Best office Chair for Gaming

Looking for best office chair for gaming? Below guide reviews and provides you with the quality office gaming chairs that come with excellent spine support, headrest support and comfortable padding. From budget to premium office gaming chairs – all are reviewed below.

Among the things that you would need in a gaming office (both home and professional) is, of course, an office gaming chair. Choosing the right one for your needs is quite a task given the wide variety of office chairs available in the market today. We have already reviewed several office gaming chairs here on our site so we have been able to identify which ones are more suited for gamers compared to other types of users.

Top 7 office chair for gamers:

  1. NOUHAUS Ergo3D – Best for Most People
  2. Steelcase Gesture – Best Ergonomic office gaming Chair
  3. SIDIZ T50 – Best Posture and Spine Support
  4. CORSAIR WW T1 – The Largest & Widest
  5. Gabrylly Mesh – Best Budget
  6. Amazon Basics – The Cheapest
  7. Herman Miller Aeron – Premium office gaming chair

It’s a no secret that spending long hours sitting in front of a computer screen isn’t great for your body. It’s tiring and can cause back pain, eyestrain and more. In this guide I’ll be reviewing the best office chair for gaming to help you get more out of the time you spend sitting down. My approach is different to most; I have spent countless hours shopping around to find information on these office gaming chairs, often from the manufacturers themselves.

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If you’re looking for a chair to keep upright posture, combat back pain and years of fatigue of a habit of sitting on the same position on your PC or console for hours, that will give you good value for your money – there are several good choices.

Sitting down for hours and hours on end isn’t great for your body. These facts have led to the creation of so-called office gaming chairs, including ergonomic desks and chairs. The idea is that these are made from suitable materials that support the best posture for long periods of time, but they also look stylish with added functionality so you can pay attention to not eating that donut on your desk.

Gaming and office chairs are important for the overall ergonomic condition of your body especially if you work long hours at a computer desk or you’re into high-end gaming where every millisecond counts. Today, people have a lot of options when it comes to choosing the right ergonomic chair to improve their posture and lessen strain on the back and neck. From mesh models to contoured models to rockers, we’ve reviewed it all. With its breathable mesh upholstery, sturdy construction, and adjustable features, this Office Egg Chair offers exceptional comfort for long hours at a time.

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You’ve probably heard the acronym “ERG” bandied about when it comes to looking at a desk chair. But what does it really mean? Ergonomic. And ergonomic means that chair is designed for you, your body, and the way you sit in it. Some people may have different needs than others; some chairs may be better suited to one type of person than another. So we talked to a few of themacios staffers to find out their favorite types and styles of chairs. Here’s what they think what are the best office gaming chairs available right now:


⭐The Best office Gaming Chair⭐

NOUHAUS Ergo3D best office gaming chair
  • 3D Adjustable Armrest
  • Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar.
  • Optimal airflow to avoid Sweating.
  • up to 275 lbs

Seat Height: 14.9-17.4 inches | Seat Width: 23 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 18 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 34.2 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 24.4″ ✦ Tilt: 90-135° ✦Max Load: 275 lbs

Ergonomics: 3D Adjustable Armrest, 3D Lumbar Support, Blade Wheels, 135 Degree Back Tilt, Smooth HydraLift, breathable ElastoMesh, Hugging seat.

The Ergo3D is a revolutionary design that blends the classic high quality craftsmanship of this best-selling office gaming Chair with the advanced 3D functionality and style of our futuristic new ErgoChair 3D Series. It is integrated with mesh fabric into your headrest, lumbar section, and on both sides to deliver extra breathability where you need it most while keeping the weight impressively low and comfort high. Envelop your body in the mesh back and contour seat for optimal lumbar support from this comfortable and stylish ergonomic mesh office computer chair.

This high-back chair is the ultimate comfort solution for all of your working and gaming needs. This chair includes an ergonomic design that promotes healthy posture by placing your body in natural posture for long hours.

