6 Best timetable planner apps

Best timetable planner apps

Timetable Planners keep track of your schedule and helps you manage your time better. It’s especially handy for college students who are juggling classes and part-time jobs, but it can help anyone be more productive.  These apps include a to-do list, a calendar, and a daily planner, so you can start the day with an … Read more

Setapp – The all-in-one Mac app subscription service that saves you money and helps you get things done.

Setapp - the ultimate solution for bundles, apps and plugins management on Mac

If you’ve ever wondered how the many productivity champions and multitaskers out there are able to stay so effective and efficient, the truth is that they have a secret weapon: apps. Because let’s face it—the only way to get through your daily tasks, from organizing your finances to managing your time, is with a little … Read more

Fantastical Calendar app Review

Fantastical Calendar app Review

We’re all familiar with the daily task of checking the calendar for appointments, but this task is only getting more stressful as we add more calendars to our lives. On top of work and home computers and phones, there are calendars for the weather, for TV prognosis, for online shopping deals—and that’s just the tip … Read more