Does Find my iPhone work when phone is dead

Does Find my iPhone work when phone is dead? Find My iPhone doesn’t work if your phone is dead, but it does keep track of its last location.

It’s a topic that comes up every now and then – “Does Find my iPhone work when I turn off location service”. Maybe you saw a news article about someone who’s phone was stolen and the thief was traced thanks to it. Then you went and turned this feature on, but was not sure whether it actually works or not. You are also probably wondering if Find my iPhone app really works? Does it trace your iphone on a map and pinpoint its exact location?

Does Find my iPhone work when phone is dead

Find my iPhone is part of iCloud, which includes services that coordinate with your Apple devices. It currently works on iPhone 4 and later, iPad 2 and later, iPad mini, iPod touch (fourth generation), and Mac (2012 or later). You can use Find My iPhone to locate your device on a map, remotely lock it, play a sound on it, erase it, or show someone else your location. Recent updates have added the ability to disable your SIM card remotely and send messages on the Lock screen. Find my iPhone uses GPS and cellular network location to find your device. If these aren’t available, your approximate location

Find my iPhone works even if your device is in sleep mode, offline, unplugged, or out of battery – as long as your device is on and connected to the Internet. When you locate missing devices on a map using Find my iPhone, you can remotely connect to the device and send a message through Apple Push Notification Service to display a notification on the screen. You can also remotely trigger a sound to help find lost devices that have ringers turned off.

Find My iPhone is integrated with Apple Watch, so any device linked to your iCloud account can locate your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, so you can find your device—even if it’s offline.

Does find my iPhone work when phone is dead

Can you find iPhone if dead? The simple answer is, no. It doesn’t work when iPhone is turned off or not connected to Mobile data or Wi-Fi network. You will not be able to get the live location of your dead iPhone but still can get the old location using the iCloud location services.

Since Find My iPhone works with iCloud, and the device itself has power it needs to be on and connected to an active Wi-Fi or a cellular network. If it’s dead then it cannot communicate with Apple servers which means it won’t show up on Find My iPhone

How to find a lost iPhone ipad that is turned off?

Find My iPhone won’t work when your battery is dead, but it would let you track the phone on a map if it’s nearby. Once your battery dies and the phone shuts down, the location service will stop working.

If your iPhone is turned off or not connected to Wi‑Fi or a mobile network, Find My iPhone won’t be able to locate it unless you’ve enabled the feature beforehand and it was already recording its location.

If you locate your lost iPhone on a map, iCloud shows the location last known to your device, so it could be old. But you can tap on the location for more information, such as how long ago it was there or how fast it was moving. You can also play a sound, make it ring loudly through the device’s built-in speaker or turn on Lost Mode to display a phone number for someone else to call.”

Last known location of dead iPhone or turned off iPhone

If your iPhone is missing and you think it may be turned off or without power, you can still use Find My iPhone to see its last known location. When using this feature, an approximate location will be shown on a map which can help you determine where the device may be.

Last known location of dead iPhone or turned off iPhone

Find My iPhone only works when your device has power. If it’s dead, you’ll need to charge it before using Find My iPhone. But what if your device is turned off or you don’t know where you left it? Find My can help if you see a map of its last known location, which could be as close as the couch. You can also email someone and let them know where the phone might be.

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How to find a lost iPhone that is turned off?

When you find yourself in the unfortunate situation of losing your iPhone, iPad or Macbook, knowing what you need to do to retrieve it can be confusing. Is Find my iPhone going to help? Will an Activation Lock help me locate my device? The short answer? Yes, it will. But if your device is lost or stolen and isn’t currently powered on or connected to the internet, Find my iPhone won’t be able to locate it.

So, there is no method to locate your iPhone or iPad which is turned off. But using iCloud location service you can locate it’s last known position. You can also activate its activation lock so that when it is connected to internet the device is locked and all the data is erased for safety and privacy purposes.

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