How to reset MacBook air and MacBook Pro

How to reset macbook air

Summary The below article shows how to reset a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. Following the below instructions, you can factory reset your MacBook air and delete everything. The below method to reset a MacBook works for Big Sur, High Sierra, macOS Mojave, macOS Catalina, and macOS Monterey. If your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro is not turning … Read more

Best antivirus for Mac – MacBook : Free and Paid

Norton 360 Deluxe powerful antivirus and ransomware protection

Looking for best Mac antivirus software? Follow the below review list to find out which are the best antivirus programs for Mac, MacBook Pro and Air. The list reviews both free antivirus and paid anti-malware programs. Scan for malware, find detailed info on threats, and block or remove viruses and other harmful software with the … Read more

How to “control alt delete” on Mac

open activity monitor on mac for command option esc

Want to know what is the Windows equivalent of  Ctrl-Alt-Del on Mac? The Control alt delete on Windows force quits the frozen application or reboots the system, but on Mac you don’t have the delete key. And to force quit frozen applications or softwares you use different keyboard shortcuts on Mac. If you are new … Read more