Smartwatch and Device Superiority: Does Apple Drive Other Tech Companies to Greater Heights? 

When Apple do something, they do it well and they always, without exception, strive to be the best. From the unique and stylish hardware designs to the always cutting-edge software and capabilities of their devices and desktops, this is a company that wants to lead not follow.

Smartwatch and Device Superiority_Does Apple Drive Other Tech Companies to Greater Heights

As with the world of tablets and phones, and how the iPad and iPhone revolutionised and continue to dominate these market spaces, the Apple Watch was a ground-breaking piece of tech. 

In April 2015, the world was introduced to the Apple Watch.

With the fanfare you would expect from this Cupertino based tech giant, this was the smartwatch that was to set the standards and redefine what a watch could do, what it was for, and how it could become an integral part of global communications.

Beyond the obvious time telling, Apple made this something that was akin to a mobile device in terms of functionality and ability. 

In doing this the company not only set the benchmark for smartwatches, but they also put other smartwatch makers on notice that they needed to up their game if they wanted to compete in this new tech space.

From making and receiving phone calls to making banking transactions, listening to your music library to the ability to play video poker games from your wrist, the Apple Watch suddenly became an accessory that was transforming into a full-blown mobile device, with as many options for use as a tablet, so how much more could other tech companies to do to make their smartwatches compete and contrast? 

Smartwatch Savvy and Tech Tension Heighten Competition

When it comes to desirable tech, the corporate competition is one of the most febrile of any industry. Alongside the best-selling and trend-setting MacBook, iPads, and Mac desktops, Apple took smartwatch savvy to a whole new level with the Apple Watch.

More to the point, they are a company that never stops in terms of evolving their products and making R&D a focus to ensure they can update and upgrade ahead of the competition. 

From Samsung to Garmin and other, newer, and emerging tech firms, the tension to make a dent in the market that Apple so consistently rule is an ever heightening one.

Much as the aesthetics and sleek hardware of each watch is a major consideration, as is the quality of the materials from which they are made, the tech savvy gurus know that it is functionality that can and usually does win the plaudits and attract the consumers.

Again, Apple has made the Apple Watch the leader in this field, much as they did with their laptops, tablets, and desktops. 

Put simply, the more the Apple Watch can do, and the more synchronicity it shares with other Apple products, the more those already devoted to this globally dominant brand will remain loyal and make it harder for Samsung to take the lead in this kind of tech market.

This does not mean, however, the incredibly talented tech teams who work for Apple competitors do not strive to both match and better every smartwatch advance, just as they do with their corresponding products and software when a new MacBook or iPad is released. 

Consumer Loyalty Helping Apple Maintain Market Share

Using the metric of market capitalisation, Apple now holds the position of being the richest and most profitable tech company in existence. Naturally, this financial success is due to the consistently best in class quality of their products.

From the Apple Watch to the iPad, consumers continue to be both loyal to and almost obsessed by whatever this company releases. Considering that, traditionally, Apple does not produce the cheapest or least expensive products when compared to its competitors, their market share is almost always on the up. 

Overnight cues to buy the latest iPad, iPhone or MacBook, constant refreshing to ensure they get the major annual software upgrades at once it is released, and online communities that are dedicated to all things brand related, Apple enjoys a customer loyalty that many other firms can but envy.

This is not blind loyalty; however, it is because Apple continue to make products that are considered superior to the others on the market. With so much investment in R&D, Apple will continue to lead the tech world as others follow and chase. 

As we discussed as the premise of this article, without the innovation that Apple undoubtedly has and continues to provide to consumers, its competitors would perhaps not have to try as hard to gain more consumers and chip away at Apple’s market share.

Ultimately, it is thanks to this endeavor from the Cupertino captains of industry that companies such as Samsung are constantly driven to improve their products and services, making Apple not just a tech leader, but also a standard to which others in the sector must aspire. 

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