8 Best Puzzle Games for Mac, MacBook Pro , Air

Looking for the best puzzle games for Mac, MacBook Pro , and Air? Here we have a list of the top 8 Best Puzzle Games for Mac.

I am not much of a puzzle game player and I prefer action based games like Counter Strike, Rodeo Stampede etc but I looked at the games listed here and gave them a try. All the puzzle games listed below are available on App Store as well.

Gorogoa is a narrative puzzle game
Gorogoa is a narrative puzzle game

The App Store and Steam store for your Mac offers a diverse library of puzzle games. But finding the best puzzle games for your Mac, MacBook Pro or Air can be difficult. Apple has a rating system that is skewed toward all-time greats.

 Best Mac Games

The developers of your favorite puzzle games get them all the attention they need. But smaller games, those published by independent studios, usually go ignored.

The Mac App Store, Steam Store and other stores have a collection of puzzle games that you can download, install and play whenever, wherever. With many games available in all kinds of price ranges, there’s something for everyone!

Have you ever heard the phrase “knowledge is power”? If so, then I presume you agree that having more knowledge will help you achieve your goals in the long run.

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Puzzles are certainly the way to do so because puzzles can teach us a lot about the solutions we are looking for without having to complete them. This makes it easier for us to see what can be done in our own lives, or careers etc. Additionally, puzzles have been a popular form of entertainment from ages ago.

What’s more fun than solving a puzzle? If you answered “nothing”, you’re definitely interested in puzzle games. Puzzle games have been popular for a long time because they make us faster on our feet as well as increase our creativity and concentration.

While playing word or puzzle games is an entirely different matter. There’s nothing better than taking a few minutes off to relax and enjoy yourself by playing games that are specifically made ​​for this purpose — which some people like to call “time-wasters”.

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If you go to the Mac App Store, the Steam Store, or Amazon, you’ll find a variety of puzzle games available for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air and other Mac computers. There are two different kinds of puzzle games: non-digital and 3D ones.

The latter type is far from as popular as the former one because it takes up so much time, time that might be better spent playing another game – especially if you’re trying to play it on a laptop; however, for all puzzle lovers out there I provide some guidance:

I have got a nice surprise for you. In this compilation of the eight best puzzle games for Mac, MacBook Pro and Air you’ll find a couple of popular titles, perhaps even some you’ve never heard about.

  • Limbo
  • Mahjong Free
  • Gorogoa
  • Bridge Constructor Portal
  • Sudoku Epic
  • World of Goo
  • Jigsaw Puzzles Epic
  • Baba Is You
  • Machinarium
  • The Witness

Puzzle games for a Mac have the unique ability of being incredibly fun and frustrating at the same time. This results in hours of joy for puzzle lovers but sometimes a very sore mouse hand and sore finger tips. Maybe I’m being a little dramatic. Either way, you should check out this list of top puzzle games for your Mac laptop/computer as long as you have the stamina to play them.

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The more concentration you can do, the faster your brain will be able to deal with problems on its own. Games that benefit your mind also help you improve on other activities in general (that require quick thinking), such as playing musical instruments, board games, and contests. When it comes to good puzzles, here’s a list of the best puzzle games for Mac.

Let’s have a look at these 8 best Mac puzzle games in full detail:

1. Limbo

Limbo is a dark yet playful puzzle-platformer game
Limbo is a dark yet playful puzzle-platformer game

This innovative and exciting puzzle game will have you captivated for hours! From indie games developer PlayDead, Limbo is a 2D side-scroller that combines puzzles with platforming challenges.

Its haunting atmosphere and unique black-and-white visual style are beautifully complemented by its filmic soundtrack, which adds an extra layer of tension to the already mysterious plot.

The player guides the unnamed boy through dangerous, dark, hauntingly atmospheric forest and mountain filled with traps and enemies. The strength of Limbo resides in its unique visual atmosphere and well-designed puzzles.

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With its engaging gameplay, mix of visual and audio clues, and challenging obstacles, Limbo is a must-play for fans of puzzle games.

Limbo is a dark yet playful puzzle-platformer where players guide an innocent young boy through dangerous obstacles and enemies, evading death and discovering the mysteries of his environment.

Playing as a small child, the 2D side scroller places you in an eerie forest filled with mysteriously dangerous creatures and unidentifiable machines. 

The player must avoid these hazards while simultaneously solving puzzles to open up environments and make it through levels toward the end of each area. The game uses dark colors to create a creepy, mature mood that may be too intense for children.

