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Easily taking high-quality photos is one of the benefits of owning an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The iOS camera app that comes with each device is enough to snap some great pictures and do more than enough for shooting Instagram pictures for your followers. But, if you are a picture-taking professional or looking to get serious about your iPhone photography, then you probably want to check out the best camera apps for iPhone and iPad.

As the demand for photography apps has grown, the amount of options available to us smartphone users skyrocketed. With so many choices at our fingertips, I’ve started to wonder: which camera app is worth downloading?

Charles River Esplanade, Boston, United States ProCam 8 camera app for iPhone 12 Pro Max
Charles River Esplanade, Boston, United States ProCam 8 camera app for iPhone 12 Pro Max

If you have chosen to use an iPhone over an Android, you are undoubtedly a fan of the neat and intuitive interface that iOS has to offer. However, there is one thing that iOS does not have – a powerful camera app. Every iPhone user has to utilize the stock app which is beautiful in its simplicity, but lacks the many features that are found in third-party apps. So what if I told you there was an app that can take care of all your photography needs, from enhancing your pictures, to capturing images and much more?

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Today, we’ll be taking a look at the best camera apps for iPhone. Like I mentioned in my previous article about the best photo editing apps for iPhone, it’s easy to make mistakes in photography. That’s why I’ve created this list of the best camera app that every iPhone user should have.

I am passionately fond of taking photos and I take hundreds or maybe even thousands every month. I always believed taking photos on my iPhone is hard, but as a matter of fact, it’s just that simple to do. So today, I will introduce you to :

6 Best camera apps for your iPhone and I bet you’ll love them.

Halide Mark II – Pro Camera 

Apple’s default camera app has come a long way in the past couple years, but I still find some situations where it seems like a significant step up over the default app could make a meaningful difference. This is the best DSLR camera app for iPhone and iPad.

Halide Mark II - Pro Camera 4+ Pro RAW Manual Camera app for iPhone and iPad

Halide gives you the tools to capture any image, anywhere–like built-in storehouse of presets for easy recall, and high-quality photo capture so you can shoot with confidence. Features include: smart automatic mode with Halide Smart RAW for automatically applying the best processing settings for raw images, optimized for less noise and more detail.

The app features a convenient RAW development process, allowing you to develop raw images from your files in a tap. This app is exactly that, the most powerful RAW camera app for iOS. It’s my goto daily capture application because it excels at shooting photos and quickly reviewing them in full resolution DNG or exported JPG. You can also view Live Photos, HEICs, and Portrait Depth images. With the tap of an icon you can export a photo via Airdrop or email from the app.

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Metadata is also fully supported, allowing you to view detailed technical information about each image.

The new Halide Mark II – Pro Camera app from developer Ben Sandofsky is probably my favorite on-phone camera interface right now because it exposes a lot of powerful features that are hidden in the default camera app. It also has an impeccably designed interface and probably the fastest camera launch I’ve found to date.

Halide Mark II Camera app iPhone 11 Pro max
Halide Mark II Camera app iPhone 11 Pro max

You may be familiar with the first version of Halide, a camera app that puts DSLR-like manual controls and RAW in your pocket. And if you’re not familiar, you should be because it’s an incredible camera app.

Have you ever heard of HALIDE camera app for iOS? Have you ever tried it?

Halide has become my go-to iPhoneography app. While it doesn’t have as many features as Camera+2, a shot-to-shot timer or even an on-screen shutter button. With just one tap on screen, I can create top notch pictures that have a fantastic bokeh effect. Plus, I don’t have to worry about the app lag slowing my flow.

Halide 1 was an experiment to build the ultimate camera app. Halide 2 is an evolution, designed for iPhone XR and iPhone SE. It’s faster than ever, with zero shutter lag, and the fastest focus. The interface has been refined with a completely new gesture-based system that makes it much easier to keep your eye on the viewfinder without blocking anything important. With the iPhone XR and iPhone SE, portrait mode photography gets a whole new meaning: shooting with the telephoto lens in apps

There are a ton of camera apps out there that will edit your pictures on the iPhone, but not all warrant a place on your device. The app, Halide, is the best camera app for iPhone currently available and has earned a spot in my iPhone’s camera icon row.

It gives you manual control of your shots, but presents this in a way that doesn’t leave you weighing options and settings every time you point the camera. Instead, it gives you an interface that shows what’s important – the visuals that will make up your photo.

