7 Best Minecraft Faction Servers right now

For a game that’s all about building and destruction, Minecraft can get pretty boring if you’re not interacting with other players. For those who want to connect with other gamers while they play, there are Minecraft faction servers. 

These servers are essentially communities of like-minded individuals who take on roles within the server, such as police officers, construction workers, military members, politicians, and more. 

Best Minecraft Faction Servers right now

The server will usually have its own rules, economy, and ways in which people interact with each other. There’s a lot of freedom to create your own experience within a faction server community. 

Some servers will force you to work together in order to survive; others will give you the freedom to do whatever you want; some are completely free for all with no rules or restrictions; and some require you to build up your reputation before you’re allowed to take on certain roles. Some even have political elections! 

Faction servers are great for players who get tired of playing alone or want something a little more structured than the typical Minecraft game.

As someone who’s played Minecraft for well over 3 years now, I’ve been on quite a few Minecrafter servers. Some of them have been free, some of them have been paid. I’ve played on both vanilla and modded servers, large and small. Over the years, I’ve found that there are two kinds of servers: those with strict rules, and those without.

I’ve played on servers where you can only build in certain places, where you need permission to build at all. Others have no rules at all. Instead, they focus on building friendly communities around them.

This article is designed to help you pick one for yourself—and find the most popular ones out there if you need some more options after that.

The appeal of Minecraft’s multiplayer mode is undeniable. The game is a phenomenon, and for good reason: it’s fun to build things and break things with your friends. The game’s survival mode pits players against each other in the early days of man, forcing them to scavenge for resources, build shelter from the elements, and avoid being killed by other players or monsters. In survival mode, the main goal is to live as long as possible, with an emphasis on finding food and water that isn’t contaminated.

The next step up from survival mode is a multiplayer environment that lets players work together toward common goals. There are many different kinds of servers out there; some are serious endeavors where you can earn points through various means and advance on a leaderboard system. Others focus more on socialization, with no real point system in place.

As a general rule, the pros of playing on any Minecraft server far outweigh the cons. You get to meet new people, form friendships with other gamers, and tackle challenges together while exploring a world that you won’t find in any single-player games. At the same time, it’s important to be aware of both server options and any safety considerations before jumping into multiplayer for the first time.

What is a faction server on Minecraft?

There’s nothing like the thrill of being part of a team and an organization to make Minecraft more exciting. In most versions of this game, you have to go stumbling into your multiplayer servers hoping to find other people with whom you can interact—or you have to join a pre-established server that might not be a good fit for your personality or playstyle. Either way, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get along with the people you meet.

A faction server is one in which players are divided into factions and must vie for control over various plots of land. The goal is to become the dominant force by defeating other teams and taking their land for yourself. Sometimes, this competition can be friendly and lighthearted; often, though, it’s cutthroat and brutal—and it’s never about money, politics, or anything other than who can kick whose butt.

Faction servers aren’t just about combat and competition, though—they’re also about community. You might find that the people you meet there are some of the best friends you’ve ever made online. If that happens, then it’ll be worth all the hours you spent building up your place in the world (and knocking down everyone else’s).

The multiplayer function of the game is what makes it so unique and engaging, but you can often get bored quickly after playing with the same people over and over again. 

A faction server allows you to start fresh and make friends all over again, in a new world that is different from everything you’ve seen before. These servers are extremely popular because they have great player retention. People come back to their favorite servers every day and play them for hours at a time, spending more time on the server than they do on their own individual worlds. Faction servers also appeal very strongly to competitive players; they’re always looking for new ways to improve themselves or show off their skills.

Faction servers are unique from other types of servers in the way that the only rule is survival. There is no set goal, no set purpose—just surviving as long as possible (or until someone destroys your base). There are a few different types of faction servers, though. Some have a specific set of rules, such as no use of TNT or hacking into other people’s bases, while others allow anything except for cheating. Each type of server has its own personality and community, so you’ll have to decide which ones you like best.

