macOS Monterey: How to change the cursor color on Mac

The cursor is the little arrow that points to where your text will be as you type. It’s a very recognizable symbol to anyone who has ever used a computer before. In this article, we’ll be looking into how to change the color of your Mac’s cursor from the default white color.

One of the most basic elements of a computer’s design is the cursor. Unlike many other aspects of a computer’s UI, the cursor remains a constant the entire time you’re on your Mac. Sure, there are plenty of third-party tools out there that aim to change this, but what if you just want a simple change for a slight change in ambiance? Well, that’s precisely what this guide will show you how to do.

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For years, changing the cursor color in macOS was a challenge. Apple used to allow you to change the cursor’s appearance using a third-party utility. This is no longer the case with macOS Monterey.

Apple has announced macOS Monterey, the next major update for macOS, will introduce a system preferences pane to change cursor colors. Users can select from a list of system colors and select a size and color for the non-click (hover) states as well. This is great news for those of us who like customizing our Macs and enables anyone with color blindness to differentiate the cursor on screen better.

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Here’s how to change the color of your Mac’s cursor. This is especially handy when you’re doing presentations using your computer, using programs like Microsoft PowerPoint or Keynote to give a speech.

How to change the cursor color in macOS Monterey

macOS Monterey change the cursor color on your Mac
macOS Monterey change the cursor color on your Mac
  1. Open System Preferences and click on Accessibility.
  2. From left column, Click Vision section and select Display.
  3. Go to the Pointer tab which is in the right.
  4. Now use the Pointer outline color and Pointer fill color selection palettes.
  5. You can customize the color of your pointer from there.
  6. Just click on reset, next to the color palette to reset the pointer color to its default settings.

Wrapping Up

It’s no secret that people prefer different color variations. But how do you change the cursor color on your Mac? If your eyes are sensitive to certain colors, like red, you might want to choose a cursor color that lets you spot it more easily. With Monterey, you can easily change the colors of the cursor to something that is easier to catch with your eyes or just add some flair to reflect your personality. You can find it in the Accessibility pane in System Preferences.

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If you’ve ever debated on changing the cursor color on your Mac, you’re not alone. A lot of Mac users have run into this same issue at one time or another. If you’re tired of the cursor looking like an arrow and want to give it some character, then here is how to go about changing the cursor color on your Mac.

If you have any suggestions about changing the size or color of pointer/cursor on your MacBook Air or pro then please tell us in the comments below.

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