Best Free Collage App for iPhone and iPad

If you are planning to shoot a lot of photos or videos for your instagram profile or other social media, then you will need a good photo collage app on your phone. As there are so many to choose from you may find it challenging to find a nice, free photo collage app for iPhone and iPad.

My competitive nature always tells me that I can’t use just any app, because I have great photos that deserve the best! So today I decided that it’s time to have a look at all the free photo collage apps for iPhone and iPad available on the Appstore.

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Best Free Collage App for iPhone and iPad
These are the 9 Best Free Collage App for iPhone and iPad: Photo Collage Maker, Layout from Instagram, Pic Stitch, Picsart, MOLDIV, PicCollage,Collage Maker, PhotoGrid, and Pic Grid

It’s very true that the new Photos app of iOS13 on iPhone has incorporated lots of amazing features, but it is still far from becoming the best collage maker for iPhone. To create the perfect collage, you need an app that will allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and sharpness of your pictures. It’s also important to choose a collage app that can provide you with pre-set templates to match your specific taste.

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We love our iPhones, don’t we? But sometimes we take too many photos and it can be challenging to share them all with friends. That’s where photo collage apps come in handy. Nowadays, most phones support creating custom collages or at least some kind of basic arranging of photos in an app like Instagram. But most photo collage apps allow you to go beyond what's possible on your phone's internal camera roll. They also let you edit the photos by adding stickers, text boxes, or drawing on them (with your finger or a stylus). Not all of these apps are free, but the ones that are will give you lots of options to create custom collages. Welcome to iOS Collage!

The first solution for you to make a collage on your iPhone is to take multiple photos and combine them to create one unified photo. However, the only disadvantage is that it will take much more time than you expected. You may want to look like like a professional but instead, feels like that you are not making any progress.

Whether it’s a special event, a vacation memory or just a common day at work – we all have tons of photos filling our phones and social network accounts. What if I told you that there’s a cool app that merges those photos into something called collages?

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To create the perfect collage, you need an app that will allow you to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color temperature and sharpness of your pictures. It’s also important to choose a collage app that can provide you with pre-set templates to match your specific taste.

If you have a smartphone, you probably take a lot of pictures. This might be a hobby or a job for some people. All those pictures can take space on your iPhone’s phone memory and make it harder to find the photos you want. Often, you just need to share them with your friends and relatives. In this article, we will introduce to you the best free collage app for iPhone that can help organize your photos and quickly share them with others.

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iPhone boasts some of the best image quality on the smartphone market today. That is also why more iPhone users want to share their photos more than ever. One way to do this is by making photo collages directly from your iPhone with some apps. 

Here are 9 free collage apps for iPhone you can choose from!

1 Photo Collage Maker: Best photo collage app for iPhone

Photo Collage Maker Best photo collage app for iPhone free
Photo Collage Maker Best photo collage app for iPhone free

Whether you want to process your best photos using our cool and unique filters and effects, or create something totally new with our hundreds of frames and fonts, PicJointer will impress you with its possibilities. It’s the most fun and easy photo editor and photo collage maker on the App Store.

PicJointer is an all-in-one photo editor that specializes in creating beautiful collage picture, such as: Car collage, Travel collage, Pets collage, Funny collage and more. 

Add text, filters, color schemes or different frames together with stickers and fonts to create something extraordinary! Every feature in PicJointer has been fine-tuned to make your experience better. It is incredibly easy to use, but with a rich feature set. Frame and sticker packs let you add the perfect finishing touches to your art while powerful photo editing tools allow you to correct and enhance any photo.

The best photo apps are the ones you’ll actually use. With PicJointer, it’s easy to create beautiful collages with your photos in just a few taps. Add stickers, fonts, frames, and filters to your pictures, then share with your friends. Forget about complicated design programs – PicJointer is fun and easy to use! Hundreds of layouts to choose from so you can be sure you will find exactly what you are looking for.  If you are an experienced designer or just an amateur that enjoys sharing memories with friends, the choice is YOURS !!!

