Best iOS reddit app for iPhone and iPad

Reddit is the harbinger of the internet. It is where memes are born, where trends are started. Sometimes just browsing through it can be fun in itself, but if you want to truly get the best Reddit experience on your iPhone you have to have a client dedicated just to your Reddit needs.

Reddit is a huge part of my online life. It’s really an example of the internet at its best, and I use it daily. There’s so much to love about it: the variety of people and subjects they allow, the fact that anyone can share stuff, etc… As an Android user, I want to make sure I find a good iOS Reddit app before I switch over to Apple completely. Do you have any suggestions?

Pros of the iPhone Over Android

Most of us loves to read and share funny, informative and exciting content on Reddit. This site has refined this process by sharing content on subreddits i.e., a group of people that basically share the same ideas and interests. For this reason, it is more like a directory of different types of posts for different people who come here to read interesting things on various topics.

The official Reddit app for iPhone and iPad is decent, but it has glaring issues that make it annoying to use. Although this is the best option for many Redditors, there are better third party apps on the App Store. These apps may not be official, but they are faster and offer better features.

There are literally thousands of subreddits to follow, which makes it easy to stay up-to-date on news and trends. Whether you love or hate Reddit’s freewheeling atmosphere, its influence can’t be denied. So, there’s no better service than one that offers an experience tailored to your device and use patterns. But beyond simply choosing a client that has all the features you want, how do you choose the best Reddit app?

5 Best iOS reddit apps for iPhone and iPad Right now

Here we compare five of the top iOS choices.

1. Apollo: Best iOS reddit app

Apollo is a beautiful Reddit app built for fast navigation with an incredibly powerful set of features.
Super-fast hopping between subreddits, Full inline Imgur uploading, both images and albums, Safari View Controller for browsing articles and links, Moderator features, GIF scrubbing to go backward and forward in time

With a beautiful interface, features like “Night Mode” and a supercharged Media Viewer from Reddit itself, Apollo is the only Reddit app you’ll ever need.

In just a few months, Apollo for iOS has become the go-to Reddit app for tens of thousands of iPhone and iPad users. From its snappy UI controls to its customizable gestures, here are a few highlights:

Apollo is an unassuming little app, but when you dig in and start using it, all the little interaction details add up to a lot. Scrolling through comments and posts using 3D Touch is very well done and helps keep what is happening at the top of the app where you can see it. Swiping back to unread posts in a subreddit is very nice and something else you will become accustomed to doing after just a few minutes in the app. Even simple things like starting a post or getting to settings or sharing links in Reddit links are nicely done. Apollo has replaced AlienBlue as my preferred Reddit client.

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The latest version of Apollo also adds new features such as 3D Touch support, more theme colors, and the ability to add subreddits to your favorites on the new tab page. Features such as zooming and video playback in-app make it easier than ever to browse Reddit content while you’re on the go. If you’re an avid Redditor and want an app that helps you get the most out of Reddit, you need Apollo for iOS.

It is a fully-featured reddit client that allows you to browse news and entertainment content. It features in-depth interface customization options, full Markdown support, in-line image viewing, a highly efficient native app, and more. You can select specific subreddits to sync to for offline viewing, have Apollo work in the background, quickly jump genres when reading submissions, easily save posts for later use, and much more.

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Apollo is the most beautiful, powerful, and customizable Reddit client in the App Store. A media-rich and fast-loading experience with a sleek and simple interface. Apollo includes many traditional reddit features such as “upvoting” and “downvoting,” filtering, and the ability to sort content. If you’re looking for an app that keeps you up to date on your favorite subreddits, delivers pictures and videos quickly, and has a clean interface, Apollo is the app for you.

Price: Free and Paid

2 Narwhal: Simple and feature-rich iOS Client

narwhal is a fast, gesture-based application to browse all of reddit
View any and all subreddits, Voting on posts and comments , Hide and save links to your reddit, Add new posts to your favorite subreddit

Narwhal is one of the most popular Reddit apps for iPhone. Narwhal is fast loading, simple, gesture based and free. Narwhal also provides all the basic features you’d expect from a Reddit client such as keyword search, an “inbox” area, and multireddit support.

