Diablo III Review

Diablo III is a fantastic game that the entire family can enjoy together. It has the same addictive kill-loot-repeat gameplay of previous titles, but with a few changes that make it more approachable and fun for new players. The story is engaging, and the art direction is stunning.

There are some technical issues that might frustrate gamers who have been waiting twelve years to get their hands on this game, but they’re not so bad that you should avoid playing it. The visuals are crisp, the soundtrack is beautiful, and the gameplay is both familiar enough to be comfortable for veteran Diablo players and fresh enough to be interesting for those who are new to the franchise.

Diablo III Review

If you like loot-gathering games and don’t mind dealing with some minor bugs, then Diablo III will be a blast for you. Even if you’re not a fan of loot-gathering games or fantasy settings in general, there’s something here that you’ll really enjoy if you play it with the right friends.

The newest addition to the Diablo franchise, Diablo III is one of the most highly anticipated games in recent years. It’s been 12 years since the release of Diablo II, and the long wait has paid off; this third installment is sure to please longtime fans with its rich lore and addictive gameplay.

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The setup for Diablo III remains similar to that of its predecessors: it’s a fantasy RPG in which players take control of characters who combat monsters and find loot, gaining experience points along the way. It’s an action-RPG, meaning that combat is real-time and on a 2D plane rather than turn-based as in some other RPGs. This game differs from its predecessors by making combat more fluid, offering players a variety of playable classes with various skill sets to choose from, and including online play.

One big change from Diablo II is how the game is set up: two characters can be active at once—one controlled by you, and one by your ally or another player online—each with his or her own skills and quests. Players have plenty of ways to improve their characters through gear found in drops or crafted by blacksmiths, and they can further customize their builds through gems socketed into armor and weapons.

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Diablo III is a great game and does not disappoint fans of the series. It plays smoothly and the graphics are fantastic, but there are some nagging issues throughout the game. First, it is important to note that this game is only fun for a few hours. After that, you will have seen most of what Diablo III has to offer. 

There are many side-quests in the game that can be completed indefinitely, but the campaign is not very long and there isn’t much replay value. The story is also best left forgotten; it’s a very uninteresting tale with boring characters (even though I do love Deckard Cain). There are a lot of features that were added to encourage trading with other players, but I didn’t bother with any of those and had little trouble getting all the loot I wanted on my own.

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The leveling system takes a while to get used to. It’s not like most RPGs where you level up and your stats go up automatically. In Diablo III, you choose which stats you want to level up yourself every couple of levels. This is a bit tedious and confusing at first, but once you get used to it you’ll start to enjoy customizing your character’s stats for different situations.

In Diablo II, you create a character of one of five classes that represent the different archetypes of characters in a fantasy RPG (e.g., warriors and wizards). You then journey through a world full of monsters, collecting gear and experience points. As you collect more experience, your character levels up and can use skill points to improve his or her abilities. 

You’ll fight through dungeons until you reach the final boss, and when you defeat him, you’ll get a bigger sword and go on to the next dungeon in search of more powerful loot.

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The story is pretty much irrelevant—it’s not even told in much detail between games—but it does provide an excuse for why you end up fighting hordes of demons in every dungeon and town you visit. In Diablo III, your quest is to stop the destruction of the world by demons by finding someone called “The Nephalem.”

When you log on, there are always aspects of the game that you can be working on: say, the next item you’ll want to buy or the next ability that will make your character more powerful. 

The game is full of these kinds of micro-quests and decisions, which keep you invested in the moment-to-moment gameplay and keep you hooked for hours at a time. And because it’s online-only, the temptations never stop—you can log on any time and get a few minutes of play out of it, which makes it almost impossible to not have Diablo III in your life on a regular basis.

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In keeping with the series’ history of 5 classes (and an extra unlockable class), Diablo III gives us six choices this time around: Barbarian, Demon Hunter, Monk, Wizard, Witch Doctor and Necromancer. Each plays very differently from the next, and each yields significant changes in how your character will progress through levels.

The Barbarian is your typical melee fighter with a focus on weapons upgrades; the monk is a fast-attacking hand-to-hand expert who can channel his inner chi to heal himself; and the demon hunter is a ranged fighter who takes advantage of traps to attack from afar. Meanwhile the Wizard, Witch Doctor and Necromancer are all spell casters who focus on upgrading their spells as they level up.

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As with most Blizzard games, it’s hard to go wrong with Diablo III. The game takes all of the best parts of its predecessors, mixes in some great new ideas and graphics, and does away with everything that wasn’t quite as fun. 

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My favorite part of the game was definitely the monsters; they’re a lot more interactive than before, and there’s a lot more variety on screen during battle. The story is also really cool (if you can ignore the various anachronisms), and I don’t think I’ve played a game where I’ve been so invested in my character’s motivations.

In its entirety, Diablo III is a fantastic game that will keep you occupied for hours upon hours. It’s got plenty of replayability, and there’s always something new to do around the corner. There are plenty of challenges to complete, tons of gear to upgrade, and many different ways to play through the game. Whether you’re a veteran or new to the series, Diablo III is sure to please.

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