Exposing the Security Flaw: iOS 16 Leaks DNS Requests Despite VPN Tunnel

Apple’s iOS 16 operating system is communicating with Apple services outside of an active VPN tunnel, leaking DNS requests in the process, according to two iOS developers and security researchers. The two individuals, who go by the handle @mysk_co on Twitter, used ProtonVPN and Wireshark to monitor the network traffic of their devices.

iOS 16 Leaks DNS Requests Despite VPN Tunnel

This news is concerning for those who use VPNs to protect their online privacy and security. VPNs are designed to encrypt all internet traffic, including communication with Apple services. However, in the case of iOS 16, the developers found that several services, including Health, Maps, and Wallet, were communicating outside of the VPN tunnel, potentially exposing sensitive data to malicious actors.

The developers used a simple method to monitor their network traffic, requiring only a Mac and Wireshark. This makes it easy for anyone to monitor the network traffic of their device, regardless of whether they have a custom router or not.

The findings of these two developers are sure to raise alarm bells for iOS users, as well as for Apple itself. It is imperative for the tech giant to address these security concerns as soon as possible, as the privacy and security of its users is of the utmost importance.

This news highlights the importance of being vigilant about online privacy and security, especially as technology continues to evolve. With more and more personal information being shared online, it is crucial to ensure that the systems we rely on are protecting our data.

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