If you are short, tall, overweight or slim, the NOUHAUS 3D Ergo3D chairs fit you. It automatically adjusts to your body making it altogether a more customized fit then any chair on the market today. This combined with the relaxing head, neck and back support give you a whole new level of comfort that will make every chair seem very old school.

Setting the standard for ergonomic innovation and design, this 3D gaming chair with lumbar support and a mesh headrest will have you sitting in style wherever you go. Premium materials and adjustability mean you’ll feel at home whether you’re enjoying a game or a movie in your home. This exclusive ergonomic design, provides superior comfort with scientifically proven biomechanics that provide lower back support and better posture. The Ergo3D features an adjustable lumbar support for improved posture. Plush seat and mesh fabric provide comfort through the day. Wheels spin in all directions for smooth navigation.

Taller seat and back allows for increased leg support to keep you comfortable longer. By integrating breathable ElastoMesh cushions, the chair won’t make you stick and will ensure that airflow doesn’t get blocked. This works well when combined with the quality fabric that makes sure that you don’t get sweaty. Whether you’re working from home or an avid gamer, the NouHaus Ergo3D office chair is designed to keep you comfortable all day long. The Ergo3D’s breathable ElastoMesh material makes it perfect for extended periods of sitting. While the contoured seat and back with cushioning make your time at the computer or at the game console enjoyable.

The Ergo3D office gaming chair is a great addition to your home or office. It is specifically designed for office as well as computer game enthusiasts, gamers, and general people who need to sit in their office or homes for more than 8 hours. It is extremely durable, providing the maximum comfort level with full body support of the lumbar area.

Steelcase Gesture Chair

⭐Best Ergonomic office Chair for Gaming⭐

  • Adjustable seat depth
  • Fully adjustable arms
  • Mimic Spine Movement
  • Premium Comfort

Seat Height: 39.25″ – 44.25″ inches | Seat Width: 34.60 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 24 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 24.2 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 35.4″ ✦ Tilt: 90-135° ✦Max Load: 400 lbs

Ergonomics: 360-Degree Rotating Arms, contoured shape for spine, relieving pressure points, 4 position recline lock, adjustable seat depth. 

The revolutionary Gesture chair stands out among its peers with an innovative design that is both aesthetically appealing and ergonomically functional. Like all available office gaming chairs, the Gesture meets or exceeds the ANSI/BIFMA performance standards for office chairs and features a rolling 5-star base rail, a task-specific recline mechanism, and a pneumatic seat adjustment with multi-lock position activation. ou will find this chair to be lightweight making it more mobile within the office.

The Gesture chair from Steelcase – the global leader in office furniture – is designed to meet the needs of today’s professionals and gamers. The Gesture chair provides a totally flexible seating experience with the ability to move in all directions, actively responding to your movements while providing superior comfort and support. From its adjustable arms and seat depth to its wraparound padded back and pneumatic seat height adjustment, this innovative office chair has been engineered for maximum customization. It offers settings for formal and informal meetings, as well as extensive ergonomic function like 4 position recline lock, and fully adjustable armrests.

At work, Gesture helps keep your body comfortable while you move throughout the day, adding comfort to your workday. At home in front of a computer, it’s ideal for gaming. A convenient headrest gives you even more total body support while also providing a comfortable place to rest your head during breaks.

This office gaming chair is perfect for a professional or an avid gamer seeking an office chair with exceptional support and mobility. It supports all body types and sizes while helping decrease the risks associated with extended time seated like muscle strain, backaches and circulation problems.

SIDIZ T50 : Cheap Alternative

⭐Best Posture and Spine Support ⭐

  • Ergonomic S-curve design
  • Adjust the seat slope
  • Good spine support
  •  Multi tilting mechanism

Backed by multiple patents,  SIDIZ ergonomic office gaming chair is one of the most comfortable and ergonomically advanced chair. It provides superior comfort for your spine using high strength metal material and durable structure with built-in lumbar support and headrest. You can easily adjust the forward tilt and seat depth as well as the armrest and the headrest as you wish.

