worse than buying an expensive gaming chair that does not fit after all. That means it is essential to take the time to choose a chair that not only has all of the features you need but comes highly rated by happy customers too.

This wraps up our list of the best PC gaming chairs (or PS4 and Xbox gaming Chairs). I hope you like at least some of them!

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