Top 5 Escape From Tarkov Rookie Mistakes and Tips

Escape from Tarkov is quite a complicated game that has got a lot of depth to it. The game might appear to be a simple and straightforward one in the beginning. However, it can get quite intimidating as you start playing the game. We also tend to make a lot of mistakes that can put our life in unnecessary danger.

Top 5 Escape From Tarkov Rookie Mistakes and Tips

So, here we have come up with a few Escape from Tarkov Rookie mistakes and tips that you should always keep in mind while you are at your game.

1. Follow the map carefully: 

One of the biggest mistakes that people make while playing Escape from Tarkov is that they do not pay close attention to the map. However, the map is the most useful feature of the game and it will help you to have a watch on everything that is happening in the game. You can use the map to find extraction points for yourself.

So, in case you have a second monitor, laptop, or tablet, you can keep the map displayed on the screen for better reference.

Even opening the map on your phone can be a good idea. Going through the map while playing your game is going to help you to uncover a lot of opportunities and you will be able to really be successful in your game.

You can also use Escape From Tarkov Hacks with Aimbot to stay ahead of your enemies.

2. Do not loot your enemies immediately after defeating them: 

You might be really tempted to loot the corpse of a dead enemy but this can get you killed really easily.

As a result, this is an aspect that you should attempt to avoid doing when playing your game. Always try to be alert for any unusual noises.

You should also remain completely quiet while playing your game. Otherwise, the enemies will easily become aware of your position. Leave the corpse for a while and check whether any enemy is around. If you do not find any one in the next few minutes, you should loot the downed enemy.

3. Do not open fire every now and then: 

What most shooters do is that as soon as they spot an enemy, they start to open fire. In Escape from Tarkov, shooting at an enemy can be a very big mistake especially if they are not alone and are surrounded by their friends.

You should only shoot at your enemies if you find that no one is around and you are guaranteed to kill them. It is quite possible that there are other enemies in that particular region and they will come to investigate as soon as they hear the noise.

So instead of open firing, you should find the right opportunity and then take over your enemy.

4. Learn to be really calm and patient: 

There are a lot of beginners who become really impatient while they are playing their game. They are always eager to run down the enemies as soon as possible.

However, in Escape from Tarkov, your objective should be a little different. Your main goal is to get to the extraction point through the best route that you can find for yourself. You will also have to reach the extraction zone in time.

So, try to be patient and let the enemies reach the extraction zone fast and fight it out. You would definitely not want to get yourself trapped between two enemy squads. So, look for your opportune moment and only then try to reach the extraction point.

5. Try to listen very minutely: 

Sometimes, we get so engrossed in the game that we forget to listen really carefully. This can give us a major setback in the game. You should try to further enhance your listening skills while you are in the game. This is going to keep you well ahead of your enemies.

You can make use of advanced gaming equipment and headphones so that you can hear everything.

This is going to keep you well concealed at all times. You can then take the immediate steps and get break at them who might otherwise be lurking around trying to cause harm to you.

Some thoughts to end with:

So, these are the top 5 Escape From Tarkov Rookie mistakes and tips that you must always be aware of while you are in the game. For details on more such tips and tricks, you may come and visit us frequently at our website.

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