With an elegant, intuitive interface and powerful manual controls, it seamlessly integrates with your iPhone so you can focus on taking photos rather then modifying them. It’s a true pro-level photo experience that brings together powerful manual controls with deep set automatic ones, refined with real world photographer feedback into an elegant interface.

The popularity of the iPhone, combined with an app store brimming with photography apps, makes it the best place to take photos.  These days, no one even thinks twice about taking pictures using their phone and you’ll always find someone fiddling around with their iPhone whenever people get together. There was a time where digital cameras ruled but now that mobile phones have so many great features built into them, they can do everything that a high-end camera can.

Halide’s real-time filters make it as quick to shoot and edit photos as it is to shoot bursts of raw images on your regular camera. If you like having control over your photography in-camera, or enjoy seeing the results of your edits immediately, or just want a great way to share photos with friends — Halide is for you!

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Camera+ 2

Best Pro Photo Shooting & Editing iPhone app

Camera+ 2 is a great app. Tons of improvements over the original version. It’s now a complete iOS experience and the most powerful yet simple camera app on the App Store, with an all new easy to use design that’s meant to be extremely familiar for DSLR shooters, but also very powerful for everyone else.

Camera+ 2 Pro Photo Shooting & Editing app for iPhone

Magic ML is an advanced capture preset that learns and adapts as you shoot. After taking your photo, Magic ML will instantly learn what adjustments you like to make – and makes them for you automatically! It’s ideal for portraits of friends and family, or still life shots of objects you love.

Camera+ 2 is the definitive iPhone photography app, full stop. With the new Pro Photo shooting mode and image editing extension, you can take your iPhone photos to the next level and never leave your Camera+ Photos library. In a nutshell, everything’s better: faster shot selection; continuous live view and shot timer. The manual exposure control including lockable light metering and focus; flash ratio control; and manual video recording are excellent. And there are dozens of other smaller improvements you’ll notice as you start using it. The Camera+ 2 image editing extension lets you unleash your inner creative (or just feel like one).

It is an award-winning photography app designed to help you take stunning photos, and comes with powerful professional editing tools to help you touch up portraits and landscapes after you’ve taken them. It includes three shooting modes: Auto, Manual, and Expert, with sliders for adjusting white balance and exposure compensation. It also includes a powerful selective edit tool that will enable you to crop, rotate, remove red eyes and blemishes from your portrait shots.

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Camera+ 2 delivers RAW shooting and editing for iPhone devices. Use the White Balance picker to fine-tune your images, Preview photos live on the screen, and take advantage of the revolutionary liquid retina display technology with a live preview of filters as you apply them. With simple-to-use touch gestures and a full set of controls, you can fine-tune exposure, adjust color, add light effects and more, to achieve professional results in seconds.

Technology gadgets iPhone Camera+ 2 app on iPhone SE
Technology gadgets iPhone Camera+ 2 app on iPhone SE

Camera+ is a full-featured camera app packed with powerful tools for getting the perfect shot. Take total control of your composition, choosing from over a dozen filters with varying adjustments, and choose from different aspect ratios or shoot full-screen square photos that fill up the frame. Optional grid lines show you where to put objects in frame, and makes sure your shots are in perfect balance. Put yourself in the picture by using advanced self-timer system for delayed shutter release or snapping in interval mode. Enhance any image with one-touch auto-enhance or manual editing tools such as crop or rotate.

If you prefer to pick every setting on your own, leave the presets behind and select a specific camera mode instead. Now you can mix and match presets with manual controls to find the perfect balance for the job at hand. Camera+ 2’s focus aid will give you invaluable assistance if you’re shooting through a moving car window, or trying to capture that elusive bird in flight. Camera+ 2 allows you to visualize your composition, choose the right exposure and focus, and then shoot. You can compose your shot with Grid, Dot, or Golden Ratio. You have total control of the look and feel of your image, as well as all of the exposure details.

Instantly make over your photos with Magic ML, the all new automatic preset on the Powerful Camera+ 2! With just one tap, Magic ML will hone in on your subject and adjust tones and lighting to help you capture that perfect photo every time. Whether you’re snapping a simple shot on the fly with no time to think up a photo plan, or finally giving those vacation pics that special boost, Magic ML can be there to assist.

