Types Of cloud computing? Virtualization and security risks of cloud computing

Cloud computing is a modern term for those who are not familiar with earlier storage devices. First coined by Compaq, though not for commercial use. But, certainly this new type of, sort of, Storage infrastructure, later on provided software deployments and management strategies for tech giants like Google and Microsoft. 

Both Google and Microsoft jumped on this so-called Cloud wagon with arms in arms to push the usage of cloud services and make this virtual cloud service a standard infrastructure for any computer based technology that uses data science for their business.  

history of cloud computing

Both these tech giants wanted to control the market share of this new and modern technology that was seen as a big push towards making the internet more widely acceptable, fast and profitable. 

Some of you might know that the first Cloud computing services were actually provided by Salesforce. In 1999, Salesforce became the first company that started providing software deployment on the virtual network and after that the industry grew rapidly. 

After the commercial success and the arrival of cloud computing the dependence of non-tech guys on programmers shaded away, due to the fact that the Cloud offered services with the UX designs, which were not previously available for outsiders. 

Types Of cloud computing and origin

But the golden era of cloud computing adoption started after 2006. In 2006, Amazon launched its first Cloud computing service, called as Amazon Web Services launched Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2).

AWS offered services like: Virtual servers and to create, develop and run software applications. Since that many companies have launched their cloud services. Apple has iCloud, google has “Google Cloud”, Mcrosoft released Azure Cloud and IBM also came up with their cloud service

Different businesses use Cloud service on the basis of what they require? And how they want to use the cloud computing services. Cloud Computing is a broad term and can be hosted at different environments with various different deployment models; it is imperative to understand the basic working and main types of deployment environments in cloud computing. 

Below we explore the different types of cloud computing, these are the three widely used Cloud computing deployment models with their Cloud services.

Types Of cloud computing

Cloud Deployment Models

It is up to the businesses to choose from any of these deployment models according to their business needs. They can run applications on public, private or hybrid clouds for their specific requirements.

Public Cloud

The Public Cloud Model is one of the most used deployment models in the industry. It is generally outsourced by a Cloud provider. It is also the cheapest and is generally used by small to midsize businesses. It is not a centralized service and does not provide services tailored exactly to your business needs but works great for all of your computing needs. 

If you need a Cloud service at a budget price with quick deployment then this is the best for you. Most of the small businesses go with this model.


  • Cost effective.
  • Available with-in minutes
  • Easily scalable
  • Ease of usage


  • Not for big businesses.
  • Not secure for Financial or other secure businesses; banking and more

Private Cloud

The private cloud infrastructure is tailor made for a single business. It is more secure and has a controlled environment that can directly provide resources to that single business. These cloud services cost much higher but are very reliable and more secure than your standard cloud servers. 

For larger businesses, the Private Cloud hosting is highly recommended, as you can customize the Cloud environment according to your need and can also add certain networking or other hardware components which could not be feasible with Public Clouds.


  • More Secure than Public cloud
  • Reliable and easily customizable
  • Faster and native environment


  • Expensive
  •  A team of developers is needed.

Hybrid Cloud

It is the combination of both the environments. Companies which are in retail mostly use this model. It is expensive and Hybrid Cloud computing is mostly used by big companies due to its costs and availibility.

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