6 Reasons Why iPhone is Better than Android

In recent years, the smartphone market has been dominated by two competitors: the iPhone and Android. Although many people have claimed that android phones are better than iPhones, this article will try to prove otherwise. This article mainly focuses on 6 different aspects as to why iPhones might be better than android phones.

Our research is based on public opinion. Hence, we claim it is not biased at all. We are going to compare these two smartphones on the basis of performance, updates, security, and more.

Why iPhone is Better than Android

Here’s Why iPhone is better than Android

1. Mind-blowing Performance

iPhones tend to perform better than android phones when taking into account speed and lag. There are several reasons for this: First of all, in contrast to Android, Apple only produces 1 new series of iPhone models every year.

Android on the other hand has many different models that come out almost every month with a range of specs and prices that confuse customers. This is because Android phones are produced by a variety of manufacturers.

Apple also tends to have higher memory management than Android, which results in neither the phone nor applications being slowed down by other apps that are currently running.

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Whereas it does not manage memory as effectively, resulting in lags and slowdowns when multiple apps run at the same time. In addition, android phones tend to come with lower memory.

In general, iPhones run faster and more efficiently than Android phones. This is mainly because Apple has full control over their hardware and software, unlike Android must share these components between an abundance of phone models.

2. Five years of Excellent software updates

Apple also offers free updates for the iPhones operating system (iOS) whereas many android phones do not get updates for more than 2 years.

Google is to blame for this because they only release android updates when they are ready for it, whereas Apple releases updates in time to fix bugs and security flaws that may be present in the phone’s current version of iOS.

However, Android often receives new features much before Apple does which is a plus for Android. Because of this, many people are tempted to switch from iPhone to Android phones because they can have the newest features faster.

3. Better battery management

One advantage that iPhones have over android phones is that their battery lasts much longer. This is because Apple releases one phone model, which has the longest-lasting battery in comparison to other android phones in its price range.

Moreover, iOS also helps you to conserve power when your phone’s battery level gets low by switching off power-intensive features such as 3D animations.

This is a great feature for those who use their phones a lot and may not have access to electrical outlets for long periods of time. In addition, iPhones tend to have faster-charging rates, which is another plus point since android phones often take hours before they can charge fully. But if you keep running out of battery, get a hold of a magsafe and a magsafe wallet, and carry a power bank with you.

4. Top Notch Security

iPhones are known to be much more secure than android phones because Apple keeps track of everything that is being released into their apps store, which means that there aren’t any malicious apps that can be released into the iPhone.

On the other hand, Android has no control over what apps developers release into their app store, and this results in several security issues such as viruses and malware. In addition, iPhones tend to have fewer hardware faults than android phones.

5. Siri, your personal assistant

Siri is an application for Apple devices that acts as your personal assistant who can do many things for you, including setting alarms, looking up information on the internet and so much more.

Siri learns from your habits over time, resulting in it getting better at what it does. It is also capable of understanding context, meaning that if you ask 5 different questions about something that happened during the day, Siri will know what you are referring to.

Siri can also do many other things for you. For example, it can tell you if your favorite team won their game last night, if it rained today, etc. It is capable of doing all these tasks because it accesses Apple’s servers which contain big data that allows Siri to process information and give you an accurate result.

Siri is also very helpful in emergencies because it can call your dad or the hospital, for example. Nowadays, Siri has been improved to such a point where it can be used even while driving, making iPhones much safer than android phones.

6. Plenty of “Safe to use” Apps 

Apple’s app store has more apps available than the Google play store. Apps for iPhones are also known to be better because they have been verified by Apple before being allowed into their app store. However, Android’s app store is catching up to this and nowadays contains a similar number of apps as the iOS app store does.

Bottom Line

There are many more reasons as to why iPhones are better than android phones, but these 5 reasons should be enough to convince you.

Many people use their smartphones for business purposes (ex: salespeople), and the iPhone is known to make this process much easier because of its security features, speed, and reliability.

Another reason why iPhones are better than Android is because of the customer support they receive from Apple, which is excellent.

And with that being said, our comparison ends here. We hope Android users won’t get offended.

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