These are the best Minecraft Faction Servers

If you’ve been looking for the best Minecraft Faction Servers, you’ve come to the right place!

Here is a list of the 7 most popular Minecraft Faction Servers:

1. MassiveCraft Factions

  • Server URL: Massivecraft.com
MassiveCraft Factions

MassiveCraft Factions is a Minecraft server for players looking to get a more fun, well-rounded experience from their game. The server provides a wealth of tools and options for players to enjoy more of the elements they love. Whether you’re into building houses with friends, exploring the wilds of our large map, or fighting in our many different PvP arenas, we’ve got something for you. We have special events on the weekends that provide unique experiences depending on your preferences.

MassiveCraft has been around since 2011, and have survived a lot of changes—from Mojang’s frequent updates, to plugins, to Minecraft itself—and they’re still here!

MCF provides the opportunity to play in a wide variety of challenging environments and scenarios, including Creative Mode, Survival Mode, Hardcore Mode, and Prison. The server also provides a huge number of plugins that have made it possible to achieve a variety of other game types, including Parkour Mode, Minigames Mode, Mob Arena, Creative Plots, and more.

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While there are nearly limitless options when it comes to playing on the MCF server, we have a few suggestions for those who are new or inexperienced to Minecraft. 

If you’re looking to build amazing structures in Creative Mode or if you’re just interested in exploring the vast world around you in Survival Mode and seeing what cool things people have built, we suggest joining one of our many PlotMe servers. We have several locations that are pre-generated with thousands of blocks ready for you to use and explore. 

These servers are specifically set up to let players build whatever they can imagine while providing some basic resources like water and wheat so they don’t have to spend their time first gathering the materials they need before building.

Survival Worlds: Essa and Ithania are both creatively designed with lots of variety in the terrain. Essa has many elevation changes, volcanos, water biomes, and above & below ground pre-built ruins. Ithania has flat terrain and winding rivers.

Resource Worlds: MassiveCraft has two resource worlds available for building with the limited resources of each world: Rift and End.

Since its inception, MassiveCraft has been a community of players.  

The majority of MassiveCraft’s Survival Worlds are filled with PvE elements, making them perfect for those who want to build amazing structures without the need to worry about theft or griefing by other players. These worlds have a variety of biomes and landscapes that provide plenty of inspiration. You can find everything from pre-built ruins and lava caves in the ground to floating islands in the sky! And if you’re interested in seeing how a particular structure was built, check out our forums and search by world to see whether there is an accompanying build guide!

If building is more your thing than adventuring, then you’ll love the Resource Worlds. These worlds are completely flat and contain various blocks of every type available. And if you are just starting out, get free building rights on any resource world so you can get comfortable with resources before trying your hand at survival mode!

2. Purple Prison

  • Server URL: purpleprison.org
Purple Prison

Purple Prison is the first private Minecraft server I’ve ever played on, and it’s shaping up to be a great experience. This is a server where griefing is not allowed, so you can safely build elaborate structures without fear of them being destroyed overnight.

The fact that it’s a purple prison theme makes for some unique roleplay opportunities: for example, you can play a prisoner who has just been released from his cell, or you can play a guard who has been tasked with tracking down and catching the escaped prisoner (the latter would definitely make for an interesting game of cat-and-mouse). You could even play a member of the warden’s staff, or you could create your own role entirely. The possibilities are endless!

The Purple Prison server is full of great resources. You’ll be able to access all the same ores that you would normally find: gold ore, iron ore, coal ore, lapis lazuli ore, redstone ore, and diamond ore. Of course, these aren’t as easy to get as they would be in your average game of Minecraft—that’s why it’s called prison!

But don’t worry; if you’re crafty enough to find these rare materials, you’ll reap the rewards. Not only will you be able to sell them on the marketplace (which is on its own an incredible help to new players), but those very same rare materials will help you build some of the best gear in the game—the gear that will get you exploring even further than ever before!

