How to Update Chrome on iPhone | Android | Windows | Mac

Want to check the Google Chrome version number in Windows? Then you’re probably wondering: how to check chrome version in windows 10, Android or Mac?

If you utilize Google Chrome as your default web browser, then it is important to check for newer versions. When you check for the current version of Google Chrome, you’ll also be able to update the browser if you have any updates available. This can make your life much easier instead of the whole process taking some time, which you don’t want to do in a rush.

How to Update Chrome on iPhone - Android - Windows - Mac

How to Update Chrome on iPhone – Android – Windows – Mac

The chrome version gives information on the chrome version you are using right now. It tells about your browser information, like operating system, display resolution, default language and up-to-date plugins.

It is very important to Update Mac OS and Update safari on Mac for bug fixes. Also check if it is safe to Upgrade to the latest version of Mac OS.

Chrome automatically updates every minor release, and major releases once a week. This means you will get the latest and greatest features of Chrome and have the most secure browser possible without installing any extensions.

Now on one hand this is great — this is what it should be doing. However, I also know that there are many who will say “I don’t have time to update my browser every week, why do I need to do this?” Well for most of us, we install extensions for one or two main reasons — either for security or for utility. Considering how much Chrome has evolved on the utility side in recent years and the improved performance it offers due to the V8 engine hard at work , Chrome has gone from a neutered pig to being a streamlined racehorse — all without having to touch any settings!

Google chrome Browser is an incredibly fast, easy to use and safe Web browser available across all platforms i.e. Windows, Mac and iPhone. It’s true that Google chrome has changed the face of web browsing, especially with version 63. But it can be hard to decide if you should use it or stick with the one you have now that Chrome is so universally loved by web users around the world.

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Find out which version of Google Chrome you have, and update it

Step 1: Open Chrome Browser 

Open chrome on Computer

Open chrome on Computer

Open Chrome Browser on your Windows or MacBook.

Step 2:  Top section

 click on three dots in chrome

Click on three dots in chrome

Click the three dots in the upper-right corner of the window  

Step 3: Go to Help

click on Help

Move down and click on “Help.”

Step 4: About

click on about chrome

Click on “About Google Chrome.”

Step 5: Check and Update Google Chrome version on Windows and Mac

 Check Google chrome version

The version of your Google Chrome browser will appear on the screen.

Here’s how you can update Chrome on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Open  App store

Open App Store on your iPhone or iPad.

Step 2:  Tap Profile

Tap Profile, on the top right side of your iOS device.

Step 3: Go to Updates

Scroll down and Go to “Available Updates,” and search for Chrome.

Step 4: About

If you see Chrome in the Updates list, tap Update to install.

Step 5: Check Google Chrome version on PC

You may have to enter iOS password. The updates will download and install.

Here’s how you can update Chrome on Android

Step 1

On your Android phone or tablet, open the Play Store app 

Step 2

At the top right, tap the profile icon.

Step 3

Tap Manage apps & device. Under “Updates available,” find Chrome

Step 4

Next to Chrome, tap Update.

Why to keep Chrome updated?

Google Chrome is the one of the supported browser we use for business. For this reason, I’ve always made it a habit to manually check for updates, just to make sure. Normally Chrome will automatically update itself.

However, I often find that I need to do it manually since my PC isn’t connected all the time. Or sometimes if Google Chrome isn’t properly closed out before shutting down your PC, it doesn’t get updated right away (it’s my fault not Google’s). So there are several reasons why you need to keep Google Chrome updated.

While having up to date software is important, there are definitely some trade-offs. For example you may experience compatibility issues with older versions of plug-ins and extensions. If something works fine and meets your needs now, it might be best to stick with what you have until the next time you need to upgrade — like a new release of an operating system or a specific plug-in becomes available that you can’t live without. Additionally, your version of Chrome uses less memory as it improves over time while managing websites and powering the visual content on them.

Why do we keep Chrome updated? If you’re keeping up with the latest security news, then you probably know that a new vulnerability is found every couple of days for Chrome alone. This is because it’s been around for so long (nearly 10 years) and has a huge user base. All of these factors make it an attractive target for hackers who want to exploit these vulnerabilities. By keeping Chrome updated, we stay one step ahead of anyone who might be trying to attack us by preventing their attacks from working.

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