Mullvad VPN Review 2021

Mullvad is one of the most affordable VPNs we tested, with simultaneous connections for just $5/month. Mullvad VPN is a veteran in the VPN industry. It’s been around since 2006, and yet it does not require users to provide any personal information. The service keeps zero logs to ensure anonymity, which makes it one of the best privacy-oriented VPNs on the market.

Mullvad is a Swedish VPN service provider that believes in user privacy and anonymity. It is equipped with advanced features like multihop VPN connections and DnsCrypt. Besides, Mullvad offers a hassle-free subscription and requires no email sign up or account information. Let us see the review of Mullvad VPN in detail.

Why Mullvad VPN?

In our Mullvad VPN review, we’ll show you exactly why it’s a top-rated and trusted name in the world of online security. We’ll also explain how Mullvad stacks up against the competition, and tell you why we believe it’s the most secure VPN available to users who want online anonymity without sacrificing speed.

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A fully featured VPN that has a clear and well-documented set of policies. Admittedly, not for gaming, but if your goal is to protect yourself online, Mullvad offers one of the best services out there.

Mullvad VPN A fair pricing model

What’s more, you can trust the company, as it has already proven its reliability by withstanding several tests and trials that involved independent security and privacy evaluations. Best of all, Mullvad VPN has clear and transparent pricing that doesn’t blindside you with sudden or unexpected charges. Mullvad VPN is a no-frills service with a good range of advanced, quality security options. While its UI may be a bit too plain for some, it’s virtually identical to the look and feel of NordVPN. It has servers in just over 36 countries, but the company has an ongoing mission to add more locations. The software is easy to use.


As is the case with almost every VPN provider, Mullvad offers many VPN protocols. The 2 main ones are OpenVPN (TCP and UDP), WireGuard. Mullvad secures your connection with our unique server-grade hardware. They offer unlimited bandwidth with no data caps, high security and privacy protection built in at the protocol level, and an encrypted gateway into the internet via WireGuard for a safer and more open internet.

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OpenVPN is a great choice for those who require a high level of security. It uses the same 256-bit encryption that banking institutions use to keep your money safe. WireGuard is a great choice for people who want fast connections, as it uses newer tech that has less of an impact on your internet speeds.

Speed and Performance:

If you decide to go with Mullvad VPN, you’ll be pleased to find the VPN service feels similar to NordVPN in its torrenting and streaming capabilities. I didn’t notice any hiccups when downloading or streaming files despite being connected to a strange international server. Results were also consistent across all different servers, which is important as not all VPNs are created equal.

In the past, Mullvad VPN reduced download test results by nearly half, and increased upload speeds by over 50%. In this iteration, it was only able to reduce download speeds by 19% and upload speeds by 47%, despite using WireGuard. We ran a retest with IPSec enabled and ran into issues—download speeds were closer to those of OpenVPN, and latency was extremely high, likely due to stream compression.

Overall, Mullvad VPN was fantastic this year. It reduced overall download speed by a small amount. It was not the fastest VPN we tested in terms of latency but was very good with very low latency delays, second only to NordVPN and CyberGhost. And it ended up being incredibly compatible with the most websites.

Mullvad VPN’s Servers

Mullvad’s server network is spread across 36 countries, but lacks the diversity of some offerings in the space. It isn’t loaded with tiny European countries, such as Malta, that could be useful if you’re trying to get around geoblocks. The service does deserve props for its focus on privacy and anonymity, however, which is perhaps why there are no virtual IP addresses, IP swapping, or shared IPs.

real-time info on server Mullvad VPN

Mullvad offers a mix of oversea and European servers. The service has a total of 764 servers, which fall under 36 countries. While the company could add more server locations to accommodate more customers, those on a budget will take solace in the fact that Mullvad carefully selects its servers for their speed and performance, ensuring its users get the fastest connection possible at all times.

Security and Privacy

Mullvad’s commitment to privacy and security has always been strong, especially in the past few years. The company is based in Sweden, which has some of the world’s strictest privacy laws. That gives it plenty of room to maneuver, both legally and in its technology, when it comes to protecting your data.

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The provider keeps zero logs, uses military-grade encryption, and sells anonymous prepaid cards in case you want to purchase service anonymously. Since 2006, Mullvad VPN has offered private, secure, and anonymous Internet access. Customers use Mullvad to protect their Internet connection from prying eyes. With the recent mandates by the United States that force companies to log user data for analysis purposes, Mullvad is a great choice for people concerned about privacy.

Mullvad VPN Keep your privacy

Mullvad VPN security and privacy from the ground up. Mullvad has its reasons for being open and transparent. Privacy policies are important. But how does Mullvad itself hold up to scrutiny? .  

The Mullvad software implements generally accepted best practices from the cryptographic community. In addition, the software provides a watertight way to prevent leaking sensitive information such as the user’s private key or password via an out-of-memory condition.

The confidentiality of the data exchanged between two communicating parties using Mullvad’s VPN service is sufficiently protected. No weaknesses were discovered in the VPN protocol implementation during the auditing. The application communicates via secure, well-defined channels over TLS allowing it to be used safely in untrusted networks without risking exposing user data.

Mullvad’s code is well-written and commented, good variable names are used, and overall we have not identified any vulnerabilities in the protocols or P2P code. In addition, we have found no indication of leaking of potentially private information to external entities such as advertising networks.

These results indicate that Mullvad’s applications are robust, thanks to the use of well-implemented encryption and a deep understanding of modern network security mechanisms. Users interested in an up-to-date VPN application will find Mullvad’s offerings to be flexible and easy to use.

If the recent backlash against companies in the crosshairs of governments around the world is anything to go by, this company’s transparency is going to prove incredibly valuable for anyone looking for a trustworthy VPN provider where no logs can be handed over to authorities under any circumstances – something Mullvad insists on.

Independently Audited:

Mullvad VPN has been audited by Cure53 and Assured AB’s security experts. The auditing was done from a security perspective. Overall, the Mullvad VPN project received very positive feedback and some minor recommendations for future improvements have been proposed. The auditors recognized that Mullvad VPN has one of the most pro-active approaches to security within the VPN industry. They also appreciated that they run our own code base and have design decisions that reflect there dedication to security.

The first thing that comes to mind while reading through the report is the dedication of the developers and in-house team. In light of the findings, Mullvad states that “when it comes to security, it’s our friends you should trust, not strangers”. We believe this simple statement deserves a round of applause! That’s because the VPN client is developed further continuously and we have seen fixes for issues identified during Audit report implementation.


The results of our client tests confirm that Mullvad VPN is a service well worth considering. It performed strongly in all categories, and particularly excelled in anonymity. In addition to its own minimalist client, Mullvad offers support for third-party VPN clients as well as Tor and the anonymity network I2P.

We’re happy to give Mullvad the top rating and a clean bill of health. In our opinion they have the right security focus in their product portfolio, and they’ve been publishing transparency reports for a while . Good job! 🙂 The Windows client also got an excellent score.

Mullvad VPN leaves an overall positive impression. Coupled with the fact that all customers are in safe hands – this is a reassuring combination that assures a great experience for people who want to use Mullvad VPN.

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