Apple AirTags: Features and Uses – Are they Secure?

Airtags are great addition to Apple Inventory

You can buy $29 for one or $99 for a four-pack

Un-matchable Connectivity across Apple Ecosystem. if you are an iPhone User and connected to Apple Eco-system then this is a must have gadget for you.

Tag Track Find

AirTag. offers you with a very swift and simple way of Keeping track of your keys, wallet, luggage, backpack, and more. It is super easy to use.  

Just open the Find My app, and start tracking your accessories.

Apple Airtag Precision Finding works with iPhone 11 iPhone 12 pro and more

Some features of AirTag

If you have lost something, You can Ping your AirTag either by using Siri command “find my bag, wallet or something else” or you can open Find My app to locate AirTag.

It is super easy to use. Stick it with your keys or place it in your backpack. An with just a single tap Ping the AirTag to locate lost items.

AirTag comes with a built-in speaker, so that when you ping it using Siri or Find My app application, it can play a sound, which makes it easier to get found.

Using Ultra Wideband technology (with newer iPhones) and Bluetooth technology (with older iOS devices), it gives you the direction to the lost AirTag. Note: Older iPhones just show the distance not the direction.

If you have left your AirTag somewhere you don’t remember then you don’t have to worry, the Find My network feature let’s you find the AirTag by using millions of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices around the world.

The whole process of sending location data to other iPhone devices is anonymous and encrypted. You have don’t have to worry about privacy and device security.

Track Down AirTag Using Precision tracking

Precision Finding is compatible with: iPhone 11 onwards

If you have a latest iPhone then you can use the precision tracking feature of Airtag which is much more accurate. Precision finding will direct you to the exact location of your Airtag.

Thanks to Highly accurate Ultra Wideband technology
You will see the direction and the distance between your Airtag and iPhone. Get this offer today

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