Which iPhones have wireless charging?

Which iPhones have wireless charging

All of the latest iPhone models have wireless charging features. Unfortunately, they don’t all use the same inductive charging standard (or even wireless charging at all!). We’ll dive into what each company has to offer and why Apple itself isn’t leading the way in terms of wireless charging innovation. Wireless charging is gradually becoming mainstream, … Read more

Belkin Boost Charge 10W- A budget wireless charger For iPhone – Android

Belkin Boost Charge 10W- A budget wireless charger For iPhone - Android

The Belkin Boost Charge wireless charging stand ensures a safe, fast, and efficient way to charge your device on or around your desk. This 10W wireless charger also comes with a Quick Charge 3.0 wall charger and cable for devices that have wireless charging capability. Belkin’s Boost Charge Wireless Charging Stand is the easiest way … Read more

Anker PowerWave Stand – An inexpensive wireless charging stand

Anker PowerWave Stand

➡ Anker PowerWave Wireless Charging Stand ➡ Belkin’s 10-watt BoostCharge fast wireless charger ➡ Anker PowerWave 15 Wireless Charger ➡ Otto Q Wireless Charging Pad from Moshi The Anker PowerWave Stand is a black plastic stand designed to charge some cell phones while you’re sitting at your desk Cable and wire clutter and household chores? … Read more

6 Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone

Best Wireless Chargers for iPhone

Do you hate having a tangled mess of cables in your bag? Then, it might be time to replace them with wireless chargers. You can find these charging pads in a variety of shapes and sizes, but which one is best for your needs? I’ve reviewed the 6 best wireless chargers for iPhones and Android … Read more