How to Improve your Golf Swing

How you improve your golf swing is entirely dependent on the correct process of fundamentals. If you watch an exciting and free-flowing pro golfer doing a golf swing, it’s an eye candy. But the average golfer can’t analyze the various elements that has made that pro golfer successful.

So, if you are an average golfer and takes this as a motivation to practice hard to enjoy playing well like that pro, you need to realise one thing: there is a difference between swinging and playing golf.

Improve Golf Swing
How to Improve your Golf Swing?

Are you looking for a good way to improve your golf swing?

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Improving your golf swing is a matter of adapting your form to fit different ball positions around the green. If you want to improve your short game, you’ll need to master golf’s unique art of ball position. After taking a look at the components of a great golf swing and the basics of ball position on approach shots, I’ll cover the drills that will help make all the difference.

When it comes to adjusting your golf swing, know that there are numerous tips and tricks at your disposal from the golfers around you and from the professionals on the golf course. Keep two hands on the club, keep your eye on the ball, keep your head down, these are all tips that you have probably been told at some point and they will help you play better golf. But no golf tip should be followed blindly. You need to take these tips and apply them to your game, but at an appropriate time. 

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Some of these tips are useful and helpful. Others, however, might not be relevant. But no matter which kind of golf tip you’re getting, the proper response is “thank you” each time a tip is given. After all, it’s a friendly sport and we are all there to enjoy ourselves and to improve our games!

From new golfers, to old veterans of the sport, many golfers are willing to impart their knowledge and expertise. However, there is one problem with this approach; it is difficult to determine which information can be trusted. To help you avoid being confused, we have compiled a list of the top five tips that will improve your golf game.

Take this list along with you and share some of these tips with your friends or fellow golfing buddies and see how much better your game becomes.

1 Time and Patience is the key

You need to take your time on the golf swing. This is something a lot of people figure out the hard way, so while you are practicing, be sure not to try and rush things. Using a slow motion camera can help you determine how quickly you should be moving and at what point your club should be accelerating.

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Ideally, you want the club to travel at a smooth and constant speed while heading in a straight line. But the only way to ensure this is if you take your time through the golf swing. It is easy to rush things, simply because your main priority is hitting the ball with as much force possible, rather than being worried about everything else. But if you focus on using a slower swing which will allow speed to build gradually, then you are allowing yourself more of a chance of making a clean hit with each blow.

2 Look for a target

When you are looking to improve your golf game, one of the very best things that you can do is to pick out a specific target for each and every shot that you hit.

Any number of things can go wrong, whether they are technical issues or ones having to do with the mental side of things. The biggest problem that we all face when we play golf is that we allow doubt to creep in. Doubt affects our shot selection and even our ability to stick with the process throughout the course of a complete round.

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Picking out a specific target for your golf shots will help you to stay committed to your swing and commit the full power of your body behind the ball. Keep in mind that your grip is also very important when you are trying to figure out control of distance on a shot, so be sure that you have this area of your game down as well.

Veteran golfers will tell you that the best way to get better is to find a specific target to aim for when hitting virtually any type of shot. Even though most golfers do a good job of finding a target for an approach shot, the same cannot be said for drives.

When golfers try to hit a drive, they often just aim at the fairway in general. That isn’t good enough, according to professional golfing experts. Rather than aiming for the fairway in general, you should pick out a specific target to aim for when you take your stance and pick up your driver from your bag.

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3 Watch Golf Swing takeaway

Quiet hands in the takeaway is a concept that was initially developed by long-time PGA instructor Bob Toski. Toski’s idea has stood the test of time for a reason: it works.

On a basic level, quiet hands refers to keeping one’s hands out of the way during the takeaway and backswing phases, so that the shoulders do all of the work behind the ball, instead of allowing excess hand usage to cause you to move off-plane before you even reach the top of your backswing.

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Quiet hands in the takeaway is often considered a mechanical flaw for professionals, and it’s not uncommon to hear instructors telling their students to work on it. That’s because keeping the hands quiet during this step often entails a degree of tension, control and strength that can take weeks or even months of hard practice to master. But once you have found success with quiet hands there will be a noticeable difference in your game, both at the range and on the course.

4 Work on your Grip

Everyone has a natural way of holding onto the golf club already, so it can be hard to provide advice that covers every golfer. With a variety of different grips used in the game, many of them are capable of producing quality golf. Relaxing your grip though is something that can be applied across the board and help every golfer.

The greatest professional golfers in the world have one thing in common: a great golf swing that produces consistent club head speed and clean strikes.

The key method which every top golfer uses to produce club head speed is by using a loose grip. Throughout the duration of their swing, these professionals experience minimal interference from their hands and tend to mindfully (and effortlessly) cooperate with their body’s movements. This type of grip allows for maximum flexibility and range of movement along with optimal timing and positions.

5 Refine your golf stance

Poor set-up, commonly caused by a poor golf stance, are often the cause of inconsistent contact with the golf ball.  A great golf stance should place your body in an athletic and balanced position. From here, you’ll freely rotate, maintain your balance and hit the middle of the golf club face more often.

A good golf stance allows you to balance your weight evenly, while your body protects the club – allowing you to hit the middle of the club face a little more often.

If you are struggling to strike the middle of the golf club, it might be caused by your poor set-up. A good golf stance allows complete freedom of rotation throughout your golf swing, so that you remain balanced at all times. The first step in creating a good stance is to stand facing the target with your feet shoulder width apart and approximately 6 inches from the middle of your ball. Now place the ball in line with your spine and through the middle of both feet.

Awareness of your elbow placement will help, but it’s not the end-all solution. It is merely another tool at your disposal as you work on changing your swing so you can hit more golf shots correctly. Ideally, you will strive to make a total change to your swing, where the elbow comes back correctly and stays there through the impact zone. This will cause your hands to be in line with the clubface throughout the entirety of your swing, instead of the power flowing only during a small portion of your follow-through.

Working on your golf swing every day is a steady way to improve and help better your game. It doesn’t take any expensive equipment, only some room for you to practice in. The key to improving your game is practicing the correct motions over and over again with guidance from a professional or reliable source.

As with any sport, patience is important to wait for the right opportunity since you are only allowed one swing. Practice at home will put you on the right track to mastering your golf swing and becoming a professional golfer.

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