How to secure iPhone and iPad from hackers

How to remove a hacker from my iPhone? If we were to ask how secure the average iOS user felt their device was, we are sure to have some numbers in the high range. While the Apple mobile operating system is a robust one, it is not without its flaws. Follow the below steps to … Read more

How to delete apps on iPhone xr

Apps play a very important role in iOS as compared to android mobiles. As we know that in iPhones there is no such system like RAM management. It is totally based on mobile’s internal memory. So, removing apps from iPhone is a better way to manage the storage of the device. Follow the below steps to know how to delete … Read more

Best free iPhone tracking apps

App Category:  Navigation Device compatibility: All the below apps are compatible Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. All these apps are free iPhone gps trackers that also come with premium subscription. Below listed apps are compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone SE, iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPad Pro and more. Follow the below guide to … Read more

How to type degree symbol on mac, iPhone

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How to block porn on iPhone and iPad

Do you want to block adult websites on your iPhone or iPad then you are  in the right place. There are numerous reasons to restrict adult websites or explicit content on your iPhone or iPad’s safari browser or Chrome browser. Like, hiding and restricting adult content from your kids or keeping yourself out of porn addiction. Also, some … Read more