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Narwhal for iOS focuses heavily on gestures to make browsing Reddit on your phone feel like a breeze. If you are looking for a clean, gesture based Reddit client to replace the rather lackluster official Reddit app, or if you are just simply an avid Redditor this app is definitely worth trying out. The main objective for Narwhal is to make browsing reddit as easy and intuitive as possible. It has been refined to be much more efficient in both functionality and appearance than other popular reddit clients.

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You can Navigate right from the top bar. Search, vote, and comment without leaving the page. – Full Reddit style media support: View pictures, gifs, and videos natively within Narwhal. – Gifv support: Imgur albums and gifv links now open directly in Narwhal.

Narwhal is fully customizable, meaning you can make it look however you want with options of light or dark themes, along with a myriad of other options. It can connect to your reddit account on any device and it always saves your place so you never lose where you left off. You can even save submissions to read them later or vote on them.

Narwhal is the fastest reddit app for iOS. A clean, beautiful, easy to use design that segregates comments at the bottom and makes viewing images, gifs, albums and funny videos effortless. With features like a side drawer, markdown syntax highlighting, intuitive gestures, and swiping between comments, Narwhal delivers the most advanced reddit experience to date. Narwhal focuses on simplicity, privacy, and performance.

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It offers full support for reddit gold, advanced comment navigation, multireddits, and half a dozen other features that are typically missing or broken in other Reddit apps. You can switch between comment threads seamlessly with inline previews that allow you to inspect comments before voting them up or down. Not everyone wants to deal with sorting through the same content on the website, and Narwhal makes it incredibly easy to sort through content. It’s like an interface specifically designed for Reddit. If you’re looking for a new Reddit client, I highly suggest picking up Narwhal.

Price: Free and Paid

3. Slide: Lightweight blazing fast iPhone reddit alternative

Slide is fully offline-capable! Sync your subreddits and comments automatically
Slide for Reddit is a feature-packed, open-source, and ad-free (unofficial) browser for Reddit

Slide is a fast and beautiful Reddit app to help you get the most from one of the Internet’s largest communities. Whether you’re a casual ‘lurker’, power user, or even a moderator, Slide has a rich set of features that will enhance your Reddit experience.

It emphasizes content, ease of use, and modern design.

New levels of speed, design, and functionality come together in Slide to take you to the next level of reddit browsing. Follow your interests into exciting new subreddits, all without losing your place. Explore images with less clutter and full size images, quickly open any reddit link right from your front page, save posts to read later, see recommendations based on the subreddits you are already subscribed to, and more!

Whatever your favorite way to scroll through reddit, the Slide app has it covered. Choose between a sleek "card" style, a "grid" look, or customize Slide with the unique look that makes Reddit yours.

Slide allows you to browse Reddit using multiple customizable view options. You can choose to see all posts in a single view or follow discussions about specific topics in the form of discussions, questions, screenshots, videos, images, polls/predictions, memes, etc.

There are a variety of themes available in the app, each with a different look and feel. Themes can be changed right from the pages of a subreddit, or by accessing the slide menu. One of the most popular features in the Slide app is that you have full moderator capabilities to your subreddits.

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As a moderator, you can add new moderators, remove existing moderators, and add or remove posts from your community. Whether you are a long time reddit user or just getting started on the site, Slide has set out to be everything reddit could ever want from an iOS application.

An easy-to-use iOS application to browse, view images and videos, post comments, and vote on reddit. The Slide reddit app features Slide View which allows for easy navigation between comments with an intuitive thumb gesture, Slide Gesture navigation for quick access to your favorite subreddits.

It features Full content rich text post editor (image uploads, video/gif uploads, markdown support), Multiple Imgur uploader (with resizing), and comment navigator for easy tracking of nested comments in threads.

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Slide is an ad-free reddit browsing experience that emphasizes great content, fast performance, and powerful features. With features like full-content offline mode, Slide allows you to enjoy all of your Reddit content anytime, anywhere. Full offline capabilities make it possible to browse Reddit anywhere even on a plane headed to an area with no internet.

