Belkin Boost Charge 10W- A budget wireless charger For iPhone – Android

The Belkin Boost Charge wireless charging stand ensures a safe, fast, and efficient way to charge your device on or around your desk. This 10W wireless charger also comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and cable for devices that have wireless charging capability.

Fast Wireless Charging Designed for Everyday
Fast Wireless Charging Designed for Everyday

Belkin’s Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand is the easiest way to charge Qi-enabled devices both at home or in the office. Equipped with 10W of power, this stand offers fast charging capabilities, allowing compatible smartphones to reach a 50% charge in 90 minutes.

An optimized coil structure eliminates wireless interference with other devices for reliable wireless charging every time. The Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand comes complete with a combined Quick Charge 3.0 AC wall charger and USB cable, so you can plug in and power up conveniently.

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This Fast Wireless Charging Stand serves as a simple, elegant home base for your Quick Charge enabled phone to help reduce clutter by up to 80% by eliminating the need for multiple cords! Works with all smartphones—Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, Nokia, LG, HTC and others—with an 8 mm or wider charging receiver. Built-in USB port offers added convenience to recharge or power any wireless charging device such as a smartphone or smartwatch.


The Belkin Boost Charge fast wireless charging stand has everything you need to charge your compatible device without the need to plug it in. Simply set your device down on the stand and watch as it powers up.

Universal Qi Compatibility

The Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand allows you to charge your QI enabled phones and tablets at the stand. It uses 7.5 W of power and delivers a faster charge to iPhone 8, 11, iPhone 12 and X and compatible Android smartphones. The phone is charged as it rests on the charging pad. The small indicators around the edge of the pad light up as your device is charged wirelessly.

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Belkin Boost Charge 10W- A budget wireless charger For iPhone - Android

The Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand is made to charge all of your Qi-enabled devices. If you own an Android phone, this charging stand will also charge them at 5W; otherwise, the charging stand charges Apple and Samsung devices at 7.5W. It will not, however, charge at the 10W speed.

Case Compatible Up to 3mm

The Belkin Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand charges all your compatible devices. It works with any case up to 3mm in thickness, so you can charge your iPhone 12, iPhone X, Samsung Galaxy Note 8, Google Pixel 2 XL, or another compatible device without removing your case. Since the charging stand is wireless, you can move it wherever it’s most convenient—by the bedside or in the kitchen—so you can always be near a charger.

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Quick Charge 3.0

The Boost Charge Wireless Charging Pad lets you power up wirelessly, so you can say goodbye to tangled wires and lost charging cables. Just place your phone on the pad and watch it begin the charging process. Using the dedicated wall adapter with 3.0 Quick Charge technology, it takes just 35 minutes to charge devices that support this feature up to 80%. The Boost Charge pad is Qi certified by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) and compatible with all devices that support wireless charging.

LED Indicator

Protect your home and personal belongings from damage or fire due to overheating that can occur with wireless chargers. The Boost Charge detects foreign objects like keys and coins left on the pad, preventing damage to your device and charger, as well as reducing the chance of overheating.

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Using an LED indicator, you can see white for power on, amber for foreign object detected and red when the wireless charger is not connected to a device. The durable build also keeps this charger looking good long after it’s out of the box.

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