How to prepare for the upcoming update in the online game

The drop in players’ interest in the product forces developers to constantly work on updates. Release new content, invent bosses and raids, increase the difficulty, or vice versa, make the product more casual.


After all, the developers have a difficult task – to release content that does not hurt and expand the game story. It will adequately resist competitors and attract new players. It will keep the attention of old players who will be interested in conquering new heights, and most importantly, it will become a worthy continuation of the beloved MMO.

Prepare a supply of money in advance

A new update often entails the addition of new equipment and weapons, so the first recommendation is always to stock up on as much money as possible.

Perhaps they will add new consumables that simplify the passage of raids.

If it is not possible to farm in-game currency, buy wow gold from professional stores. Be fully armed.


Read the patch notes

Read the information about the upcoming changes in as much detail as possible – if the issue of in-game money is always relevant, then understanding the changes in the game in a timely manner will help you earn or save money.

It often happens that developers introduce new content that will make the old equipment much cheaper – you can have time to sell it before the update.

The developers always leave a slight understatement so that it would be interesting for the players to come to the new patch and try out all the innovations.

After all, an independent passage is always more interesting than following someone else’s guide.

See reviews

Every online game has bloggers and active reviewers of game updates. They review patch notes, evaluate the upcoming update, and provide analytics. It will not always be objective, and the player still makes decisions himself, but listening to someone’s point of view and drawing conclusions will definitely not be superfluous.

For example, a reviewer will notice that a boss that was previously a serious threat will be weakened in a new update, or will notice that a current weapon will soon lose value.

It is worth distinguishing between good reviewers who are interested in the game and its development, from people who simply collect an audience without much interest in the product.

Read the comments and draw conclusions based on general statistics and the opinions of others.

Read the forums

We are talking about active gaming forums and communities of top guilds.

Active players will always discuss:

  • Upcoming new raids and their difficulty
  • Current equipment
  • New hunting zones
  • Monsters
  • Merchants
  • Game events and seasonal updates

Do not hesitate to ask questions that interest you, because the comfort of your entry into the update depends on this.


Participate in OBT

Not in all online games, developers are so generous and open access to future content for players, but if there is an opportunity, you should definitely not neglect it.

  1. Try all the game changes on your own, play out game situations, try on armor and weapons and their effectiveness in the raid.
  1. Run around all the new game zones and try new raids, the difficulty of killing bosses, the inventory of new merchants.
  1. Fight other players and try out the PVP content provided in the update to WoW.
  1. Try game links with random players.
  1. Create a character of another class and try new skills and mechanics, maybe you are thinking about replacing your main character
  1. The best players are those who clearly understand their actions in the game and master the updates faster than others.

Look for a Discord server

Most games have their own Discord communities where different players play together, chat, discuss updates, and just have a good time.

If you are not shy to communicate with strangers, then find a channel with players with whom you are more comfortable communicating – so you can discuss the future update and possibly find like-minded people for key raids and joint hunting.


There are many ways on the Internet to prepare for the upcoming updates to your favorite MMO.

Chat with people, find forums and Discord servers, find out the news while playing the current patch. Read the upcoming changes and watch authoritative reviewers.

Set aside money in advance for purchases in new patches.

If possible, take part in open testing of the new update and independently understand the new game mechanics, raids and hunting zones. Try different combinations of weapons and equipment.

Be a good player and enjoy the game, good luck!

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