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PicJointer has easy Photo Editting Tools that allow you to ZOOM, PAN, ROTATE and MIRROR your photos with just one click of a button. Choose from lots of fun FONTS for decorating your pictures, then select your favorite template STYLE to make your perfect photo collage!

It's perfect for any artist or creative individual who wants to make stunning visual pieces for their social network without paying ridiculously high prices in other apps that charge you in their in-app purchases.

From a Newborn baby to a Teenager, a wedding to a Birthday! Whatever special moment you want to remember with a photo collage PicJointer App will help you to do it! Pick from hundreds of categorized stickers and place them directly on your photo using the most intuitive collage maker. Save the result as a high resolution image collage, share it with your friends and family, post it online or print it. All your memories deserve to be preserved in a personal photo collage!

I have created many collages in Pic Jointer, and have to say I am impressed by the app. The layout is simple, but sleek. There are many options you can choose when preparing your collage, for example, borders, frames,and collages clips. The borders are perfect to place around photos that have frames in it. I love putting in a colored frame in to show up against the colored border that Pic Jointer provides.

This app is very well organized for any kind of photo collage that you choose to create. They have many different shapes, borders, stickers, and frames to use on your photos. I also like that this app has a lot of different options to edit the pictures including making the photos lighter or darker than they originally are. This app can change color by choosing photos, or it can even change to black and white. I also like the option where you can put texts on them as well as captions.

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It can help you combine various photos into unique photo collages. First, choose your pictures from your Photos library or take them with built-in camera. Or import images from other apps via “Open In” feature. Second, tap to edit the photo and add frames, filters and visual effects– Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation; Apply cool visual effects, such as Old Photo or Old Movie; Choose from many frames and captions. Third, adjust the collage layout by dragging the pin; Finally, finish your photo collage and share it with friends and family.

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2 ‎Layout from Instagram: Excellent Best Free Collage App for iPhone

Layout from Instagram- Excellent Best Free Collage App for iPhone
Layout from Instagram- Excellent Free Collage App for iPhone

Layout is still my favorite. The app itself is excellent, & the free version allows you to do a pretty decent job with the collage maker.

Layout is intuitive & brilliant. Its one feature is everything I’ve EVER wanted in a simple collage app! Its so versatile, giving me the freedom to create hard lines, or blur them. I can decide what gets included in each frame, while yet using the same image several times in the same collage. The slideshow feature is also delightful! Every other similar app I’ve attempted all left me wanting more, but Layout gave me that freedom.

It is straight forward & simple to use. The only downside I’ve found is it doesn’t have are super long collages, but otherwise it’s where I go to create my collages. As you can tell, simplicity really matters to me, yet I do hear about Collage, which has pretty much all the bells & whistles. If for some reason yours isn’t working, try deleting the app & reinstalling it. I’ve heard that can help sometimes.

Layout has a very small footprint on my phone, yet packs a wallop as far as flexibility & features go. Their choice of layouts is much more user friendly, as well as simpler to use. I’ve been using Layout for about 2 months. They do have those now-standard ads at the top & bottom of the screen, but I’ve never been bothered by them, especially since they disappear after a second click of the screen. I’m looking forward to see what their developers have planned for the future—-I just wish they would throw in some more iconic graphic choices–to compliment the simple yet intuitive interface.

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Layout creates Collages from your photo library. A new Collage can be made from one of the many different options, and you can share them with friends and family right from the app. Layout chooses the photos for you based on size and color. If you want to be in control choose “Custom Size” and select your image size manually, or choose “Random” for a completely random selection (all images clockwise, size by color).

Transform your photos into exciting, cross-format layouts with the Layout app. Mix up to nine images at once, choosing from grids of 1×1, 2×2,3×3, 4×4, and 6×6. Choose filter effects like Darken, Linear Perspective, and Mono Tone to add a sculptural feel to your creation. Then add a selection of fun stickers and create a layout that’s all your own.