3. Mana Cube

  • Server Url: play.manacube.com
Mana Cube Minecraft faction server

Mana Cube is a Minecraft faction server (similar to Clash of Clans) with a lot of exciting features. The server is run by the staff who have been working hard to make sure that the game is fun and fair for all players. Much of Mana Cube’s inspiration comes from popular mobile games, such as Clash of Clans.

Players can join one of the four factions in-game, and each faction has its own leader and goal. Factions can grow by raiding enemy bases, leveling up, completing quests and challenges, participating in races, or by playing mini-games in their faction headquarters. If you need any help finding your way around or want to talk with other players, you can ask on the forums. You can also hop onto the server and get started right away!

The best way to start off is by choosing a faction, which will allow you to make friends with others on your team. There are two types of factions: those that change every week, and those that don’t change at all (called “permanent teams”). The former are called “weekly factions” (such as Storm Riders), where members’ names will be changed every seven days. The latter are called “permanent factions” (such as Lunatics), where members’ names will stay the same for months or even for good.

4. OPBlocks

  • Java Address: play.opblocks.com
  • Bedrock Address: top.opblocks.com
OPBlocks Minecraft Server

If you’re looking for a new Minecraft factions server to join, then we recommend checking out OPBlocks. It’s a faction server that allows players to explore the world of Minecraft in their own ways, which means you can either play normally or get involved in the factions system.

OPBlocks is one of Minecraft’s most popular and frequently updated factions servers. The server is a very streamlined experience, so if you’re looking for something with a lot of extra bells and whistles, this might not be the best choice. But if you’re just trying to get in, get into a faction, and get out again without much trouble, this server feels like it’s tailor-made for you.

One of the biggest problems with Minecraft factions is that it can be hard to get into the game smoothly. If you want to play on a particular server, you have to figure out how to download plugins, how to connect to the server, and which mods to install. And even if you do know what you’re doing, it’s still a lot of work for just one server.

This is where OPBlocks comes in. This server has all the plugins you need and has a simple auto-installer that makes connecting easy. It also includes nifty little features like an in-game shop where you can buy items without having to leave the game, and a black market where you can get stuff without having to build it yourself.

5. Snapcraft

  • Server Address: snapcraft.net
Snapcraft Minecraft Server

One of the most exciting things about our server is that it is entirely based around factions. You can create a team for your friends or start one for yourself. Once you do that, you can claim land and defend it from other players or raid their homes if they are offline. It’s fun to win these battles because it gives you access to items that you could never get otherwise.

Another feature they added was the relationship system. On this server, you can easily find out how much another player likes you before even talking to them by looking at their relationship status in-game. There are plenty of options available for various relationships like “Friends,” “Strangers,” and even “Enemies.” This way there is no confusion when trying to communicate with others every day.

The thing about Minecraft is that it’s very addictive. It’s easy to get hooked on the thrill of building new structures and working to improve your world, your creations, and yourself—but sometimes, there’s a downside to this addiction. Once you’ve built a base and settled in, it can be hard to leave behind what you’ve created. So why not take your Minecraft game online?

With the Snapcraft Minecraft faction server, they wanted to create something new that would allow players who want an experience with more dimension than just building alone. They wanted to provide players with a way to build up their own factions with other players who share their vision and go on raids together against other factions within the same server.

6. Lemon Cloud

  • Server Address: play.lemoncloud.org
Lemon Cloud Minecraft faction Server

One of the most incredible things about Lemon Cloud is that it’s so unique. The server has a huge range of features, from kits to cosmetics to quests, and all of them are geared towards making the game even more exciting, especially for veterans who have played on other servers. One of its most unique features is being one of the few Minecraft servers out there with the majority of its resources dedicated to factions. You can tell that they’re listening to their fans since they make changes and add new content based on player suggestions.

Lemon Cloud is one of the few Minecraft servers that has a built-in competitive aspect. While most servers advertise themselves as just one big sandbox with tons of resources, Lemon Cloud is all about factions. You start off with nothing and work to get a chunk of land to call your own. Once you’re there, you can build a base to help you defend against other players who want your land for themselves, and you can even team up with other players to create an impenetrable fortress.

