How to turn off apple watch

How to turn off Apple Watch 4

Turning off or Turning on an Apple watch series 4 and Series 5 is pretty simple. But if you have just bought the Apple watch and are new  to Apple watchOS then you might be struggling even with the basic settings.  In fact many new customers who buy a new smartphone or a new smart watch do … Read more

How to screenshot on apple watch

Take screenshot on Apple Watch 2, Watch 3, Apple Watch Series 4, Watch 5

Taking apple watch screenshot is easy. Want to know, how to take a screenshot on your Apple Watch, and where to find saved screenshots in the camera app on your iPhone? Enable the screenshot feature on your watchOS and you will be able to take a screenshot on Apple Watch. The watchOS has an in-built … Read more

How to restart apple watch 4

restart apple watch 4

Sometimes Apple watches don’t respond and the easiest way to solve this problem is to restart your Apple watch. If your Apple watch is running slow and has glitches while opening certain applications or settings then you can restart or force restart your Apple watch Series 4 or Apple watch Series 5 to fix the issue.  The simple restart or force restart also … Read more

Unlock Mac with Apple watch

It is very easy to unlock your Mac computer with an Apple Watch using the ‘Auto Unlock‘ feature. You can this Apple Watch unlock feature to log in to your Apple MacBook Air, MacBook Pro running macOS High Sierra or even the latest macOS Mojave. So, this feature allows you to unlock your Mac by sitting near to … Read more