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It features a harsh black-and-white presentation that may be difficult for colorblind people to play. Limbo’s unique gameplay is driven by the main character’s light gravity and resulting ability to walk on all four sides of platforms, including high above, rather than just below them. 

This gives Limbo its decidedly eerie feel, as you can pinpoint every potential danger overhead in this world before moving forward. 

The background music includes suspenseful piano melodies that will keep your heart racing at appropriate moments throughout the game.

To master the challenges that lie ahead, you need to make clever use of your environment and learn from any mistakes you might make along the way.

This mind-bending puzzle-platformer is a game of exploration and discovery. Instead of tactile puzzles and challenges, the obstacles in Limbo present a series of mental challenges: indirect control, inference, and observation. It’s not enough to jump over the pit; you need to infer where the pit is and anticipate its shape ahead of time.

The game doesn’t tell you how tall any particular obstacle is; you have to pay attention. The soundtrack reinforces the feeling that you’re somewhere else: dreamy electronic noises replace the typical bass-heavy video game score.

2. Mahjong

Mahjong free tile-based puzzle game
Mahjong free tile-based puzzle game

Mahjong Puzzle Game is a great way to exercise your brain and have fun at the same time. Drag and drop the tiles and place them in the best order to get the highest score.

The Mahjong Puzzle Game will help develop and sharpen your brain. The intriguing challenges are sure to please and the easy-to-use menu makes it fun to play. Play it again and again.

This popular game has enthralled puzzle enthusiasts for generations. Mahjong is easy to learn, but difficult to master. Be careful! There’s a lot a strategy involved in this game. Can your wits match up to the colorful characters as you navigate your way through the game?

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Mahjong is a solitaire-type game played with tiles. The object of the game is to remove all of the tiles from the board and to score points through building up and removing melds (concealed “chunks” of similar tiles).

The higher scoring Melds are: Kong, four same kind of pieces in a row; San Ku, three same kind of pieces in a row; Pong, three same kind of pieces in any configuration but not necessarily in vertical or horizontal lines.

To beginning players it looks easy, but in fact this game can be quite challenging for experienced players. Even so, we adopted easy rules into our interface of board and tiles. You can choose wide or normal sized board.

In normal board mode, you can instantly see there is an exposed kong by checking highlighted areas around exposed kongs in your current hand.

The object of this game is to eliminate all the tiles by finding pairs and matching them up. When you eliminate all the tiles, you win the game.

3. Gorogoa

Gorogoa is a narrative puzzle game
Gorogoa is a narrative puzzle game

Gorogoa is a new kind of puzzle game where you manipulate hand-illustrated tiles to explore a stunning and uncaring world. The player’s only quest is to make order from chaos.

The point-and-click gameplay mechanic allows players to reveal parts of the environment by sliding around the tiles and creating pathways for other tiles to fit into—all at their own pace.

Play is as simple as drag & drop. Each puzzle is self-contained, but your actions will have rippling effects on other puzzles, allowing players to chain their actions into combos that keep the brain engaged and entertained.

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Gorogoa, the debut game from Jason Roberts, is an unlikely and undefinable game. It’s part puzzle, part storybook, part game–and completely unlike anything you’ve played before.

Uncovering new ways to view the world increases your childlike sense of wonder and sends you on adventures both whimsical and emotional. Playing Gorogoa is like discovering a place no one else has seen before.

What’s great about Gorogoa is how the different parts of the puzzle work in harmony to create a single, cohesive picture. The story unfolds slowly, through vintage black and white comic panel art that can be rearranged and explored in multiple directions to suit your own personal preferences.

Every solution reveals more of the narrative, and leads you on a journey through stunning environments with haunting music and sound effects.

This is a story of connections, told through a sequence of colorful panels. Each panel is a single moment frozen in time and abstracted into an illustration.

Yet each illustration contains elements and clues that tell the secrets of how the characters inside came to be and how they relate to one another. As you unlock the sequence of these illustrations, you’ll piece together their narratives.

Through the process of play, players are guided to an understanding of four interrelated ideas: Firstly, that there is a feedback loop between what you can physically see and what you discover within the game’s story.

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Secondly, that this loop extends to incorporate the choices you make in your own life. Thirdly, that this connection is observable via certain principles governing design and artifice.

And fourthly, logical foundations underpinning both the rules of perspective, and the mechanics of narrative causality.

