5 Best Mac Mini Cases and Carry Bags

If you’re looking for a case for your Mac Mini, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been scouring the Internet to find some of the best cases I could get my hands on, and I’ve rounded them up here for your convenience.

“I don’t want a case,” you might be saying. “I just want it out of sight, out of mind.” Okay, so the Mac Mini isn’t the prettiest computer around, but it’s got a lot going for it—not only is it a stylish little machine that fits seamlessly into any decor thanks to its compact size, but it’s also got ample processing power, making it a great multimedia center for connected TV setups. All you need is a few cables and maybe an external hard drive or two, and you can have your movies, music and photos all in one place.

Best Mac Mini Cases, Bags and Hard Covers

But if you’re planning on having this computer out in the open or taking it from room to room—and who doesn’t love watching movies in bed?—you’ll definitely want a case for it. Keeping dust away from your computer is simple enough with a case, plus there are other benefits to consider:

  • Cases add extra protection should your Mac Mini get knocked over or fall off a table

When you’re looking to protect your Mac Mini from bumps and bruises, it’s hard to find a solution that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing. After all, the Mini is beautiful as it is; why cover it up with a bulky case? However, a slim-line case may not offer enough protection for your precious device. The best cases strike a balance between protection and style without adding too much extra bulk or weight to the computer.

Mac Minis are beautiful machines on their own—the sleek aluminum chassis gives them a sleek look that just screams high-quality craftsmanship. But one of the design flaws of the Mini (and most Apple products in general) is its build quality: the casing has been known to break if dropped even once, making it susceptible to scratches and cracks. A protective case can help safeguard your device from these external damages.

The first question you should ask yourself when looking for a case is what you intend to do with your Mini. Will you be traveling with it? If so, you’ll want something more protective than the Seidio Convertible Advanced Case, which makes it easy to use your Mac in tablet mode but doesn’t provide adequate protection against drops.

Below are the 5 best Mac Mini Cases and Carry bags that you can buy right now

Mac Mini are an excellent compact computer which can be used as a media center or as a home server. Choosing the right case for your Mac Mini is very important. You don’t want to spoil your new Mini by putting it in an unsuitable case. Here are the 5 best mini Mac cases and carry bags that you can buy right now!

There are tons of options out there, but I’ve narrowed it down to five of my favorites.

1 RLSOCO Hard Case for Apple Mac Mini

RLSOCO Hard Case for Apple Mac Mini

One of the most popular choices for Mac Mini protection is a hard case. This is because it’s essentially like a portable suitcase for your computer, so you can take it anywhere with you that you’d take a laptop. Plus, it’s easy to pack and unpack, since many of them come with separate compartments within the case. You’ll likely want something that has a handle or straps you can carry it by, and also something that doesn’t weigh enough to be difficult to carry.

For the ultimate mac mini protection, choose the RLSOCO Hard Case for Apple Mac Mini M1 & Mac Mini. This one is compatible with both older and newer models of Mac Mini computers, so you won’t need to worry about whether or not your computer will fit in this one. It’s made of high-density EVA and excellent 1680D Materials, which means that it offers top class protection while still being flexible enough to allow you to hold other things in addition to your Mac Mini. 

2. SwissDigital Circuit BackPack for Mac Mini

SwissDigital Circuit BackPack for Mac Mini

SwissDigital is known for its stylish, functional cases and bags, and their Circuit backpack for Mac Mini and MacBook is no exception. Perfect for the business or college traveler on the go, this backpack has a padded interior ring that fits the Mac Mini perfectly, while leaving room inside the bag for a laptop up to 13 inches (and even a larger 15 inch MacBook Pro).

The bag features an integrated USB charging port in one of its pockets, so that you can keep your MacBook charged while you’re on the road. The bag also comes with RFID protection, which helps prevent thieves from stealing your identity through radio waves emitted by your credit cards and other RFID-enabled devices.

3. Hermitshell Travel Case for Mac Mini (Best Cheap budget Mac Mini Case)

Hermitshell Travel Case for Mac Mini (Best Cheap budget Mac Mini Case)

This case is super versatile, making it the perfect storage solution for your Mac mini. The exterior of the case is made from high-quality nylon, and it also comes with a shoulder strap so you can easily tote your computer around. There are four main compartments in the case:

A few different aspects of this design deserve special mention. The case has been specially designed to fit the Mac mini perfectly, so you won’t have to worry about the case being too big or small for your computer. It also has enough room to store small accessories like a USB keyboard, mouse, flash drive, and even an Apple TV remote control.

The case is secured with two latches on the inside, as well as a zipper, so you can safely store your equipment without worrying about it getting damaged during transport. And because it’s so lightweight and portable, you can easily use this to transport your computer all over—from home to work to school or even on long trips.

4 KROSER Premium Briefcase Case for Mac Mini Under $50

KROSER Premium Briefcase Case for Mac Mini Under $50

If you love to travel, work from home, go to school, or simply need a convenient way to carry your laptop and other gadgets, the KROSER Premium Briefcase Case for Mac Mini could be the perfect fit. This laptop briefcase is made of water-repellent poly fabric, has roomy compartments for your laptop, files and notebooks, and can accommodate an iPad as well—perfect for all of your on-the-go needs!

The Premium Briefcase Case for Mac Mini fits laptops up to 17.3” in size and is ideal for taking with you anywhere. It’s spacious enough that you can easily keep a few items in there with your computer, including a tablet, pens, pens and more. The separate compartment has a special RFID pocket that protects important documents from identity theft by blocking out frequencies used at toll booths or libraries. With its simple design and sturdy construction, this laptop briefcase is sure to be a staple of your life.

5. o2CREA hard travel case for Mac Mini

o2CREA hard travel case for Mac Mini

The 41.16-cm Apple Mac mini M1 is an excellent computer; however, its small size does not mean that you can’t find a case for it. The o2CREA Hard Case Replacement Case for Apple Mac Mini is a generic hard shell case designed to protect the computer from drops, scratches, bumps, splash, and dust. This compact Apple M1 Mac mini case is shockproof and water resistant. But don’t worry! It will not impede your computer’s functionality—it has been designed specifically to fit perfectly with the Apple M1 Mac mini.

This new replacement travel case for the Apple Mac mini computers comes with more space to accommodate the computer itself as well as any additional accessories you have. It can hold up to six different accessories. Don’t be afraid to take it on your next adventure with this handy travel case for your Apple M1 computers!

You can Buy any of these recommended Mac mini cases and Bags

While the Mac Mini is a powerhouse of a computer, it can also be vulnerable and prone to damage. Choosing one of the best Mac Mini cases -or- best Mac Mini skins to give your computer protection will go a long way toward ensuring that your investment runs free from accident or mishandling. I recommend any of the options in my list to give your beloved computer extra covering.

The best Mac mini case is all about what feels comfortable to you as a user and looks stylish. If a design takes up little desk space and can be easily tucked away, that makes it ideal. I also prefer a Mac mini case with integrated features like air flow, cable ports and key lock slots.

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