iPhone Home Button on Screen: Assistive Touch on iPhone 11, 12, X, 8 and iPad

Want to use iPhone home button on new iPhone 11, iPhone 12, iPhone SE? You can use the assistive touch home button feature on iOS for restarting iPhone and other finger gestures.

The Assistive Touch button or Home button on iPhone has always been on iOS, even before Apple retired the Home button when the iPhone X Was released. The Home button on older iPhone’s is easily recognizable and has a large significance, since the first iPhone put a huge emphasis on Home button ease of usage.

But newer iPhone’s; iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone XR, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, and iPhone SE don’t have an in-built Home Button. 

iPhone Home Button on Screen Assistive Touch on iPhone 11, 12, X, 8 and iPad

Home button or Assistive Touch on iPhone comes in hand if the screen of your iPhone is wet and is not working properly. Then you can use the Home button to navigate between the apps and settings.

You can also use AssistiveTouch or home button on screen to control the volume, lock the screen and can even restart the iPhone using this feature. 

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Put Home Button on Screen: Turn on AssistiveTouch on iPhone

When you first enable AssistiveTouch on your iPhone, you will see a White Home button appear on Screen. You can adjust the location of the Home or AssistiveTouch button by dragging and dropping to anywhere on the screen.

You can also push it into any corner so that your screen view is not obstructed. 

Enable AssistiveTouch button >

Open settings for assistive touch home button

Open Settings , Goto Accessibility and then Select Touch and turn on AssistiveTouch.

go to accessibility settings in Home Button
  • Go to Settings > Accessibility > Accessibility Shortcut and turn on AssistiveTouch. 
Turn on AssistiveTouch and put home button iphone screen

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Put Home Button on Screen: Enable AssistiveTouch Using Siri

You can Use “Turn on AssistiveTouch.”  after turning on Siri.

This command will enable the AssistiveTouch feature and the Home button will instantly appear on Screen.

This is the easiest way to put Home Button on iPhone Screen.

Use Home Button on iPhone Screen: AssistiveTouch With gestures

Assistivetouch home button gestures and features

Assistive touch works very well with screen gestures. You can manage notification center, Spotlight, Control center using on-screen Home Button with ease. 

If you want to lock an iPhone, you can go under Device and then use the lock screen option to lock the iPhone using AssistiveTouch.

Under Device menu of AssistiveTouch you can adjust the volume, Siri commands, restart and other features can also be handled by AssistiveTouch gestures

Turn on AssistiveTouch home button on iPhone SE, iPhone 8, iPhone 7, ipHone 6

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