It is the most comprehensive and powerful camera application available, turning your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a full-featured digital camera. It combines high tech features with an intuitive interface, making it fun and seamless to capture, edit and share beautiful photos. The controls are simple and clean, snapping photos is instant with the shutter button and all edits and filters can be previewed instantly. Camera+ 2 provides quick access to a host of shooting modes including; Normal, Timer, Burst (takes lots of photos in burst mode), Slow Shutter (for low light or night shots), Macro (for close shots).

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Best for HDR Photo Capturing on iPhone

To take the stunning image, you need a camera that’s just as stunning. The new ProCamera app for iPhone delivers the absolute best experience for capturing those unforgettable moments. With great features like intuitive controls, RAW capture, and instant access to controls & functions, this is no ordinary camera utility.

ProCamera HDR photo captur app for iPhone and iPad

ProCamera is a highly rated iOS camera app, and winner of Apple’s App Of The Year. The free version of ProCamera offers an extended set of features not available in the iPhone app by increasing exposure in low-light environments and creating an HDR image out of different exposures. The ProCamera app turns your iPhone into a powerful photography tool that can capture, edit and share stunning photos and videos with the power of a DSLR camera.

ProCamera has all the essential tools for today’s iPhone photographer, fitting right into your multi-tool pocket: Adjust shutter speed, ISO, focus and white balance to capture the most beautiful images with utmost quality.

Get more creative with advanced manual controls such as exposure compensation, light metering mode and RAW capture. Switch seamlessly between photo and video in one app – record stunning 4K UHD videos complete with a cinematic look and feel boosted by advanced image stabilization.

Unlike many other camera apps, ProCamera is designed specifically to make it simple yet powerful for professional quality photos. Shoot like a pro with features like a manual focus and exposure lock, different film modes, interval shooting, time-lapse, a live histogram in tap-to-expose and much more. With its wide range of photo and video capabilities, you’ll never be left with an unsatisfied shot.

Brisbane City at night, taken on the iPhone 11 camera app
Brisbane City at night, taken on the iPhone 11 camera app

With the ProCamera app’s Control Center, one swipe will bring up the exposure meter, grid lines, flash controls, timer controls and front / rear camera activation. The app is also fast and responsive, allowing you to capture action shots as well as beautiful every day moments.

The ProCamera app provides access to pro level DSLR camera controls, and is designed for iPhone 11, the iPhone 12 Pro, and later. ProCamera loves to please the most demanding photographers with DSLR-like controls, a customizable UI and different shooting modes. Backed by a plethora of advanced camera features including RAW conversion support and realtime Depth Effect editing, you’ll be able to precisely capture what your eye sees.

With the ProCamera app, experience total control over your Apple iPhone camera. Adjust exposure, focus and white balance manually, set exposure compensation and fire your flash. Add depth of field effects or adjust your bokeh with aperture selection. See in real time if your image is over- or underexposed and correct it on the fly. Choose from color presets (presets have color temperature and tint adjustments) to quickly change the mood of your photo or fine tune them to specific light conditions.

A built-in Digital Zoom lets you photograph subjects up close, and rapid-fire mode lets you capture all the action. The Self-Timer and Intervalometer can be used to avoid camera shake for close-up portraits or create cool time-lapse videos. You can even add a personalised splash of color or filter effects with the Adjustable Fill Light (Torch)—perfect for illuminating your subject when shooting at night or creating dramatic portraits in low light.

At the touch of a finger, ProCamera gives you full creative control. Adjust ISO, shutter, and shoot at ideal times with all of the manual settings you need to produce great shots. The ProCamera Utility app is your camera remote control. It allows you to start and stop your photo session, adjust settings in real time, review the EXIF metadata of each photo taken during the photo session, and view an orientation accurate live histogram.

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Best free Camera app for iPhone and iPad

With a simple and intuitive design, VSCO makes it easy to shoot, import and edit your pictures and videos on the iPhone. Enhance your creativity and storytelling across there ever-growing suite of editing tools, and share your favorite moments with friends on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more. Whether you’re looking to learn or teach, create or consume — VSCO is for you.

VSCO best free camera app for iPhone and iPad

Bridging the gap between art and technology, VSCO helps you tell your stories with creativity. This Camera mobile app gives you a suite of creative tools for quick photo editing and easy sharing. Whether you’re looking to refine your images or to begin exploring using an analogue camera, we’re always adding new features to enhance your creativity.

