How to reset a macbook air

The below article shows how to reset a macbook air or MacBook Pro? Following the below instructions, you will be able to reset macbook air and delete everything. The below method to reset a MacBook works for High Sierra, macOS mojave, macOS Catalina. If your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is not turning on and you want to reset it, then you … Read more

How to type degree symbol on mac, iPhone

Do you want to type a degree symbol (12˚ ) or the temperature symbol (40°C) in your Mac OS but couldn’t find a way? Then you are in the right place. Typing a degree symbol on a MacBook, Windows PC, iPhone or any other device is quite easy but most of the users find it … Read more

How to trim, Cut, Crop video in macOS Mojave

How to trim, Cut, Crop video in macOS Mojave

This guide will teach you how you can easily trim, cut, and crop an mp4 or an mkv video in macOS High sierra macOS Mojave using Quick Look tool (a faster way) or QuickTime video application, which is built into most MAC computers. With Quick Look tool, You can now sign PDFs, trim videos, and perform other … Read more

How to Turn Off macOS Mojave Screenshot Preview Thumbnails

Turn Off macOS Mojave Screenshot Preview Thumbnails

This article explains how you can turn Off macOS Mojave Screenshot Preview thumbnails? If you have used the older version of macOS then you should know that whenever you took a screenshot on your MacBook your screenshot was instantly sent to the Desktop or to the default folder, but one of the new features in macOS Mojave changes … Read more

How to find WiFi password stored on iPhone, iPad, a​nd Mac


This post deals with how to find WiFi password stored on iPhone? The recommendation to use a long and complex password protected to keep our WiFi network, coupled with the fact that we do not use often makes it quite common not remember. This is a problem and sometimes forcing us to reset the router to factory state to … Read more