It maintains the S-Curve of your spine by offering proper lumbar support, has arms that move easily as needed, and is easy to adjust for support and comfort.


⭐Best Extra large office gaming Chair ⭐

CORSAIR WW T1 wide office gaming chair for big person
  • 4D armrests
  • Height adjustable seating
  • 180° reclining seat bac
  • Neck and lumbar pillows

Seat Height: 45.25″ inches | Seat Width: 37 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 28 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 34.2 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 32.4″ ✦ Tilt: 90-180° ✦Max Load: 400 lbs

Ergonomics: Adjustable 4D Armrests, Adjustable seat height of upto 85mm, Up to 10° of seat tilt, Padded neck and back support

CORSAIR puts comfort and design first with the CORSAIR T1 RACE gaming office chair. Posture and neck support are taken in to consideration with this ergonomic seat. The sturdy steel frame, dense foam cushioning and sleek design will make you want to sit for hours. Take advantage of their 4D movement armrests with 3D texture feature – it allows variable armrest position and providing the most comfortable experience. The T1 RACE series is designed to be the ultimate in big office gaming chairs.

The CORSAIR T1 office Race chair is for the racing enthusiast that demands the most comfortable and ergonomic racing seat. The race car inspired styling features a red faux-leather seat and sturdy metal legs that can be easily adjusted to accommodate any gamer. Recline and get comfortable, then adjust the tilt tension and lock-to-lock angle to find your perfect position. This chair was designed for extended use with an extra tall headrest, adjustable armrests and high durability nylon casters.

The CORSAIR office Gaming Chair is a large, racing-style bucket seat designed for long sessions with ultimate comfort. Its highly adjustable nature, and plush nylon construction makes it a treat to use, while its classic good looks will fit perfectly into any office or living room set-up. Whether you’re playing back-to-back night of Black Ops at the LAN party, or just sitting for three episodes of popular series, this gaming chair is the perfect companion for your extended PC or console sessions.

Gabrylly Mesh Chair

⭐Best Budget gaming Chair for Office⭐

Gabrylly Mesh budget office chair for gaming
  •  4 supporting points
  • Adjustable Headrest and Lumbar
  • 90~120° backrest tilt
  • 28o Lbs

Seat Height: 54″ inches | Seat Width: 22 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 20 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 25 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 32.4″ ✦ Tilt: 90-180° ✦Max Load: 280 lbs

Ergonomics: Breathable Mesh, Folding armrests, Larger seating area, Suitable for 5’5″ to 6’2″, Lower back and Hip support.

The Gabrylly is a mesh computer chair that has a cool racing look. Black, gray and white colors let you choose the perfect color for your room. The mesh fabric of the back not only helps circulate air, but looks awesome. There are 4 points of support(head/back/flip-up arms/hands) to keep you comfortable while you work, and it also includes a lumbar support cushion for your lower back—helping you keep cool & comfortable all day long.

Featuring a premium mesh fabric that is soft and breathable, the Gabrylly Chair supports your back and helps improve focus while relieving pressure. The flip-up armrests allow for even more customization. The Gabriel mesh chair is the best budget gaming chair for office work. The ergonomic design provides extra support and comfort, making it perfect for sitting at a desk or table for long periods. It can be tilted back or forward, and even has a built in lumbar support that adjusts to your body type.

The comfortable office gaming chair is not ordinary reclining chair, it’s a functional mesh chair set for creatives and professional gamers who needs to focus on their work. It features multi-adjustable backrest, high quality mesh design, and infinite position lock to ensure maximum comfort. With its ergonomic build, this office gaming chair promotes health to your body. For the gamers, comfort or no comfort will be unthinkable. The Gabrylly office gaming mesh chair is specially designed for them and bring the most comfortable experience.