Moving panels in one direction allows you to ‘teleport’ down on to the streets, while interacting with objects and people adds new panels at your disposal, dynamically allowing you to combine them in ever more imaginative ways.

Gorogoa’s gameplay was inspired by classics such as Memento Mori and adventure games such as The Seventh Guest (it also features an original score) but has been designed with simple touch controls specifically for mobile devices.

4. Bridge Constructor Portal

Bridge Constructor Portal popular building puzzle game
Bridge Constructor Portal popular building puzzle game

From the creative minds behind Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Stunts comes the next installment in the best-selling Bridge Constructor series: Bridge Constructor Portal. The popular building puzzle game series is based on the widely-known Aperture science portal technology.

Now in this unique collaboration between Valve, Headup Games and ClockStone Software a new type of bridge constructor experience awaits. Use state-of-the-art technology to construct bridges, spans and railroads. Guide vehicles across the bridges you build and make sure they arrive safely at their destination.

Make use of the Portal Gun to teleport vehicles and test courses you have built. Solve tricky test chambers with Portal gadgets and unique commentary from Aperture Science, the same corporation that brought you great science-based amenities like the Weighted Companion Cube and an unquantifiable number of ergonomic testing chambers. T

This authentic Portal puzzle game experience is brought to you as a collaboration between Valve and Clockstone Software.

With Bridge Constructor Portal, test your mettle as a designer and constructor creating bridges, ramps, and towers that maintain structural integrity while allowing vehicles to pass from one end to another, effectively transporting them between locations.

Bridge Constructor Portal challenges you to build stable bridges that allow vehicles and pedestrians to safely pass over them, while also making sure they don’t collapse during construction. Play through the Portal story arc by building working pressure portals to redirect falling concrete onto the heads of sentient test robots, or just construct elaborate Rube Goldberg machines for your own enjoyment.

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The objective of Bridge Constructor Portal is to create a bridge for the car to safely cross. This game includes: 5 test chambers, challenge mode with 18 unique levels and three stars to acquire for each, a report from GlaDos, opportunities to use objects from other Aperture Science-based games, and some old-fashioned Scientist versus machine boss battles.

To solve a puzzle, you have to build a bridge that can support a vehicle across an obstacle course. To achieve this, you’re given a budget of dozens upon dozens of metal girders and other building materials, and a handful of tools that let you alter the shape of these beams and pillars. A realistic physics engine means that odd-shaped vehicles and precarious balance are part of the challenge.

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Sports car meets construction site as you drive your high-powered vehicle through puzzle-packed levels in Bridge Constructor Portal. As in the original Bridge Constructor, you’ll drag and drop construction segments to make a safe path — but this time, your path goes over an old abandoned Aperture Science laboratory.

Descend through 100+ test chambers by ourselves or with a friend in two player co-op campaign mode. Learn the basics with the tutorial mode, set new records in single-player challenge modes, and show off your skills in spectacular Rush levels that push you to what seems like your last chance before catastrophe.

5. Sudoku Epic

Sudoku Epic is an epic puzzle and addictive game
Sudoku Epic is an epic puzzle and addictive game

Sudoku Epic is a puzzle game that lets players match numbers in logical order. There are 80 puzzles, each with different difficulty levels ranging from easy to hard. Players can also pick to play classic Sudoku or the more modern “Sudokux.”

The game features good graphics, comes with a complete hint system for all its puzzles, and has numerous unique features that set it apart from other Sudoku apps in the App Store.

I would highly recommend this game to anyone interested in playing consistently challenging puzzles. It is a logical game that allows you solve the puzzle you are working on with the satisfaction of finishing a portion of the entire puzzle.

The game offers you many levels of play and can be customized so that you choose how difficult or easy it is to solve the puzzle. Sudoku Epic allows you to make use of your logic, your ability to plan, and organizational skills all while having fun!

The game has been tested for bugs and cheating, so there is no need to worry about the latter. Still, the makers did not overlook this aspect in any way. The great thing about this is that it helps make the player less vulnerable to cheaters and those who try to use unfair methods.

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Your success depends entirely on your own ability, which is precisely what you want out of a game. Even though players automatically know they aren’t dealing with poor-quality puzzles, they may be surprised by how challenging each one can be even when it seems easy at first glance. Sudoku Epic Puzzle has all this and more going for it, which is why it should be given a try by anyone who enjoys playing challenging puzzles of any sort.