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3 Pic Stitch Collage Editor: Best Video Collage app

Pic Stitch Collage Editor Best Video Collage
Pic Stitch Collage Editor Best Video Collage

Pic Stitch is an award-winning collage app that lets you create amazing photo collages on your iPhone with ease. The app is now used by millions of users and has been featured as one of the best apps available for iPhone and iPad in over 50 countries. If you’re having trouble deciding which app to choose to create a collage, then Pic Stitch is for you!

Pic Stitch is a fun and easy way to create beautiful picture collages on your iPhone! With huge attention to detail, you can stitch together up to 30 photos in one unique picture. Be creative! Make a unique birthday card for a friend, or a serious collage for your kids’ scrapbook. You can also use your pictures to create a stunning profile pic or a memorable holiday card.

This is a free Collage Maker that will let you create stunning photo collages in a snap. Pic Stitch has a bunch of pre-made collage templates to choose from and the ability to add your own custom text over any image. The app also allows you to add border, stickers, text and effects to your images. Your photos will be automatically resized to fit perfectly inside the border, giving you great-looking final product.

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From collaging to video editing, Pic Stitch is packed with features that are fun to use yet powerful enough for even the most professional photo enthusiast. With over 10 border packs, 300+ layouts, 20+ filters packs and 10+ unique video transition effects it’s no wonder why Pic Stitch is some of the best photo and video collage editing software available today.

Enjoy beautiful new ways to subtly manipulate images with focus point adjustments , masking effect, selective coloring tools and more. Take your creativity further by using hashtag stickers on photos or mash up multiple photos with creative layers for some really artistic results. Make gorgeous photo books, keepsake cards & calendars; get creative with long exposure effects for stunning light trails during movement.

Upon opening the Collage Editor you will see a grid of box containers. Each box can hold photos of different widths and heights, so you can vary the size of your photos. The most important part is the large white rectangle in the center, which can be changed to anything else, be it an Instagram logo or a watermark. To change the photo within the white rectangle just click on one of the boxes in front of you, choose your desired image and click again in order to place it. For re-sizing simply drag the corner or border of your picture.

From sweet couples to holiday fun to business quotes, Pic Stitch combines your favorite photos into high quality collages. Quickly select your favorite photos from your Camera Roll or take new photos right inside the app using the built-in camera. Add some eye-catching filters on your new collages, then easily share it at anytime on social media or messaging apps.

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4 Picsart: Sticker, Story & Free Pic collage app for iPhone

Picsart - Sticker, Story & Free Pic collage app for iPhone
Picsart – Sticker, Story & Free Pic collage app for iPhone

Liven up your photos with over 15 mind-blowing special FX filters! Embrace the spirit of Halloween with a free pack of Halloween stickers, backgrounds and fun frames. Make scary-good edits for Halloween as easy as pic, slic & flip.

Need something quick and spooky to get you in the Halloween spirit? Add some scary stickers, bone-chilling backgrounds, spook-tacular reels… With Picsart Photo and Video Collage Editor, your imagination is the only limit. And if you’re more of a cute ghoul, there are tons of silly stickers to get you through the season. Graphics up to 1080p HD, unlimited saves and sharing. It keeps you busy creating some seriously scary collages.

Picsart is a super powerful photo collage maker and video collage maker with a huge community of creatives sharing ideas, designs, and projects. Picsart uses artificial intelligence to help you create the coolest content from your photos and videos. Use popular edits like Golden Hour, Mirror Selfies, and retro VHS or Y2K filters. Share your creations anywhere—through social media, messaging apps, chats—and stay connected with our creator stories.

With this collage maker, photo editor and video editor, you can turn simple photos into personalized masterpieces in just a few clicks. Create beautiful stories with multiple pages, add stickers or add text. Whether you're into fashion, sports or holidays, with Picsart you can add that special touch to your images and express yourself just the way you want to.

You can create a unique photo collage in just a few taps. Picsart’s powerful editing tools and seamless designs allow you to transform your ordinary moments into a piece of art that’s bursting with life. Whether you’re delivering an epic adventure or sharing the highlight reel from your latest get-together, use advanced photo editing features like advanced lighting, bokeh effects, and powerful color adjustments to make your content pop. With over 150 million Picsart users worldwide, join the world’s largest creative community today!