Price: Free/ Paid

4. Reddit: Official app for iPhone and iPad

Reddit: Official app for iPhone and iPad

Reddit calls itself “the front page of the internet,” and that’s not just marketing hyperbole. With more than 100,000 active communities, there is a subreddit for just about any interest under the sun with daily updated posts to pique your interest in pretty much everything you can imagine.  The official Reddit app is minimalist as the site itself, not without ads.

The official Reddit app allows for infinite scroll, meaning you can browse until your heart’s content. This isn’t the best app for browsing Reddit on the go because it requires a WiFi connection and has many ads, but if you want that desktop experience on your iPhone or iPad than you can try the official app.

The company continues to add cool features and launch new and interesting subreddits. It’s also the go-to place for memes and viral content, all presented in a slick package that allows you to view posts either one by one, in a list, or through the standard Reddit browsing interface.

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For me, I find that most of the top content comes from the default front page. I use some subreddits more than others so this is my preferred place to go. What does really makes the Reddit app special for me is the simple fact that it’s easy to organize subreddits so they are absolutely accessible, while being able to move them around at will is crucial for jumping quickly between content on Reddit.

However, there are a lot of areas in which 3rd party app developers have been improving upon. For example, the community tab in the official app is much less useful than many 3rd-party apps’ community tabs. The formatting of posts has been made to be more aesthetically appealing in some cases. Some apps have built in functionality to make it easier to save posts or comments to read later, or even share them on other social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Evernote, etc. There are lots of areas which 3rd party Reddit apps bring improvements upon, and personally I am excited to see where they go.


5. BeaconReader: Good for tracking sub-reddits

BaconReader is intuitive and easy to use new and experienced redditors alike.
BaconReader is a tasty Reddit client that lets you enjoy all of the best content and features of popular social news site Reddit.

BaconReader is a free Reddit client that lets you enjoy all of the best content and features of popular social news site Reddit. You can keep track of all your favorite subreddits, vote on posts, submit your own comments and links, post your own images, share content via e-mail or messaging, and more.

Become part of the Reddit community with “BaconReader.” Use intuitive gestures to share and upvote/downvote content. Submit links, images and comments to active subreddits. Browse hot topics and breaking news from major subreddits, or search specific subreddits for more tailored news.

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The app has a simple and engaging design. Furthermore, it is very easy to use! All you need to do is add the subreddits that you want to subscribe. You can add multiple accounts if you want. After adding them, just go back to the main screen and choose the accounts you want to access.

Price: Free / Paid

Thoughts on iOS reddit clients for iPhone

When it comes to iOS apps, Reddit is king. Many people will try and tell you that the official Reddit app is good enough for their needs and that there aren’t any worthy alternatives. These people are wrong and here’s why: While the official app does everything you need, it doesn’t do anything more than you need. It gives you a lot of information about what’s happening on the site but goes no further. That means it takes time to figure out how to use all its features and can be tricky trying to find something if not done right.

There are plenty of great Reddit clients for the iPhone that have unique features, but I have found the ones below are the best. I made this list by starting with a list of 40+ Reddit apps, testing them all to see which ones are good and worth your time. Then compiling the results into this post so you can get right to installing an app instead of wasting hours trying to find the best one yourself!

Despite the official app being fine, there’s so much room for improvement. The first thing I noticed when I first opened up Reddit is that it looks old. It doesn’t have the same feature set as the desktop version of Reddit, or any other third-party client. Part of that is pretty understandable — Reddit is a site that’s constantly changing and improving, so an iOS-friendly app would have to be built from scratch nearly every time there was a major redesign on the main site.

The official app is great for newcomers and seasoned Reddit veterans alike. Old timers can hide the ugly millennial pink, enjoy a few extra features, and continue to revel in the nostalgia that comes with being a part of the Internet’s oldest community.

Sometimes, the official Reddit app just doesn’t cut it. It’s slow, it’s ugly, it crashes all the time, and often you simply can’t do the things you want to do on Reddit. However, there are plenty of alternative apps that offer more features than the official Reddit app.

If you like the official Reddit app, but wish it had more features, then check out our other apps. Apollo is the most powerful client with loads of features that makes browsing Reddit easier, quicker, and all around more fun. Narwhal is lighter than Apollo, but still brings most of the features you love about the Reddit app. Slide is another alternative to the official Reddit app with offline-capabilities and feature rich design.

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