Overall, Sudoku Epic is a nice puzzle game that allows you to engage your brain and get rid of the daily stress. Sudoku is a really popular game in the puzzle world and this app brings it to your MaBook and mobile device. It also brings some nice features, such as adjusting the difficulty level and tweaking the tile color. It’s not available on Android, but if you’re an iOS or a Mac user and are looking for a fun way to pass the time, give this game a try.

6. World of Goo

World of Goo rare puzzle games that's worth playing
World of Goo rare puzzle games that’s worth playing

If you’re looking for a fun puzzler, be sure to check out World of Goo. It’s one of those rare puzzle games that’s worth playing through multiple times to unlock everything. There are even many levels available for download from the internet, so it will never get old.

Simply put, you should really give World of Goo a try if you love solving puzzles and don’t mind getting a little gooey.

The art style and sound design contribute to the overall atmosphere and support the game play well. This is an excellent puzzle game that should be on your list for any collection; it even works well on Linux–a rarity for games these days.

The WiiWare service has seen its share of disasters, but World of Goo is not one of them. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

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World of Goo is a masterful creation from 2D Boy that takes an age-old concept and runs with it, creating stages so mechanically suited to the Wii control scheme that it feels as if the idea was built around the controller itself.

As for those stages themselves, they’re constructed in such a way that you can use the touch screen in one direction while using the controller in another to manipulate your goo balls in order to complete them — a mechanic that is logical and challenging at once.

The only tool at your disposal is one that lets you grab and stretch a single goo ball at any given time, though the sheer number you’ll have at any given moment — as well as the various power-ups (or “goo balls”) such as those with wings or fiery capacities — ensures that you’ll be able to match the need in every situation. It’s effective, it’s challenging on multiple levels, and it plays wonderfully into casual-friendly constraints.

You assume the role of a man living in a world made entirely of goo balls, who must use his wits to rescue as many goo balls as possible from the clutches of insidious foes bent upon destroying them all.

These foes come in the form of fully armed tanks and helicopters that rain fiery plumes over your hapless friends below; fortunately, this is where you come in. Using your computer touch screen, you can create bridges, ramps, and other structures that will enable you to get these goo balls to safety.

The level designs necessary to do so become increasingly challenging and clever as time progresses; desperation becomes the main theme by the end.

As if that weren’t enough, there are bonuses such as “butt” mode (which adds a second dimension to every flat surface) and “sticky” mode (where each goo ball remains attached to any other goo balls it touches) to discover on top of everything else.

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Overall, World of Goo proved to be one of the most creatively designed puzzle games you’re likely to play. The game’s concreteness lent itself well to the WiiWare download service when it was launched in 2008, and the game has been ported on numerous other platforms since.

It offers a unique problem-solving experience that is as fun as it is difficult, and is certainly worth checking out.

I cannot emphasize enough how well this game has been developed, whether it’s the cute story line and sound effects or the fantastic game play itself. This is a top notch title any puzzle fan should check out.

7. Baba Is You

Baba Is You is a single-player logic puzzler
Baba Is You is a single-player logic puzzler

Baba Is You is a single-player logic puzzler that messes with your perception of cause and effect in wonderfully strange ways.

Baba Is You’s finest trick is in its simplicity. Each of the puzzles play out in a similar fashion. You are presented with a fresh tile and tasked with creating a machine to match one or both of the paving slabs it sits on.

If you can find a route to your solution, flipping over tiles along the way, then the answer is accepted. If not, then there’s nothing for it but to swipe away the offending tile and replace it with another from your growing pile.

It’s an elegant system that combines simple touchscreen controls with the careful analytical prodding of traditional puzzlers.

Baba Is You faces you with a series of increasingly complex puzzles, and in each one your goal is to replace any given action with the game’s titular character, Baba.

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So in a way there’s two separate games here: one where your brain has to solve puzzles and then use Baba to complete them as required, and one where it has to make Baba shift level geometry about to create an identical result for what can appear to be an entirely unrelated puzzle.

There’s a pleasantly Zen feel to the solutions, which will often make you wonder if you chose the correct action or if Baba itself has really been swapped out in order to allow it all happen; it’s a captivating sensation that makes this inventive little puzzler well worth checking out.

With your powers of language you can create new words and new ways to interact with the world so no two playthroughs will ever be the same. It can be played as a normal puzzle game where you re-arrange the level to fulfill a goal or it can be played as a spatial word game, where you play with the rules and interact with the space.

It starts simple, but ends with complex puzzles requiring a great deal of abstract thinking. It is mechanically similar to Snake, where the arrangement of objects in each level is key to winning. Your brain will be stretched to think in new ways as you try different configurations of blocks and solve levels.