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5 MOLDIV – Professional Photo Editor and Collage for iPhone

MOLDIV - Professional Photo Editor and Collage for iPhone
MOLDIV is your best choice for making your photos & videos look as beautiful as they deserve! It's a video camera with motion graphics, collage and magazine.

It’s so easy! Just shoot the photos & videos you love directly. MOLDIV’s beauty camera, magazine collage are designed for you to create amazing photo products. With this application, you can easily create evergreen video content that you can upload to Instagram, YouTube, Facebook Camera Roll. Let our camera help you shoot beautiful videos and photos with fashion filters & beautiful fashion effects!  You will be the most charming in any situations!

It’s the only tool you need to create spectacular motion graphics videos and stills — to brighten up your social media. With motion graphic responsive ads, it brings to life your travel photo diary recorded using the motion graphics video camera and stunning photos to create a magazine that mesmerizes and inspires your followers and friends.

This Photo Collage Maker is a beauty camera with live selfie filters. It has smooth skin, slim face, enlarge eyes effects that can all be used before taking a photo directly. Live texture & light leak effects that can only be applied to a photo after it has been taken. All effects can be adjusted to create different looks and feels.

It is the best way to compose layers with your photos and create stylish photo collages. In addition to basic features, MOLDIV can offer you as many as 310 stylish picture frames, as many as 135 popular magazine-style layouts, and various photo effects to give you endless options for your photo editing! Also, with the built-in Wallpaper Gallery, you have more than 30 pre-set image patterns and wallpapers for different occasions. So cute!

Download it and turn pictures from your trip, loved ones and memorable events into beautiful magazines, cards and collages that you can send to friends or post on Facebook with just a few clicks.

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6 PicCollage: Best Collage Maker for Holidays and Celebrations

PicCollage Collage Maker for Holidays and Celebrations
PicCollage Collage Maker for Holidays and Celebrations

PicCollage has something for everyone and you and your family and friends will love expressing yourselves with this fun, easy-to-use app! It’s the perfect way to make sure all your photos, videos and artwork are always able to celebrate anything!

PicCollage is the original free collage maker app. More than 30 million users have turned to PicCollage to make custom photo collages, posters, greeting cards & more. PicCollage has been featured in The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, TIME, Wired Magazine, and has been used by families to create custom photo greeting cards for every holiday and occasion. With PicCollage you can create collages with unlimited photos & stickers.

Grab a collage and celebrate the little moments in life! PicCollage is easy to use with a variety of exciting features: Templates for the perfect Instagram photos, collages made from your images, greeting cards for holidays and birthdays, follow-along videos that show you how to make a picture collage or instagram photo collage from start to finish, stickers that can be shared with friends, and unique fonts and filters to make a one-of-a-kind design.

With PicCollage you can create awesome photo collages in just 3 simple steps: 1) Add Photos & Frame, 2) Pick Layout, 3) Save to Camera Roll. Place your photos into one of the hundreds of unique templates or start with a blank canvas and arrange photos into your own custom layout.

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7 ‎Collage Maker: #1 Photo & Video collage maker With 20000+ layouts, effects

Collage Maker All-In-1 pic collage maker, photo editor, photo collage, video collage for your best moments & memories
Collage Maker All-In-1 pic collage maker, photo editor, photo collage, video collage for your best moments & memories

Collage Maker is a free all in one photo editor, photo collage, video collage & pic collage maker for perfecting your best moments & memories. Collage Maker is an easy to use photo editor app for creating photo collages with a variety of layouts, stickers and background effects.

You can make collage with the built-in camera, photo album or even selfies! Show off your memories with this video collage app. Blur, crop, cut-out & apply effects to photos with 20000+ incredible layouts, effects, stickers & tools.

Whether it’s an Instagram pic or a cute video message, Collage Maker makes it fun to put your best pics in one cool looking picture. Choose from tons of trendy grid layouts, collage styles and sizes, awesome effects (like pets & summer), exclusive stickers (love & kisses), background patterns, gradients and doodle on collages to tell your story with one framed picture.

