Find my Phone – Family Locator app for iPhone & Android

Want to see where your family members are? Want to get notified when they arrive or leave a specific destination? Family Locator is the app for you!

This is one of the easiest and useful way to keep your family members in touch with each other throughout the day. It allows you to not only track them but to set GPS zones, so you’ll be notified when they enter or leave those places. This app is especially useful when your teenager may go out without your consent or knowledge, and let’s face it – it happens a lot more than we would like.

Find my Phone - Family Locator app for iPhone & Android

The Find My Phone – Family Locator is a free easy-to-use GPS tracking app that helps you keep track of your kids, teens, or other family members. The app has multiple features which include:   

  1. Email/text message notification upon reaching a desired destination.
  2. Get notified when they reach destination points, and create groups in the app to find specific family members easier.
  3. This GPS-based safe zone feature can be set up to include places like school or home on the family map, ensuring that whenever members of your family reach one of these points, you’ll be notified right away.

These features are designed to increase peace of mind and help you be proactive in protecting your loved ones.

Find My Phone – Family Locator helps you keep track of your family’s location using GPS tracking technology. Encourage family communication by creating a safer environment for them while increasing their safety at the same time. With this App, you can easily locate and communicate with your loved ones anywhere! A Family Locator app lets you stay connected with your loved ones during the day. The Find My Phone – Family Locator app is a great way to make sure they’re safe and well-taken care of, even when they’re out of your sight.

When someone enters a safe zone, you get notified instantly through instant messaging on your phone. You can also use the Find My Phone – Family Locator as a panic button – so you can quickly alert emergency contacts if needed.

Real-time location tracking

The application allows you to manage and track the locations of your family members in real time using your mobile device.

All communications are private and secure through end-to-end encryption.

The free version enables you to locate family members, but with our subscription you can unlock even more functions including augmented reality capabilities. You can also check in remotely or share your location with other family members so they know where you are.

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The Check-in feature allows you to check in your location and share it with family members. The Family Locator App is a must-have for parents. It also lets you share your current location and alert other family members when you arrive at your destination or are delayed. Subscribers receive continuous navigation wherever they go using the iPhone’s built in location services technology. This convenient service keeps you on the family map even if you’re busy with work, school, travel or other commitments.

Lost Android Phone or iPhone? Use lost mode

Get a live map of the last known location of your device (phone, GPS watch or tablet) on both Google Play and the App Store. With Family Locator you can also: – See the location history of family members during the past 7 days – Locate a stolen or find a lost phone if the app has been installed before   – Activate Lost Mode to make it easier for family and friends to help you locate your device in case it’s ever lost or stolen.


Find My Phone is the best way to keep track of your loved ones. The app works on all iOS and Android devices. It can help you locate a stolen or lost phone, track its movements, or establish contact with family members if they’re out of battery range. Family Locator also comes with a 7 days location history for every family member.

A free version is available as well as an upgradeable payment version that includes premium features such as no ads, additional geolocation settings.

The application is available on the App Store for iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. This free location tracking app provides you with easy access to your device’s location anytime, anywhere in the world. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can use this free application to be sent a message with your current location by SMS or e-mail. In addition to finding out the physical location of your phone, you can also see where it has been during the previous 7 days.

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