Pic Stitch – Photo and Video Collage App

Creating a collage is fun. Whether it’s a birthday present, or a throwback photo, you can create an awesome experience for your friends and family. Make brilliant video collages with music, video, and photo frames. Save your favorite memories in a beautiful digital storyboard.

Do you want to spice up those photos? Do you want to create a versatile collage on Instagram without having to weed through the tons of editing apps? Good news is that an app has arrived on the market and it is ready to help you satisfy your photo editing needs.

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Pic Stitch - Photo and Video Collage App
Pic Stitch – Photo and Video Collage App

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This top-notch app called Pic Stitch is taking all the guesswork out of creating a great looking collage by giving you creative ways to combine multiple photos into one frame, add creative text and even the ability to change the perspective. Look professional with minimal effort. The Pic Stitch editing app gives you all the tools right at your fingertips!

Pic Stitch is a feature rich collage maker that stitches photos together with over 300 collage layouts, 20+ filters packs, 10+ border packs, robust video editing tools and allows you to add music to your memories. Make professional looking collages in minutes!

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Pic Stitch has one of the more active user support setups I’ve seen in an app. The team at Pic Stitch are very responsive to requests and suggestions through their website, and this responsiveness is extended to the App.

Venture into a world of virtual collages with Pic Stitch, the new and improved photo editor that lets you combine multiple photos and video clips into one stunning picture.

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Whether you want to create a set of before-and-after images or you’re going for a magazine cover look, this creative app gives you extraordinary control over your photos so you can create the perfect result.

Pic Stitch design and features

Pic Stitch is the ultimate photo collage maker, combining your photos and videos into one beautifully framed picture.

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Whether you want to create a before-and-after sequence, combine pictures into a collage, or produce a photographic series, Pic Stitch makes it easy.

15 different photo aspect ratios optimized for sharing
15 different photo aspect ratios optimized for sharing

Open Pic Stitch and tap the screen to grab a new frame from any of your meticulously crafted photos or lush landscape shots. The frame will appear above the chosen picture. Move it, resize it – Pic Stitch couldn’t be simpler.

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Unlike any other photo collage app it allows for you to instantly combine multiple photos and videos into one visually stunning image. You can even place your photos on top of or behind a fully customizable background. You can also add text or emoji with one click and edit the font, color, location and size all within the app.

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Combine videos into one seamlessly smooth movie. Use Pic Stitch’s powerful editing tools to instantly fix imperfections and create breathtaking effects. Enhance your creativity with Pic Stitch, and make your friends envy you.

Photo Editing

How would you like to make your pictures look like they were taken by a professional photographer? With Pic Stitch, turn your iPhone or iPad into a powerful photo editor! Plus, share your photos instantly with other apps: email, Twitter, Facebook and others.

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combine great photos into a collage, or produce a photographic series
combine great photos into a collage, or produce a photographic series

Pic Stitch is a powerful photo app with many features to help you create amazing pictures, collages, and videos. Edit with simple tools to apply fun color filters, crop, rotate and scale your images, add cool effects, or touch up blemishes and imperfections before creating a comic strip-style story.

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ou can crop, rotate, adjust brightness/color/contrast, add stickers from Giphy and make collages using various templates or your own photos. You can also use your own photos to create memes and add captions to say whatever you want. The app also has various built in feature such as filters, effects, stickers, collage templates and visual FX that will help you create the perfect picture with ease.

Pic stitch collage
Quick Enhance hi-definition, scenery, food, portrait, night

Pic Stitch is a unique photo editing app that combines text and drawings with the power of pictures.

  • Text your photos, add audio or music, create memes out of your pictures, watermark them with your brand logo, or use pre-made templates to turn your image collage into a meme!
  • Create multiple text overlays in vibrant fonts.
  • Choose from several different fonts and specify your own custom text for each overlay. Add shadows, transparencies and change the color of the text.
  • The Meme editor will turn your image collage into a meme in seconds.
  • Customize the placement of all elements by simply dragging them around to add elements like text and images overtop a custom background or stock photo.
  • A new module allows you to edit audio clips, complete with several sound effects to make your audio stand out! Use loops to seamlessly add background music to your photos.

For photographers and social media influencers

Pic Stitch is the ultimate photo editor and collage maker with hundreds of unique templates and frames. Renowned amongst photographers, content creators and social media influencers, Pic Stitch allows you to create incredible artistic pictures that stand out from the crowd.

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With a variety of templates and collage overlays, your photos will take on a new dimension you never thought possible; showing off your unique vision to the world.

stitches photos together with over 300 collage layouts
stitches photos together with over 300 collage layouts

With cutting-edge filters and effects, Pic Stitch provides you with all the fun you need to show off your creativity in just a few taps. In addition to premium features, like unlimited access to Filter packs, Pic Stitch users also have access to Giphy GIFs, stickers and overlays – which means stickers & GIFs are now easier than ever before.


People love to share photos of themselves and their lovely friends, family, and other interesting people. But the problem with modern-day picture sizes is that they just don’t look right when shared on social media.

Here’s where Pic Stitch comes in. It’s a simple, but powerful app designed to help you create a picture collage out of multiple pictures and video clips to share anywhere your heart desires. It has a super easy-to-use frame selection tool, the perfect amount of customizations available, and the ability to save your work for future use.

Combining great images is one of the easiest ways to create something special. All you need is PicStitch!

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