What You Need To Know Before Starting CS:GO eSports

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is a video game in the first-person Shooter (FPS) category that was released in 2012 with various game modes, whether made by Valve or community CS:GO eSports

When it comes to eSports, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) is certainly one of the more popular games out there. Whether you’re a player looking to take your game to the next level or a brand looking to capitalize on a new industry, getting started with CS:GO can be daunting.

Here’s a look at what you need to know if you want to get involved with CS:GO and eSports in general. This article aims to help you get acquainted with what CS:GO is.

Game Basic Information

The first thing we need to do is look at our key bindings or keyboard settings.  Make sure the keys on our keyboard will match the commands we want to give and we also have to memorize the location of the important keys on the keyboard along with what the commands on the keys contain.

What You Need To Know Before Starting CS GO eSports

After that, start looking for a server, look for a game option on the Counter-Strike front page then choose an available game mode, such as deathmatch.

After entering the game, press the default shortcut button ‘B’ to buy a weapon.  Try every kind of weapon.  It’s also important to know how to spray by keeping your left mouse clicked, usually for each team’s main rifle, such as the AK-47 for the terrorists and the M4A4 for the counterterrorists.

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In the death-match game mode we will practice and learn how to respond when shot and also practice our shooting accuracy skills.

After playing enough deathmatch until you feel comfortable shooting, moving and doing other basic things, we can now move on to casual mode.  In this mode you will learn how to set or deactivate a bomb, how money works in the game, and most importantly strategy!

How To Win The Game?

After playing a few matches and collecting experience to level up, then we can play competitive mode when we reach level 3. Many players play this mode after reaching level 3.

The competitive mode is a 5 versus 5 game that fights for the maximum number of wins from 30 rounds.  The missions to win the game are as follows:

For Terrorists:

  • Kill everyone on the counterterrorist team before time ends, or
  • Installed a bomb and successfully detonated it.

For Counter Terrorists:

  • Successfully defused the bomb planted by the terrorist team, regardless of how many terrorists are still alive, or
  • Kill everyone on the terrorist team before they set the bomb, or
  • Procrastinate the game by spending time in a game round before the terrorist team sets a bomb or kills all members of the counterterrorist team.

What Are Maps?

CS:GO has many variants of game maps and it is highly recommended to try all the maps available and learn to navigate the important areas in each of them.  In the midst of the many existing maps, there are 3 main maps that must be mastered before starting to play competitive mode.

Dust 2: The most played map. There are many reasons why this map is often played, one of which is because this map has an almost perfect level of balance between teams.  This map also offers a wide variety of strategy combinations, such as encouraging terrorists and counterterrorists to immediately take positions after spawning.  This map is very common!

Mirage: Map that is famous for having many similarities with Dust 2, but has a level of popularity that differs greatly from Dust 2. This is the second most famous map.  This map needs to be studied especially for new players.

Nuke: Map which has many shortcomings but is also often played because it has many differences with Dust 2 and Mirage.  This map has a lot of potential if mastered, although this map also tends to benefit the counterterrorist stronghold.

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Play Strategy

CS:GO eSports playing strategies are very diverse, depending on the level of ability and also the coordination of each team member who can create a strategy as simple as possible to as complex as possible. 

The strategies that are drawn up can be like running or ‘rush’ when the game is just starting to secure certain areas on the map and its surroundings to distract and lure enemies. 

Experience and playing skills will increase by itself as we play.  Gradually you will be able to recognize the terrain and choose a strategy that suits various situations and conditions.

You also need to get used to not being too spread out when looking for enemies.  Get used to looking for enemies in groups.  Avoid fighting enemies one by one, because it’s much easier to fight 1 person than to fight 3 people at once.

If you’re in a defensive position, form a formation that provokes the enemy team to move into the open to shoot our team, and vice versa, don’t hang around in the open which can be a target for firing in various directions.

One of the good formations for defending as a counterterrorist (CT) is hiding in walls that can protect the body from one side or in objects that can protect part of our bodies (small boxes that are lower than the body’s chest).  As for positioning, try to have fellow team members facing each other so they can anticipate enemies coming from behind.

In the game, there are several strategies which are generally just variants of the existing strategies: Rush B, Split-Rush A, Work A Slow, Work B Slow.  The letters “A” or “B” indicate the location of the objectives of the strategy to be carried out;  Rush has the meaning to immediately move to the location;  Split signals to split up.

While work slow means to walk slowly so that the enemy can first secure an area as long as our team moves carefully to the location of the bomb.

Game Economy System

In a competitive match, the difference between winning and losing can be seen from the economic condition of the team during the game. 

The important thing that we must understand about the economy in CS:GO competitive matches is that the money used is not money belonging to individual players, but money belonging to the team as a whole.  If a team member doesn’t have enough money to buy a rifle while we have more than $8000, then it’s our job to buy him a rifle.

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