SleepScore App Review: Apple Watch, iPhone Android

Smartphone technology is growing at a rapid rate. In fact, an article written by Fast Company suggests that in the next few years, “…the most revolutionary change will be in the apps we use.” As a result, smart technology has become incorporated into many aspects of our lives — from education to dating apps.

Let’s face it, we’re addicted to our smartphones. The problem is that most of the time we only use them passively; we don’t do much more than scrolling through Facebook or Instagram. It’s time to change that! If you are interested in living a healthy lifestyle you can always start tracking your progress the smart way: by using more than one app at a time.

A weight loss app. A running app. A walking app. And a sleep tracker. You can use each one of these separately, but what if you could start tracking your goals and progress the smart way? If you’re interested in living a healthy lifestyle and not just making it harder for yourself, you’ll start tracking your progress by using more than one app at a time.

While sleep technology is not yet where it needs to be for us to be productive (or even see what’s happening behind closed eyelids), there are apps that are making the process of tracking sleep easier.

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SleepScore App Review Apple Watch, iPhone Android
SleepScore App Review Apple Watch, iPhone Android: SleepScore provides insight into your sleep environment

SleepScore App is a health and wellness application that makes it easy for you to track your sleeping patterns and habits. While other apps for monitoring sleep require the use of cameras and sensors, SleepScore utilizes accelerometer technology to measure overall movement. The app allows you to input information on your vitals, such as height and weight, to ensure that sleep scores are accurate.

Autosleep tracker Review : Apple watch and iPhone

SleepScore App Review

Since the release of Smartphone’s and Apple Watch, I’ve been looking for a way to track my sleep. Before Sleep apps were released most people would just note when they went to bed and when they woke up.

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That was never a very accurate tracking tool because there were times that I would go to bed and wake up after five hours of sleep but sleep seven hours. So this got me looking into apps like Sleep Cycle and Pillow. I ended up finding an app called SleepScore which had good reviews so I decided to try it out.

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Apple watch and an iPhone app are at the center of SleepScore’s mobile-first approach to improving your sleep. SleepScore is not a wearable device, but rather used in conjunction with your smartphone. For instance, you plug both devices into their charging units.

Before you hit the hay, the iOS app will prompt you to enter your sleep habits (like exercise) for this day and then sets the devices up for collecting data. It tracks heart rate, blood oxygen levels and more to determine valuable data related to your sleeping habits and whether you are getting a restful sleep or not.

How SleepScore Works?

SleepScore attaches to your Apple Watch, a device millions of us wear every night. It uses your heart rate, wrist motion, and body temperature to tell you the quality of your sleep.

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After you install the SleepScore app on your Android device, iOS or Watch, you will be shown a screen asking whether or not you want to provide your SleepScore with your name, birthday, gender and email address.

As a SleepScore user, you will connect with your iOS device each night so that it can monitor your sleep for a week. Your data will be collected to a secure cloud database where it will be analyzed using our patented technology. The first thing you’ll notice is the beautiful SleepScore Scorecard, which is designed to help you understand how your sleep is progressing over time. Every morning, you will receive a SleepScore Report of your restfulness during the previous night’s sleep.

Detailed sleep analysis
Detailed sleep analysis: smartphone microphone and speaker capabilities to track and measure your breathing rate and body movement

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These scores are calculated from over 70 metrics collected from your bedroom over night. Your sleep score is considered a number that shows how well you slept, scored out of 100. A sleep score below 80 is considered poor.

Science-backed advice
Science-backed advice: Based on your sleep data, receive personalized advice and recommendations for improving sleep 

SleepScore measures critical aspects of your sleep, like breathing rate, snoring, and body movement. Unlike other sleep trackers that use wristbands, monitors, and headphones to record your activity as you sleep—which can sometimes cause discomfort—SleepScore uses your phone’s microphone and speaker for accurate tracking that you can easily forget about once you go to bed. It will never record anything from your devices except what goes on in the room itself.

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With SleepScore and our easy-to-use app, you will get personalised advice and recommendations based on your own sleep data to help you achieve and sustain the best sleep possible. Your sleep profile will be used to match you with the right products that have helped thousands of others sleep better.

Track your score over time
Track your score over time: Nightly SleepScore provides in-depth analysis of the quality and quantity of your sleep

Available on Android and iOS, the SleepScore App can tell you if you’re getting a good night’s sleep. Based on personal information and small movements you make while sleeping, your sleep data is analyzed by sleep experts.

With the help of personal insights, you will learn how your lifestyle habits affect your sleep, what you need to do to improve it and discover products that have helped thousands of others with a sleep profile similar to yours. The science-backed SleepScore method was developed by a team of researchers.

Sleep better with a single app
Detailed breakdown of your sleep stages including duration, time to fall asleep, light, deep, and REM sleep

With the SleepScore app, you will see your Sleep Score compared with the ideal score for someone your age and gender. Additionally, this section gives you information about each aspect of your sleep so that you can spot trends in what is impacting your sleep. This information is presented visually in a very easy to understand manner.


The SleepScore App is one fresh app on the market, helping millions of people. One reason it has recieved such a high mark from the public, is that it uses advanced technology and cloud computing to give you a better sleep score than any other product out there. The new SleepScore smartphone app uses a scientific algorithm and machine learning technology.

It can tell you everything from how well you’re breathing while you sleep, to helping you find the perfect place to sleep in a noisy apartment. All this data is collated together and displayed in a comprehensive sleep score, which users can use as part of their daily routine to ensure they’re getting the best sleep possible.

You are probably wondering how sleep tracking can possibly work in combination with running app for iPhone, walking or weight loss apps for iPhone. And that’s completely normal. Smart people tend to ask questions =) This is exactly why I want to share my experience with using more than one app for tracking healthy activities and habits. You see, I used a lot of different apps these days and it turns out that the ones that complement each other are way more effective than those that work independently.

I’m sure you’ve been told that you should get a good night of sleep. Not only will it make you feel better the next day — it’s also good for your health in many ways.

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