Lose It App Reviews: Calorie Counter | Weight Loss

Losing weight can be a daunting task—especially if you don’t know which tools and resources to use. The best weight loss app for you is the one that will make you want to make healthier eating and lifestyle choices every day.

Lose It App Reviews Calorie Counter | Weight Loss
quickly scan food barcodes or search database to track foods you’ve eaten.
Imagine it: you lose weight and feel great! What will your life look like when you commit to your goals? Now you can find out with Lose It! – the super-simple weight loss program trusted by millions of users to help you lose weight and improve your health.  You track what you eat and we calculate your daily calorie intake. You set a weight loss goal, the app provide tips and coaching along the way.

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Lose It! is part of the “intermittent calorie restriction” diet type. Unlike traditional weight-loss plans that have you cutting back on calories your whole life, they help you find your “ideal weight” by periodically restricting your calorie count over periods of about 8 weeks.

Unlike other diets that create unrealistic expectations, this app gives you fast, hassle-free results that are based on you. Like most apps sized for your smartphone, Lose It! saves all your info in the cloud. That means it’s always available wherever you go.

Lose It! is a free weight loss app that helps you set a goal and create a personalized weight loss plan to reach it. The weight loss community has been around since 2008 and have helped members lose over 80 million pounds. It offers a simple, sustainable approach to weight loss that empowers you to achieve success

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The Lose It! app is the world’s most fun and effective weight loss program. Simply set your goal, and it’ll create a customized weight loss plan. The community of users inspires and supports each other, making it easier to achieve big goals together.

It also features the world’s largest library of searchable foods in international food database and award-winning tracking technology, which helps you keep count of every calorie and make sure you stay within the calories you want to lose each day.

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Lose it! is simple to use app with great resources for new users. It features a very intuitive interface that is perfect for people just getting started.

The tools can benefit experienced users too. It’s not just for counting calories, but the app also links to your Fitbit account, social media accounts, online or printable recipe sites, Google calendar, and allows you to search for nearby recipes.

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Compatible with a variety of fitness devices, Lose It! makes weight loss-as well as maintenance-easy by allowing users to swap foods from their nutritional plan for others found in the database. Find out why people have been raving about this easy-to-use application since 2008—and get started today!. You can also share your progress with friends through social media. Now with Apple Health integration, let Lose It!’s smart technology help you meet your goals in a more personalized way.

Set Your Goals

The Calorie Goal system is based on your personal rate of weight loss. Simply tell the app how much weight you want to lose each week, and we’ll set your daily calorie goal based on the time it will take to achieve that goal. The powerful tools, guidance, expert-approved information, and supportive community will help you achieve lasting results.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter Food Tracker for Weight Loss iPhone and Android
Track Nutrients – track more than just calories including macros, proteins, water, carbs, sugars, body measurements, sleep cycles

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Whether you want to lose 10 pounds or 100, it makes your goals the roots of everything. Once you start tracking what you eat, drink and exercise with the app, your goal will become your reality.

Get customised weight loss goals, keep track of workouts, and share recipes, tips, and success stories with other members across the globe.

This app will help you to finally reach your goal of weight loss. The basic concept of this program is to create a caloric deficit, so the body burns fat reserves for energy.

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It provides a detailed log of what you eat and how much activity you perform every day. It then calculates how many calories you need in a day depending on your sex, weight, and desired weight loss plan.

This detailed log helps eliminate the mental errors in recording food intake throughout the day.

Track Your Food and Lose Weight

Lose It! teaches you about the foods you eat, tracks your meals, activity, and exercise, and challenges you to stay motivated. You can also connect to the leaderboards to see how you stack up against other members.

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Simply scan the barcode of the foods you consume or manually enter your food choices. The app automatically creates a calorie budget for your personal goal and converts your food choices to numbers you can track, count, and even graph to keep yourself on track.

Simply download the app for free, plug in your information, and pick your goal weight. The app tracks your progress, celebrates your achievements, and gives you supportive, encouraging messages every step of the way.

Water Tracking and Macro Tracking

For a healthy weight loss program, it is best to drink plenty of water. The best way to do that is to keep a log of your daily water intake. With the Lose It app, you can easily track your daily intake, stay motivated and get support from other members to help you reach your weight loss goals.

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The Macro Tracking feature makes it easy to track your macro-nutrients (which includes your calories, protein, fat, and carbs) while also creating the ideal caloric intake for losing weight or gaining muscle.

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Set up meals and snacks with customized plate options, or scan barcodes of packaged food to know exactly what you’re eating. Search through an extensive database of more than three million foods to help you make educated choices without having to cook.


The Lose It! app has helped millions of people lose weight, including many celebrities. Download this app to start tracking your food intake, exercise, calorie burn and more with convenient tools and graphs that make it easy. Log any combination of foods or use built-in barcodes to automatically track your calories.

The app syncs wirelessly from your phone or tablet to the Lose It! website for free tools and support from a community of people who are all on the same journey as you. There is also a premium version of the app available for a small fee.

Lose It! puts the power of weight loss in your hands effortlessly by helping you to track any food or physical activity. Personalized for you, this simple app calculates the calories you lose or gain each day, helping you stay on track toward achieving your goals. With over 40 million users who have started their weight loss journey with Lose It! you can’t go wrong.

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