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Follow the below review for Bitdefender Antivirus Free and Plus Edition for Windows, Mac, iPhone and Android devices.

Today’s fast, sophisticated and malicious online attacks have made traditional security defenses obsolete. Online threats that only used to affect corporations and governments are now targeting home computers. This growing threat has led to many powerful anti-viruses like Bitdefender Antivirus Free and plus Edition, a powerful antivirus program offering maximum protection against existing and new e-threats.

Bitdefender Antivirus Review

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What do you look at when it comes to security for your computer? If it’s the amount of files scanned per second, then you’re in luck. Bitdefender Antivirus is the fastest free antivirus on the market. Its main purpose is to provide you with excellent protection against existing and new malware threats. Powerful PC antivirus protection without the hassle. That’s what Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is all about: A fast and lightweight free antivirus, easy to install – and just as easy to forget about until you need it! You can even have it automatically update itself each time you turn on your computer.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free & Plus Edition Review

Antivirus software is a cornerstone of Internet security. Whether you’re at home, at work or on the road, it’s vital that your system can detect and fend off e-threats. If you fail to install antivirus, your computer becomes very vulnerable to various kinds of viruses and trojans. From identity theft to financial fraud – free antivirus software helps you protect against online threats to your system – including viruses, malware, adware, spyware, phishing attacks and much more.

Bitdefender antivirus free edition

Bitdefender Free Edition is lightning-fast and free to use. It monitors everything on your PC, even apps you haven’t installed yet and files that aren’t open. Bitdefender Anti-Ransomware features ensure you can’t be locked out of your computer, while an efficient scanning method runs at max speed without slowing down your PC.

Antivirus protection that won’t slow you down. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is blazing fast and free to use. It packs essential protection features every Windows computer needs, including a lightning-fast engine that prevents threats before they are even downloaded! It automatically guards your computer 24/7 and quickly discovers whether a file is dangerous or not.

It’s packed with essential protection features such as real-time antivirus, firewall, and anti-phishing services to keep you safe while gaming, working online, or any other resource-intensive task.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition provides protection against viruses, Trojans, malware, and other threats. The free version is equipped with a rich set of features that are enough to satisfy even the most demanding user. It also includes a Tasks Scheduler that allows you to schedule scans and actions for your files and drives remotely from another device.

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Comparing free antivirus solutions

In our performance testing, we studied how the products protected users and what they had to say about them. We then compared their results on a scale of 0 to 6 based on six categories: ease of use, performance, thoroughness, protection quality, customer service reputation and cost. Bitdefender Antivirus is awarded 5.94 out of 6 stars for its protection quality and overall user experience in testing. Whereas Kaspersky got 5.91, Symantec got 5.84, and McAfee got 5.24.

How Bitdefender compares to other cybersecurity brands

If you care about performance and reliability, choose Bitdefender antivirus. It is the first security solution with a perfect score in our benchmarks — 5.8 seconds! That’s the lowest possible impact on your PC’s performance.”

Bitdefender Lowest Impact on Performance

Bitdefender Free Antivirus Edition has the lowest impact on your PC’s performance, as measured by system boot time, application start time and overall performance when running specific workloads such as disk I/O.

The total impact on performance of these popular antivirus products is shown in the chart above. As you can see, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition has the smallest negative impact on performance. And, it’s completely free.

If you’ve used the Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition in the past, you probably know it’s one of the most powerful antivirus products around. What you might not have known is that it’s also lightweight. That’s right. Despite its great protection rates and features, this product uses very few computer system resources.

The premium version of Bitdefender offers additional protection against web attacks (web shield), online banking fraud, identity theft or credit card theft (max security), online shopping fraud, phishing, password recovery (remember me) and remote office controls (roaming safety manager).

Powerful Windows guardian

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is the secure solution for computers running Windows. It provides on-demand and on-access virus scanning that runs in the background, so you can relax while your PC is protected. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is also designed for home use, including a number of additional features such as firewall to protect against Internet threats and Parental controls that allow you to set specific policies for kids’ use.

With its ultimate simplicity, Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is perfect for both gaming computers and households with novice users who prefer not to deal with technical details.

It uses a hybrid cloud approach that combines on-demand scanning and on-access virus detection. This allows the software to remain responsive while protecting you from all cyber threats

Anti-phishing and anti-fraud

Bitdefender antivirus detects and blocks all kinds of Internet fraud. It quickly learns what sites are safe and which pose a threat, so you can surf worry free. Anti-phishing automatically blocks fake websites that try to steal your personal information by posing as trustworthy companies, such as banks or online payment services. The advanced Anti-Fraud technology also watches out for suspicious behavior on webpages. It spots dangerous links and stops them from taking you to harmful pages. You can browse with confidence!

With two-way blocking of malicious URLs, a fully developed Anti-Spam solution, and convenient One-click updated engine. The latest signatures are also included for maximum protection against commonly spreading hazards. By enabling automatic updates, you’ll be protected without any further efforts at all.

A perfect free antivirus program

Antivirus Free Edition is the perfect choice for everyday use. It blocks all known threats without slowing down your computer. The antivirus software also offers real-time protection that keeps your system up-to-date and helps ensure your safety, while still giving you complete control over when to allow applications to run. A must-have security solution at a low impact on performance.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is an ideal antivirus solution for home users who want to protect their important files, documents, pictures and videos with ease. For experienced computer users, Bitdefender offers an excellent range of security features including real time scanning , scheduled updates and a unique real-time threat assessment dashboard. All these features help make Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition a great choice.

