MyNetDiary App Review: Calorie Counter | Weight Loss

MyNetDiary takes the hard work out of weight control with its diet tracking app for iPhone, iPad, and Android.

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter app helps you easily manage your diet and food habits. Log your daily meals and exercise, as well as your weight using their simple systems. Whether you want to lose or gain weight, MyNetDiary will help you stay on track with a supportive community of other dieters, an intuitive design, and a variety of features that make tracking food a breeze.

Best Weight Loss App for iPhone and iPad

It is ideal for those who are comfortable with making their own food choices, but want an easy way to track their progress. The database of food items contains millions of items. The exercise database can be customized to include each person’s favorite exercises or sport categories. This App will be useful for people who are serious about losing weight and getting fit.

Monitor net carbs, total carbs, and sugar alcohols
Monitor net carbs, total carbs, and sugar alcohols

Enjoy thousands of delicious recipes, manage your exercise and activity levels, track your food intake, body weight, blood glucose and other health metrics online or via the optional MyNetDiary app.

The app meal planning options take the guesswork out of planning meals by telling you how many calories are in each meal or snack. While our tracking feature is fully functional without a membership, having a membership gives you access to much more advanced features including full e-reporting.

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  • The app features diet planners for low fat, Mediterranean, vegetarian, and vegan diets.
  • Full-color food photography; calorie counting and; nutrient calculator.
  • Daily food intake journal, exercise diary, weight loss progress chart
  • It has thousands of recipes support material with general nutrition information and serving size guides;
  • Also Includes shopping lists, body mass index (BMI) tracker; and distance walked/run/cycled tracker

Connectivity with Health devices

MyNetDiary Calorie Counter is the best-selling calorie counter with nutrition analysis. The app syncs with Fitbit, Jawbone Up, Withings, Misfit and many other trackers to daily adjust BMR, ACTUAL CALORIES IN/OUT.

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MyNetDiary helps you manage your diet with an easy to use calorie counter that includes barcode scanning, meal reminders and exercise tracking capability. Instead of reinventing the wheel, MyNetDiary integrates with dozens of popular trackers in a variety of languages.

personal weight-loss, diet, and nutrition assistant
personal weight-loss, diet, and nutrition assistant

It offers log-in options from Garmin Connect or Apple Health, which is useful if you’re already tracking one of the devices with a third-party app. An in-app message board can also help with motivation if your friends are also using the app.

Fast, intuitive, user friendly

This app makes keeping your diet or weight loss efforts on track incredibly easy. It’s user-friendly, intuitive, and really simple to get started with. The utility and simplicity of MyNetDiary takes the stress out of tracking calories and carbohydrate intake. It helps me track my weight loss plans easily and is always available on my phone, computer or tablet. I highly recommend this app to anyone who needs to keep track of their nutrition.

Foods mega-database validated and updated daily, with restaurants, grocery stores, special diets, and ethnic foods
Foods mega-database validated and updated daily, with restaurants, grocery stores, special diets, and ethnic foods

I eat relatively healthy foods and it still estimated my calorie balance at about 300 calories under. This may be because I use low sodium foods in my diet which are not in their database or because their database for sodium content in health foods is limited at this time.

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Nonetheless this is a very useful tool in helping to track what you eat. I am not always able to search for exactly what I want, but everything is there and easy to access. The owners are working hard to continue to improve the app. I look forward to future releases and enjoy the updates as they come out.

Community Support

The app comes with a great community to encourage you, mile walk/run, recipes from chefs and nutritionists, workouts from top trainers, millions foods to log, convenient shopping list for grocery store near you, and so much more!

MyNetDiary is simple to use, yet powerful enough to delight even the most demanding users. The streamlined design provides lightning-fast food logging, giant foods mega-database with grocery stores, restaurants, special diets, and ethnic foods, charts packable/printable in an instant. Food tracking made easy!


MyNetDiary + Keto = total carb domination! Monitor your blood sugar, macronutrients, ketone levels, and glucose markers. Look up your favorite foods to quickly enter them into your diary. More recipes than ever — over 600,000 delicious keto choices.

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Includes keto plan options for Cyclical Ketogenic Diet (CKD), Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA), Epilepsy, Healthy Carb Alternative (HCA), High-Fat LCHF, High-Protein, Hyperinsulinemic Type 2 Diabetes, and many more.

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It helps you reach your weight goals by keeping an eye on calories and macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fat). With features like Ketone tracking, Macro Calculator and Planner that adapts to your goal, hundreds of popular foods are already logged in the database or can be entered manually. Individual meal reminders within the app and detailed charts and reports are also there. MyNetDiary makes staying on track easier than ever.


MyNetDiary is the best online diet/exercise planner that uses barcode scanning to log hundreds of foods into its database. A healthy meal plan will be at your fingertips with preloaded recipes, restaurant finds, and even custom grocery lists for your favorite stores.

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Plenty of exercise plans are available to follow with daily workout videos. The MyNetDiary App is free for iOS users, so it is time to invent your New Year’s resolutions.”

They’ve developed it to solve the problems of other apps (lack of tracking choices, lack of barcode scanner, lack of sharing options among other users, etc.) The MyNetDiary app allows for tracking over 38 nutrients, including carbs.

The built-in barcode scanner lets you scan food items instantly, making logging even easier. With the AR Grocery Check (Augmented Reality Grocery Check) tool you can visually compare your actual groceries to MyNetDiary’s healthier recommendations right at your grocery store.”

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