Amazon Basics Chair

⭐The Cheapest office Chair for Gaming⭐

Amazon Basics cheap office gaming chair
  • Padded Seat and Back
  • 360 degree swivel
  • 275 Lbs

Seat Height: 45″ inches | Seat Width: 22 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 19 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 25 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 28″ ✦ Tilt: 90-180° ✦Max Load: 275 lbs

Ergonomics: Quality PU leather, padded armrest, curved contours for lower back, Adjustable seat height.

With a padded seat, back, and arms that provide support while you sit, this chair is the perfect addition to your home office. The 360 degree swivel and pneumatic seat height adjustment allow for easy customization as you work throughout the day. Whether you’re in arm’s reach of monitors or need to get up from your desk more often, its rolling casters ensure easy maneuvering. Its supported by a metal frame with a pewter finish which offers a professional appearance in any office setting.

The ideal office chair for those on a budget is perfect for the office and gaming. AmazonBasics ergonomic executive chair is the value-priced solution for those seeking a fully adjustable chair that’s both comfy and stylish. It is designed to fit the contours of your body for all-day use, and features a high-back design to keep your spine aligned while you work. This office chair supports up to 275 pounds, so it’s great for people of many sizes.

The gently curving shape of the AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Chair is designed to fit users of all sizes. This value-priced gaming office chair incorporates a seat size that can accommodate users up to 21″ wide, as well as thickly padded surfaces that provide comfort and support on even the longest days. Three tilt tension control settings allow you to customize your comfort level, while built-in lumbar adjustment provides support to your lower back area for optimum posture.

Herman Miller Aeron – Premium

⭐The best fully adjustable office gaming chair⭐

Herman Miller Aeron premium office gaming chair
  • Adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support360 degree swivel
  • 275 Lbs

Seat Height: 21″ inches | Seat Width: 27 inches ✦ Seat Depth: 20.5 inches ✦ Backrest Length: 25 inches ✦ Backrest Width: 28″ ✦ Tilt: 90-180° ✦Max Load: 350 lbs

Ergonomics: Pellicle for airflow, Lumbar support, ultimate spinal support with seat skeletal,

The Herman Miller Aeron Chair is designed to optimize your posture and help alleviate back pain. Ergonomic adjustments are easy with the PostureFit SL backrest, which has adjustable individual pads. This office Chair for gaming adapts to your body’s unique shape for superior comfort and postural support. The 8Z Pellicle suspension supports the body and helps reduce stress, while its PostureFit SL backrest gives you a perfect posture and frees you from muscle exhaustion. This chair enhances performance throughout the workday while reducing backache and increasing productivity.

The Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair offers an unmatched level of adjustability, with its exclusive Pellicle Suspension Seat and Back and pneumatic adjustment lever with 15-way tilt/height control, is the very definition of comfort. The chair features Polypropylene Pellicle® technology, a fabric that provides continuous lumbar support to reduce lower-back fatigue. The breathable mesh fabric helps to promote air flow, which keeps you cool and comfortable.

The high back helps support your upper body and head, keeping your posture in an active position where you can focus on the game without fatigue. The seat angle is adjusted by a control knob that adjusts the wedge bracket that controls the seat back angle as well as the tilt limiter position which determines maximum recline position.

What to Look for in a office Gaming Chair?

There are several different types of office chairs available. Many buyers often wonder what to look for in an office gaming chair and which one is best for them. These questions often arise at the same time as people are shopping for a new computer or a new monitor, so they can turn their PC into an actual gaming setup. While neither of these two things have anything to do with each other, it’s easy to see how they could lead to confusion among those who don’t know much about computers.

We’ve tested out the various gaming chairs on the market to determine what to look for in a great office gaming chair. We’ve found one thing particularly important: the effectiveness of its lumbar adjustment mechanism. The lumbar support (not too tight, not too loose) should provide mild but firm back support-and that’s determined by how much sliding you can do on the seat pan slider. If it’s difficult to slide it forward, the chair can’t support your lower back-sort of defeats the purpose.