VSCO is a multi-award winning Camera App for iPhone and iOS platform. It allows you to create beautiful images – just by using the camera on your phone. Create beautiful photos and realise the potential of your camera in this photo editing app with authentic original filters. The VSCO photo-editing service has been used by over 10 million people in their creative practice, to capture and share their moments with a community of over 2 million.

Designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, VSCO Cam is the essential toolset for your mobile photography. Easily design your own film by choosing from a variety of presets or crafting your own using our unique tools.

VSCO: Photo & Video Editor is a free photo and video Camera app designed for both amateurs and professionals. It’s easy to use, lightning fast, and packed with powerful photo editing tools like 10 free VSCO presets, Grain filters, Fade filters, and Exposure. With automatic support for your RAW photos you can edit virtually any kind of file — no conversions required (JPEG, TIFF, PSD, PNG). Create beautifully edited photos that are ready to share or export.

Matanuska Glacier, United States VSCO camera app for iPhone X

More than just enhancements, VSCO presets give you a completely new look in just one click. From Crop and Straighten to Adjustments like Contrast, VSCO helps you create the most unique photos that express your creativity.

VSCO offers you endless ways to edit your pictures. Shoot in full-resolution on your iPhone and enhance your images with the same advanced, creative editing tools professional photographers use to create stunning work. Whether you’re looking to sharpen the details in a portrait or color correct the entire image, you’ll find the tools to help make every photo look its best.

VSCO combines incredibly advanced photo editing tools with an artistic community, and an extensive preset library. With tools for both beginners and seasoned photographers, VSCO helps you explore how far you can go. With a membership, VSCO’s advanced editing tools are always at your fingertips. You can apply hundreds of our presets to enhance your photography, adjust and control advanced parameters like highlight clipping, shadows, brightness, contrast and more. Tap the brush icon to access our selection of ten professional editing tools for detailed adjustments and creative tweaks.

VSCO for iPhone offers the same professional photo editing tools and presets that you get on desktop, but it’s especially great for those on the go. Take a photo from inside the app or import one from your camera roll, and get creative with advanced features like HSL and Split Tone, color borders, and more. Be sure to switch on VSCO X to find popular presets created by VSCO community members. When you’re done, share to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social platforms or save to your camera roll. Improve your game with VSCO for iPhone.

You can add presets from VSCO’s growing preset library to easily adjust your image’s brightness, contrast, temperature, tint, exposure, saturation and more. When you use the right tool for the job, there’s no limit to what you can do with your iPhone camera.

Where software editing tools fail, human editing touches will make “magical” things happen all the time. A picture is worth a thousand words; you should try this Camera app and experience what we mean by that!

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Pro Camera by Moment

Best DSLR Camera app for iPhone

Pro Camera by Moment is a full time lapse photo app, originally designed for taking pictures for time-lapse photography. However, it has evolved into a powerful standalone camera app that includes a timer, burst shot, and many new iPhone X features. Pro Camera makes it easy to use advanced techniques like HDR imaging and long exposure photography.  In short, Pro Camera allows you to become a more creative photographer by using your iPhone to its fullest potential.

ProCamera HDR photo captur app for iPhone and iPad

Perfect for everything from low light to action, Pro Camera is simple to use, yet packed with powerful professional photography features. Pro Camera by Moment includes full manual control, high-level DSLR-inspired light metering and intuitive camera controls for quick adjustment. Shoot better pictures in any light — day or night.

If you’re passionate about photography, the Moment Pro Camera app gives you more freedom to shoot like a professional. Features include Exposure Compensation, Multiple Shutter Hold, ISO Display & Adjustment, Partial Metering, Front-Facing Flash, Grid Overlay and more. With Moment accessories, create photos that really stand out from the crowd.

When we talk to filmmakers we heard one thing loud and clear: they want a camera and video app that was powerful, had all the timing tools they needed, but didn’t force them to shift through features they’d never use. Pro Camera by Moment is an iPhone camera app for filmmakers who want the best tools in their toolbox. That means all the timing tools you need, like color profiles, bitrates, dual-channel audio meters, real-time waveforms, and fast access to frame rates. No pointless features you don’t need get in your way.

Times Square, New York, United States Pro camera app for iPhone 12

With Pro Camera you have everything you need right at your fingertips, including focus assist peaking and dual channel audio meters. Tje film presets make grading a snap, with custom curves and full RGB control. A color chart gives detailed information at a glance, plus a built-in exposure calculator!

