How to “control alt delete” on Mac

open activity monitor on mac for command option esc

Want to know what is the Windows equivalent of  Ctrl-Alt-Del on Mac? The Control alt delete on Windows force quits the frozen application or reboots the system, but on Mac you don’t have the delete key. And to force quit frozen applications or softwares you use different keyboard shortcuts on Mac. If you are new … Read more

Best External Hard Drive for Mac, MacBook Pro and Air

Best External Hard Drive for Mac, MacBook Pro and Air

If you’re shopping for a portable hard drive, you probably have two things in mind: storage space and speed. Here’s what you need to know about portables, along with our top-rated MacBook-Compatible drives. (We’ve tested SSDs and platter-based drives alike.) Best of all, this guide is free and blazingly simple. This article will guide you … Read more

How to reset a macbook air

How to reset macbook air

The below article shows how to reset a macbook air or MacBook Pro? Following the below instructions, you will be able to reset macbook air and delete everything. The below method to reset a MacBook works for High Sierra, macOS mojave, macOS Catalina. If your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is not turning on and you want to reset it, then you … Read more

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