Gaming chairs can be an essential tool for creating a healthy office set up and avoid back and neck injuries. With technology getting more popular there are plenty of people who game in the office, and those gamers often have very high gaming needs. Ergonomic office gaming chairs are great tools to provide players with a healthier environment that’s not so stuffy.

Ooh, I like gaming chairs. They’re comfortable and look awesome. Because they can make playing games more enjoyable they should make working at your computer more enjoyable too, right? Well, the problem is that not all gaming chairs are created equally. Some are definitely better for certain types of work. And to know which is best for you will depend on what you do, your body shape and size, and even your desk setup.

No matter the position of the chair, the number-one thing to look for when choosing an office gaming chair is comfort.  And if a seat isn’t comfortable,  it won’t be worth the money you spent regardless of any other features


A tilting mechanism. This is important for the exact same reason as the recline button. If you’re typing and researching, you want to be more upright so you don’t push your spine into a bad posture – but if you’re doing something more active like watching a movie or playing a game, you may want to tilt back a little bit more to relax the lower back.

We have tested office chairs at my desk, and , of course, during a gaming session. We have interviewed professional ergonomists, extreme gamers, and the companies that make these seats. In the end, We found that office workers are well advised to buy a chair that can be adjusted in lots of ways-and to choose one with a high weight limit if they’re big guys.

Simply put, the seat pan slider supports a healthy sitting posture. When most people sit in an office chair, they tend to lean forward and bend at the waist. This can result in lower back pain and soreness. This position is neither comfortable nor ergonomically healthy. An office gaming chair with a seat pan slider, however, provides some relief. The 20 degree seat pan angle allows you to sit straighter and more comfortably.

Footrest and reclining

Footrests are a nice touch, too, and they’re usually found on higher-end models. These can be especially helpful if your desk isn’t very deep or if you spend longer sessions gaming. Some footrests telescope in and out, like an office chair’s height-adjustment mechanism, while others simply pivot up and down.

Once you have narrowed down your choice, the next thing to test is the seat pan slider and vertical adjustment. Why these two are important is because they will go a long way towards getting you comfortable in your chair. Some chairs have a lot of tilt in their backrests while others don’t. A certain amount of tilt is good for blood flow and keeping your back healthy. But there’s also such thing as too much tilt which can cause you to slump or eventually cause joint pain over time.

Comfort and material

A typical gaming chair features a reclined position plus a locking upright mode that holds your back up. It will be made with breathable, durable fabric and have at least one feature like looped, double-stitched seams or fabric with open areas (as opposed to solid) to prevent pressure points from developing. The chair will be adjustable in height and arm rests.

When looking for an office gaming chair, it’s important to keep in mind that adjustable armrests are also a must-have feature. Some models come with at least two armrest height and position settings, while other have a single slider to slide the height of each armrest independently. It is not just about the comfort of your body , but also your ability to reach the keyboard and use it without hitting your elbow.

Of course, the highest-end chairs will have all the bells and whistles that you can imagine, but you don’t need them to get a great experience. A very good chair these days for under $300 looks very much like, what’s more than $800 to $1,000. But if you’re talking about getting into something around $500, then you want to look for a game chair that has articulated back and excellent lumbar support, some flexibility in the seat top so it doesn’t have to be exactly horizontal while you’re reclining.


There are tons of great options in our office chairs collection. For gaming, check out the DXRacer chair, which we love despite its reputation; it’s comfortable no matter what position you prefer to sit in. If you’re looking for something with a little more style, try the Herman Miller Embody—it comes with a hefty price tag but has a sleek sci-fi look that works with almost any decor. However, if you’re less concerned about looks and just want an all-around great chair that will keep going for years (literally), take a look at the Humanscale Freedom chair.

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