How does it work? There are two major ways you can enter the world of Lemon Cloud: through the factions or through towny (a plugin that allows players to connect together in their own towns). You can start a faction by finding a claim block (found beneath most biomes) and start building. From there, you can gather materials, build traps, and even start a farm.

Factions have weekly wars where five different factions go head-to-head until only one remains. While you’re in your faction’s war room, food slowly regenerates over time so you don’t need to constantly return home to keep your health up. Then the winning faction gets more prestige than usual—they get a massive boost in stats for a week or two after they win.

Factions aren’t all about warring; they’re also great places for roleplaying and getting to know your fellow players better.

In addition to being one of the few factions-focused servers out there, Lemon Cloud also has a strong community. The server is known for having a very positive environment and provides its players with great support from both staff and fellow players. You can be sure that you will never be left hanging with any problems you encounter on or off the game.

They have a minecraft forum for discussions about the game and rules as well as a discord server where we have announcements 24/7!

I highly encourage anyone interested in Minecraft’s multiplayer mode to come check out this faction community!

7. Cosmic PvP Faction

Cosmic PvP Faction

Cosmic PvP isn’t like other Minecraft faction servers. It’s built with a space-themed in mind and an alien-influenced environment. You start out with your own planet, which you can set up as your base of operations. 

If you’re looking for a new Minecraft faction server to try out, then check out Cosmic PvP. It’s got a cosmic theme and is unique in that not many faction servers are built around the idea of exploring other planets. The game takes place on a large world, and there’s an alien mob called the Kraak that isn’t available in vanilla Minecraft. Players start out on their own planet with an outpost, but they’ll have to construct a spaceship before they can journey to other planets to explore the universe. 

Admins can toggle portals between different planets so players can travel from one planet to another more easily. In addition to the unique setting, Cosmic PvP offers some standard features for faction servers: the ability for players to set homes, grief protection, and wilderness biomes where players can build freely without being attacked by other players or mobs unless they’ve been flagged as aggressive. If you’re interested in trying out Cosmic PvP, visit its website (cosmicpvp.com) and click on the login button at the top of the screen.

Even without the limitations of a traditional Minecraft map, Cosmic PvP is still pretty familiar for any fans of the game. It has most of the things you’d expect from a Minecraft faction server: factions, PvE and PvP combat, a voting system, ranks and more. It also has some unique features like alien mobs and biomes on planets.

The crafting system is pretty much what you’d expect from Minecraft—there are chests to store your goods and furnaces to smelt ore into ingots. But everything else is where it gets dicey. There are no animals to harvest meat from, because there aren’t any animals at all—only mobs that spawn naturally on each planet. The only way to get food is by planting seeds and growing crops. 

And there are biomes on the planets, which act just like normal biomes in vanilla Minecraft—they have their own sets of plants, animals, resources and weather conditions. Each planet has its own biome too, so you don’t have to worry about running out.

Start playing on these top most Minecraft factions

There are so many Minecraft Faction Servers out there, but only a few are really worth your time—and these are definitely worth your time.

Whether you’re a Minecrafter looking for a new server to call home, or you’re a server owner who wants to introduce new players to your community, you’re in the right place. I’ve done the legwork, and have compiled a list of the top Minecraft Faction Servers on the internet. The list is updated with reviews and information about each server.

Here are some of the things we consider when rating servers:

  • Play Style – Are you looking for an aggressive PVP style server, or something more like traditional factions?
  • Responsive Staff – Are they active on the forums? Do they respond promptly to messages? Do they ban/kick/mute people that break rules?
  • Server Stability – How often does this server go offline?
  • Customization – Are there lots of options for setting up ranks and other features? Does it allow for lots of customization options for kits?
  • Population – Are there lots of people online at all times? Do people come back every day? A lot of the time, if a server has low population it means that it’s going to be dead and boring.
  • Community – Is there a community on their website or IRC