Everything is adjustable in just one swipe: video resolution, frame rate, audio levels, exposure, focus and white balance. With Dual-channel sound metering you have the big picture of your audio levels displayed on top of the camera screen. And with a single tap on any part of the waveform, the audio levels display changes to show more detail about that moment in your video. From first-time filmmakers to producers with an eye for perfection – ProCamera is for those who care about every pixel.

Pro Camera is made for the professional photographer: It has everything you need for your iPhone and iPad. The brand new interface makes it looks and feel like a professional camera. How is this different from other photography apps available? Pro Camera gives you everything you need to take control of your images. You get manual control of all essential functions such as exposure, focus, ISO, white balance and shutter speed – even in burst mode! Plus, Pro Camera takes full advantage of RAW photos captured with the new Apple camera.

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ProCam 8 

The best premium all-in-one camera app for iOS.

ProCam 8 is the most advanced and easy-to-use iPhone camera app available. Its features are designed to make everyday shooting more convenient, reliable, and exciting. ProCam 8 will delight existing camera app users and iPad photographers, as well as present a great entry point for iPhone users to get into iPhone photography.

It allows you to use the full potential of your 8 mega pixel native cam. It comes with presets and special effects that allow you to take professional looking photos in seconds!  ProCam 8 will also help improve your skills by giving you instant visual feedback.

ProCamera 8 AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with RAW support for high contrast conditions
ProCamera 8 AEB (Auto Exposure Bracketing) with RAW support for high contrast conditions

It features a button-style interface, multiple picture frames, manual focus and exposure controls, 4x digital zoom, and photo editing tools. It offers all of the tools and capabilities of a professional DSLR camera in a simple, clean, and easy to use app. This app was built by photographers for photographers. In case of low light condition, the app will take multiple shots, flash ambient light and then blend them together in seconds. The Auto-Light Correction feature corrects for various types of light conditions including: dark, cloudy and night.

The ProCam 8 is an 8-camera system that enables you to take group or self portraits, and record 3D photos. The ProCam app also enables you to shoot high-resolution video, create time lapses and panoramas, all in bright daylight. There are more shooting modes than any other dual camera system on the market!

ProCamera 8 Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values
ProCamera 8 Live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values

This handy tool turns your smartphone into your very own HD camera. With over 20 easy-to-use modes for photos and videos of all kinds, you can take beautiful moments in any situation. Whether you are on vacation or exploring nature, the ProCam 8 can capture it all. Take your iPhone photography and video to the next level with this powerful ProCam 8 app.

Release the shutter remotely or automatically on ProCam 8, the all-new version of our most popular iPhone photography app. Use Self-Timer to take group selfies, Anti-Shake for super steady long exposures, Screen Shutter to use your phone as a remote trigger, shoot intervals for time lapse sequences, and a big button to quickly start recording video.

ProCam 8 is the app that puts professional photographic control in the palm of your hand. The built-in advanced Anti-Shake System provides digital zoom and a shutter release up to 30 seconds long, so you can capture those hard to get images. With a full studio-grade photographic feature set, fully adjustable real-time lighting from 16 million colors, full support for external Bluetooth/NFC remote triggers, and more than 60 filters built into the app itself, ProCam gives you all the tools you need to start creating professional level photos from your iPhone today.

ProCamera 8 Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls
ProCamera 8 Manual exposure, shutter speed, ISO, focus, and white balance controls

With ProCam 8 you have an intuitive interface that provides DSLR-like manual control over your iPhone camera. The manual controls bring the most important picture making options into easy reach while in the viewfinder for efficient and direct operation. The new features are designed to help you make the best photos and add creative expression to your photography.

ProCam 8 is the ultimate toolbox for mobile photography. Utilizing the latest technology, the app features patented manual controls that let you adjust exposure, focus, white balance and more with ease. It also offers incredibly accurate live shutter speed, ISO, focus, and WB values and an advanced Zebra stripes & overexposure warning system.


The unique True Focus Peaking makes it easy to manually focus your photos using the touch screen or the physical lens ring on supported lenses. Exposure metering is spot on and insightful analyst tools like dark room and light room will help you create the best image quality possible under any lighting conditions. ProCam takes over the controls of your iPhone and turns it into a manual camera, giving ultimate control in the palm of your hand.

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