The game’s depth will keep your mind on its toes as you must consider how blocks move rather than just how they look.

In each level, you can take control of the narrator, switching it to become something different like a rock, or an angry bird, or any other object in the world. Use the narrator’s power to move objects around and solve puzzles gradually.

The narrator has a will of its own though, which leads to some uncertainty when it comes to solving each problem. Even when you find your way through a level pretty quickly, be prepared for some surprising ways of telling the story, including art forms and mediums never before seen in games like these.

8. Machinarium

Machinarium Puzzle game
Machinarium Puzzle game

Machinarium is a short, sweet game, and it’s a lot of fun. It’s not particularly challenging, but the puzzles are well-designed and engaging enough to keep you interested. If you like point-and-click adventure games, Machinarium is definitely worth your time.

It has excellent graphics, great voice-overs and the game comes together with a nice little story that’ll keep you interested. I think it’s worth checking out if you enjoy your share of classic point-and-click adventure games or are just in a nostalgic mood for some good old games like Indiana Jones, Secret of Monkey Island or Broken Sword.

Machinarium is a fine example of how good the point-and-click genre can look. The hand-drawn backgrounds, gloomy atmosphere and attention to detail really make you feel like you’re in a real place, which makes the game more immersive and enjoyable. It’s efficient, intuitive and never dull. This is one adventure that will keep you challenged without you ever feeling lost.

The beautiful, well-realised setting takes the form of a rustic/steampunk robot world where the inhabitants speak in thought balloons and pantomime.

The puzzles – lightbulbs to illuminate sections of the environment, for example – are very simple indeed, but that’s no bad thing. Raising the difficulty level would have detracted from Machinarium’s complementary strengths: its wonderful atmosphere and sense of discovery.

In the tiny, dazzling world of Machinarium Puzzle game, metal-bodied Bob is exiled from his junkyard home – for reasons he doesn’t quite understand – and forced to see the world beyond the confines of his own little corner of existence. The only problem is that the world is made up of robots just like Bob, a society where everyone knows their place and everyone fits in.

It tells the story of an abducted protagonist whose memory has seemingly been erased, who must piece together reality from the memories of those he meets on his journey. In the game, you control a robot hero in an oppressive city ruled by robots, who are themselves oppressed by humans.

Overtly political themes are woven into this Android-only title via the medium of puzzle games; obstacle courses that demand a combination of dexterity, logic and cerebral intelligence to beat.

The player is treated to a metaphor for dictatorship with all the subtlety of a sledgehammer: one boss in the game has even built himself a palace with the bodies of his conquered foes stacked like building materials.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, the game is pretty much a masterpiece. The puzzles in Machinarium are not insurmountably complex, but they span many different types of challenges – from circuit boards to physics problems to mathematical puzzles and reflex-based tasks.

Each type of problem is used wisely and doesn’t repeat at all. The design of the levels is brilliant, with logical solutions and a sinister sense of humour. There are multiple ways to complete each level, but the goal is always clear; there’s very little frustration here.

Puzzles are either achieved by moving around or by manipulating objects lying in plain sight or on rooftops; you don’t need to dismantle anything, so it’s easier than something like Braid.

Some thoughts on Puzzle games for Mac

Whether your taste is based on moving a character, solving puzzles, or just plain excitement, there are plenty of games available. Based on your needs and personality, you can choose from puzzle games that suit your style.

So take some time to decide what kind of game you like and what sort of habits you want to develop through playing that game. If a puzzle game can help you learn about things or prepare for something or make you more creative, then it’s worth playing.

The Mac is an excellent platform for anyone who enjoys the Zen-like escape that a good puzzle game can provide. You can dive into any of the games recommended above and find something that will push your brain just far enough, without ever being too difficult or too simple. If you’re looking for a great Mac puzzle game, any one of these will do nicely.

I would like to point out that this is a genre of games that works very well on laptops and all kind of computers. After all, these days you can play all the latest titles on your computer and it’s not a rare thing to use them for entertainment. And puzzle games are a pretty good choice for everyone – for teens and even for adults. They are fun, challenging, require logic and allow you to rack your brains. So enjoy the best puzzle games with your laptop!

With so many puzzle games available on the app stores, it may be overwhelming and hard to decide which game will suit you best. The purpose of this article was to provide an overview of puzzle games so people can make better decisions based off of the reviews and descriptions that are available online.

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