iPhone 13 series to Launch on September 17

The word on the block is that Apple will launch its iPhone 13 series in September 17. This year, the company has scheduled an event on September 14 where it is likely to announce the iPhone along with upgraded MacBook Pro models.

iphone 13 release date

However, if reports are to be believed, there will be a significant design overhaul for this particular Apple flagship and company will officially unveil it on September 17.

iPhone 13 May Feature LEO Satellite to Make Calls and Texts Without Cellular Network

The iPhone 2021 series, most likely to be named iPhone 13, has been the center of attention for a while. With an expected launch date on Sept 17, Apple has already started shortlisting vendors and suppliers. Amidst such hullabaloo over the next-generation iPhones, we take a detailed look into everything that you need to know about the next generation iPhones. We cover features, specifications, design and everything in between.

No one knows for certain everything that Apple is planning to include in their next iPhone. However, we have been able to piece together lots of details on what to expect from the iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max thanks to an ever-growing number of rumors from a variety of sources that seemingly can’t wait for the next batch of iPhones.

The Apple iPhone 13 is the latest iteration of Apple’s flagship phone. As with most new phones, there will be an iPhone 13 Max and an iPhone 13 Mini, to cater for different tastes. We expect it to be a relatively modest update on the current iPhone 12 range. The biggest rumour is likely to be the inclusion of a further two cameras, which would bring the total to five cameras on the rear of the device.

iPhone 13 May Feature LEO Satellite to Make Calls and Texts Without Cellular Network

The high cost of Apple’s iPhones has long been an issue for consumers. As costs continue to rise, so does the pressure on Apple to introduce a cheaper handset. While there’s no official word on a budget model yet, leaks have suggested a cheaper model.

The iPhone 13 is set to debut with a lot of new features, including an always-on display and an updated look that includes curved corners and no home button. But what will the display look like? Rumors suggest it’ll have a resolution of between 400 and 500 pixels, and now promo materials from China claim it could include a 120Hz refresh rate.

That would be impossible with LCD technology because those screens need to go into power-saving mode when they’re not in use, but OLED displays don’t need power to maintain their state.

With a higher pixel count than standard Full HD, the 4K screens on iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max will be sharper than ever. And we’re expecting 120Hz refresh rates to make everything move smoothly and look more realistic.

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