Apple Watch Series 7 may come with Large Screen and New Watch faces

The Apple Watch Series 7 is expected to debut alongside the iPhone 13 family sometime in September. That’s a whole lot of fresh smartphones, but what about a new smartwatch?

Apple is rumored to be bringing some major improvements to the Apple Watch Series 7 later this year which will likely include new hardware and possibly even a round watch face.

Apple Watch Series 7 may come with Large Screen and New Watch faces
Apple Watch Series 7 Expected to Feature New Watch Faces to Take Advantage of Larger Displays

Apple fans have been speculating whether or not the so-called Apple Watch Series 7 will see a big design revamp. After all, this would make for a nice addition to the lineup with the predictable “S” upgrade expected for the wearable.

Apple is reportedly gearing up to release a new generation of smartwatches sometime this year, and the company has been supposedly working on new hardware upgrades that will power its future wearable lineup. Rumors of new processor, larger display sizes as well as a design refresh have all been swirling in recent months, hinting at a possible fall launch for Apple’s next-gen wearable devices.

The successor to the Apple Watch Series 4 — which is still keeping owners happy, according to Apple — could be unveiled as soon as September alongside the next-generation iPhone . We’re expecting a lot in terms of physical changes, and there are a few things we’d love to see. So what’s likely with the Apple Watch Series 7?

One of the first details that we learned about the Apple Watch Series 7 was that it would be slightly bigger than its predecessor. To be specific, it is reportedly set to sport a larger display, which would likely put it on par with some of the bigger Android Wear smartwatches. It is not clear yet whether Apple will stick with the 40mm display size for its long-awaited device or if it will go even bigger.

Apple has been testing out a larger sized version of the Apple Watch and although no official confirmation has been given just yet, we expect that it will be unveiled alongside the iPhone 13 in September. Interestingly, the rumours surrounding the larger screen size may have stemmed from this and when comparing the images sent to SlashGear to earlier versions of the Apple Watch and its immediate predecessor, it does seem that there is a difference.

Many have hoped that Apple would finally throw in the towel and chuck its square watch faces for good. That isn’t happening. Apple stuck with what works, which feels especially odd with the introduction of a more noticeable red dot on the digital crown and new band options.

The Apple Watch Series 4 was unveiled in 2018 and immediately became one of the fastest-selling products Apple had ever released. The refresh rate soared, we got a digital crown with haptic feedback, more models to choose from and even some bonus features like Fall Detection. It’s fair to say that the Apple Watch is maturing at an impressive rat. But new changes to the Series 7 – Will it make the watch 7, the of choice for millions of customers looking to upgrade?

According to the report, the bigger Apple Watch would have 4mm increased in display size, making them 41mm and 45mm. The previous generation of Apple Watch was available in 40mm and 44mm bodies. The difference is very minor, all things considered but still better than before. It’s not an entirely surprising move since the smaller form factor of the watches face problems with reading inputs while on a run or a workout which is where a larger body comes in to help.

The reliable supply chain sources have confirmed that Apple’s wearable will get bigger displays but maintain the same overall body size.

Apple Watch Series 7 is due for a sequel and it will arrive in mid-September alongside new iPhone 13.

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