The perfect collage to keep all your photos safely in one place. Add a background pattern or gradient to the photo collage maker’s design board. What’s more? Touch up your pics, videos with beauty retouch essentials, effects and overlays. Expressing your story in multiple dimensions has never been easier!

Simply swipe to swap photos in one of 1000+ prepackaged layouts – everyday layouts, holiday-themed layouts – everything you need – or create your own custom layout from scratch. Just choose a shape, pick a style that you like and mix-match some photos. In addition to the classic list view, Collage Maker free for iPad offers a “Gallery View” that gives you an impressive visual experience. It’s the fastest way to make stylish photo montages that you will be proud to share with anyone.

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8 PhotoGrid: Top Rated Free Video Collage Maker for iOS

PhotoGrid Top Rated Free Video Collage Maker for iOS

Combining the ease of Photo Editing with the magic of Photo Collage, PhotoGrid is your perfect photo creator. With access to an enormous range of professionally designed templates, including layouts for Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, banners and covers, YouTube thumbnails, and Pinterest collections, your images will look great no matter where you use them.

Collage like a pro. With PhotoGrid for iPhone, you can make collages with your photos! The app comes with tons of layouts to choose from. Pair your photos, videos, or stickers with one of the layouts. You also have the option to customize the collage by choosing the pictures. You want to make a YouTube thumbnail or Pinterest collection, this free app will help you create stunning images in minutes. With over 50 million users worldwide, it’s the best way to stop wasting time and start creating awesome images.

The PhotoGrid app, available on the iOS platform, provides you with free template packs and tools such as auto-cut and auto-fit to help you create your own memory collages. This is great for all cultures and occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and much more.

Collect, combine and create collages from scratch or from the app library of 20000+ different templates. E-mail your creations as a gift to a friend, print it out on a photo memory book, or save it as a photo on your photo album. Love selfies? Use our built-in camera to take pictures of yourself and friends! Add text on top of the photos too.

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9 Pic Grid: Free Collage Maker for high definition collages

Pic Grid Free Collage Maker for high definition collages

PicGrid Collage Maker comes with a fantastic collage maker that transforms your photos into stunning photo collages with unique photo effects and grids. Collage makes it possible for you to convert your photos into stylish collages by editing your pictures. This photo grid app is the best photo editor to make an engagement celebration poster, a creative graduation party flyer, a remarkable book featuring your favorite places and a beautiful birthday card.

Using bitmap effects on images, it helps you combine photos in a grid in a very less time. Custom Gallery to import images from Photo Library that can help you selecting images very quickly. Choose from tons of different photo grid templates that perfectly match your photos.

Three shape template (Heart, hexagon, circle), multiple border templates(Skin, Artistic, Simple) and the shadow effect will help you to make the perfect photo collage in stylish way. You can easily resize your photos without blur. Adjust inner spacing and outer spacing to the pictures. Image Tap, Drag, Zoom, Long Press and Rotate Gestures to Increasing productivity.

With a variety of shapes, PixGrid - Photo Grid Collage is the perfect app for Instagram and other Social Networking sites!    

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Thoughts on Free Photo Collage Apps for iPhone and iPad

It is no secret that iPhone users are fast to create the best photos. If you are an Instagram addict, then the desire to share the best photos you take with your iPhone online is in your blood.

The issue is that none of the major photo sharing apps, Twitter included, really give you the freedom to experiment with different styles when it comes to posting multiple pictures in one go. If you want to spice up your photo sharing experience with some diversity, then try out these cool free collage apps for iPhone.

With the growing number of smartphones, it is not surprising that there are also tons of photo apps in the market. The iPhone is an ideal camera that you can carry around when you are out with your friends or when you are busy capturing beautiful moments in your life.

However, compiling and editing photos on an iPhone itself is a formidable task. The above review post has introduced the ten best collage maker apps for iPhone to help you organize and share your photos.

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