Bitdefender antivirus plus for Windows

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus delivers scoring in the 99th percentile for all three independent testing labs that I follow, including AV-Comparatives, AV-Test Institute, and Virus Bulletin. Its excellent scores are complemented by a huge range of features, excellent usability, and great performance.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is one of the best antivirus programs out on the market. It’s a step-up from the company’s Security software product, incorporating features like a intelligent firewall and a virtual keyboard. The suite comes with top-notch malware detection and removal capabilities, anti-phishing features, and vulnerability scanner to ensure your PC is protected against the latest threats. While the program doesn’t come cheap, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus does an outstanding job at blocking viruses, spyware, and other threats.

Compare Bitdefender Products

In addition to excellent antivirus protection, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus features that help you stay safe from cyberattacks and online fraud: It blocks malicious websites before they can infect your browser, catches fraudulent transactions in real time, and lets you filter out false or unwanted search results so you can find what you’re looking for faster. Its excellent malware blocking capabilities and bonus features like a VPN make it an Editors’ Choice for Windows antivirus suite.

This solid anti-virus solution is built to deliver complete protection against any new form of malware that could be launched, including viruses, worms, Trojans, rootkits or spyware. Whether you want to keep your personal data safe or want to stop hackers from remotely accessing your device, Bitdefender Antivirus Plus has you covered. It features a complete database of signatures automatically updated every day, so you always have the latest protection at your fingertips.

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Network threat protection:

Networks are becoming more vulnerable to cyber attacks every day, and without a proactive approach to security your business is simply asking for trouble. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus is designed to help you overcome these risks through comprehensive threat intelligence and active defense techniques that detect and block network-based cyber attacks.

With Bitdefender Antivirus Plus you are protected against computer viruses, Trojans, worms, spyware and other malicious code. The full version also includes anti-phishing features to help you avoid becoming a victim of online fraud. The new cyber threat intelligence technologies included can analyze and identify suspicious network-level activities. This ensures that your data are safer from attack and that you are not exposed to social engineering attacks. The program also features a simple interface that protects you while streaming or browsing the web, making it even easier to use.

The new protection is designed to protect users against zero-day exploits, advanced persistent threats (APT), malware and botnets at no additional cost.

Multi-layered ransomware protection:

It is packed with features to ensure your PC and data remain safe. The data-protection layer works in conjunction with the Advanced Threat Defense module to protect your most important files from encryption by ransomware. Bitdefender works with Advanced Threat Defense to protect your most important files from encryption by ransomware. It offers real-time security monitoring via an Intelligent Security Assistant (ISA) that alerts you if new viruses are detected on your computer as well as proactive protection that automatically removes all harmful intruders. The powerful antivirus engine detects and blocks viruses before they start to impact your system performance.

This premium security service guards your device 24/7, ensuring that you will have continuous protection even when your PC is not connected to the internet. It works in real time – without any impact on system performance – and can activate automatically with every new device you add to the family.

Safe online banking

This unique security solution secures your transactions to prevent fraud, real-time blocking of malicious URLs, phishing sites and more. Bitdefender SafeBanking allows you to create a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection which helps keep your banking information private, and prevents unauthorized access to your device. Get full access to all your online accounts with one click – whether you’re using a desktop computer or mobile phone. It’s super-fast internet security easy as 1-2-3.

The Bitdefender Safepay browser is a dedicated online banking tool that allows you to manage all your online shopping and bank accounts from the convenience of your browser. You can also use it to automatically complete credit card details in billing fields, instead of manually typing out those pesky numbers each time. This product requires no additional downloads or installations – just open the page in your browser, sign into the account you want to manage, and start protecting yourself online. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus security suite gives you complete online safety for free with unlimited future updates

Bitdefender antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac is designed to keep your Mac protected and running at top speed. It combines multiple layers of award-winning antivirus protection with an all-round performance enhancement. Offering real-time protection against viruses, worms and ransomware, as well as adware blocking you can breathe easily knowing your data is safe. It provides real-time protection against viruses and ransomware as well as adware, while cleaning out all traces of uninstalled apps. The app also features automatic updates to ensure that you stay safe from the very latest Mac threats.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac protects you with innovative technology that monitors your digital life, helping to keep you safe from identity theft, malicious software, phishing, and more. Enjoy complete peace of mind by making use of Built-in VPN, which encrypts all of your traffic and gives you access to your favorite sites wherever you are, even when connected to a public network. With protection for all your browsing needs and features such as Time Machine Backup & Restore, VPN Security & Privacy through OpenVPN protocol, this is the one antivirus solution you must check out.

You are also protected from keyloggers, Trojans and other forms of cybercrime while you browse privately with no IP leaks.

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The Bitdefender Anti-Tracker extension for Safari blocks trackers that collect your browsing data and makes it impossible to view this information on each website you visit. The Anti-Tracker extension also allows you to manage this information from within the Safari browser without having to visit each website individually, keeping your private data secure. With an intuitive built-in browser, you can control which sites can access your data and see a complete record of the information collected by each tracker. Plus, the Anti-tracker adds protection by hiding your IP address so you’re not identifiable online. This makes a great addition to any Mac owner’s security arsenal

Antivirus designed for Mac

Bitdefender for Mac offers a unique blend of protection, usability and usability with a user-friendly interface. The overall Bitdefender score of 18.0 was achieved by testing anti-malware and anti-virus capabilities against real world threats that target Mac OS system. Bitdefender is the highest scoring product tested in AV-TEST March 2020, defeating all other anti-virus solutions tested.

Protection. Designed for Mac

The award–winning testing method is described in detail at av-test.org , and every antivirus program is evaluated according to the same strict standards. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac excels in overall score and was awarded top marks in detection of malware types. It also received top scores for all three components that make up PC defense: anti- Exploit, Smart Lock-down, and Anti-Ransomware .

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