Best Coins for Crypto Gambling

Crypto gambling is, for the large part, a sort of casino entertainment that utilizes cryptocurrencies as fuel for bets and payoffs. There is more to this activity than that, but that’s essentially the gist of it. And since cryptocurrencies are such an important part of any bitcoin casino experience, it might be worthwhile to look into them closer.

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Best Coins for Crypto

In particular, because most of these casinos offer dozens (if not more) of cryptocurrencies on offer, new arrivals are always met with a choice. This choice is critical because you need to buy these coins beforehand if you’re all out of them. But what is the best option for it, altogether?

The Coin Situation

Depending on the casino, you’ll be working with different sets of cryptocurrencies. Obviously, no provider would neglect to include Bitcoin or Ethereum into their rosters, but stuff like Ripple, Dogecoin, Tether & other altcoins are less likely. Luckily, casinos nowadays offer a large variety of coins, so these are very often supported.

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You will have to buy these coins on exchanges in order to make bets with them. But the real question isn’t the cost of these coins (because the cost of 1 unit of the coin isn’t really significant in this case). The real question is which of these coins is more beneficial to buy. 

Buying a clearly declining coin to make bets with it will deteriorate the quality of your payoffs. In most cases, you’ll still need to redeem your end winnings for fiat money (EUR, USD, et cetera). But if the value of your coin against these fiat currencies keeps declining, then you’ll basically lose your winnings over time even if you redeem them immediately.

So, let’s now go over a few coin examples.


Bitcoin is a tried classic used by most people in the world of crypto gambling. As such, it’s more or less a safe option. Although the current situation in the crypto market is less than ideal (with many coins continuing to fall in value), Bitcoin fared better than most. Its popularity helps keep it afloat, although the price still falls in the long run.

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You don’t need to worry about the ‘long run’ unless you aim to purchase a large supply of Bitcoin and keep betting with it over time. But it’s better to buy more coin whenever necessary. The only concern is that Bitcoin will grow in value over time, and it’ll be more expensive to buy it again.

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But, as mentioned, it’s quite the opposite.  The coin can increase in price over short periods of time nowadays – and very intensely, at that. It means that you can bet on bitcoin dice with BTC, receive payoffs and, if the moment is good, wait for it to rise in value before selling the coin. But when you buy it next time, it’ll likely be cheaper.


Ethereum is another big coin used by all casino providers. It retains some of the same advantages as Bitcoin, and its situation is pretty similar. However, it’s also worse on many, many accounts.

With largely the same applicability and circumstances, Ethereum can’t keep itself afloat nearly as well as Bitcoin. The general long-term trend and market behavior are pretty similar, but it’s much worse. It’s much likely that your winnings will simply fall in value unless you redeem them immediately.

Other Options

Besides Bitcoin, you can also use Tether for betting. Tether is essentially just US Dollars, placed inside a crypto wrapper. The value is 1 to 1 on these two products, which means you can bet on Bitcoin dice with USD, while using all the advantages of a crypto casino, of which there are a lot.

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