Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Mac to Monterey

Many Mac owners have got used to the Big Sur version of their system, reluctant to update to the new Monterey version. Is the update worth it? Read on to find out. 

Mac users are accustomed to getting minor updates to their operating system every now and then. Such updates are valuable for the OS as they manage bugs and deliver vital improvements to the system. However, once in a year or so, Apple pleases its users with a major update that brings about a fundamental change in how their OS operates.

Reasons to Update Your Mac to Monterey

After a long beta process, Apple has finally released macOS 12 Monterey, bringing a new version of the macOS, as well as a number of new features. Many of these have been tested by the public during beta testing periods, so we don’t have much surprises. There are definitely great features coming along with this new operating system though, as well as some interesting features that will be left for us to discover.

How to turn on Low Power Mode in macOS Monterey

Though new iOS versions are always expected with impatience and enthusiasm, the problem of unsuccessful, cluttered updates is familiar to most users. So, if you’re reluctant to upgrade your iOS to the new iOS version, Monterey, we have good news for you – the benefits it comes with. Read this post to find out what changes Monterey will bring, and here we explain the positives of an upgrade. 

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I’m not going to lie; if you’re on the lookout for the features Universal Control entails, this would be a disappointing update. It’s worth noting that those aforementioned features were being tested in the macOS Public Beta before being pulled from it almost as quickly as it was brought in. But if you’re looking for a way to fine-tune your Apple experience, macOS 12 Monterey has just that to offer.

macOS Monterey Most loved features

The brand new macOS Monterey is a free update that delivers support for Apple Pay on the web, Siri support, and valuable security enhancements for MacBook Pro and MacBook Air computers. Here’s why you should update as soon as possible.

#1 New Face of FaceTime 

Monterey offers a completely renewed FaceTime app coming with numerous perks and benefits you haven’t ever dreamt of. Now you won’t need to use Zoom as an alternative video conferencing tool as all the valuable features are now here. FaceTime has learned to blur your background, customize the layout of conference members, and let people without iOS join in. You’re sure to enjoy the new experience. 

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#2 AirPlay 

The cross-compatibility of Apple devices has always been a priority on the agenda of iOS engineers, and now the changes concern the way you can send audio and video files across your gadgets. With the updated AirPlay features, you can use your Mac as a receiver for materials from iPads and iPhones. In this way, audio and video will cross the gadget boundaries hassle-free, delivering a top-notch user experience to you.

Check MacOS Monterey Compatibility with Your Mac or MacBook

Macbook and iPhone Airplay macOS Monterey

Sharing content from your iPhone to your Mac has never been easier. With the latest macOS Monterey pre-release, you can now share any video or audio content from your iPhone to your Mac via AirPlay.

With macOS Monterey, you have the option of using your Mac as an AirPlay speaker — wirelessly or wired — for all your audio. macOS Monterey can host your HomePods and AirPlay 2-compatible speakers, and stream to them all at once, making it easier than ever to listen to immersive sound in every room of your home.

#3 Better Power Expenditure 

Macs are famous for quite an economical use of their batteries, allowing you to use them longer than other laptops. Still, even 6-8 hours of uninterrupted work without a recharge is not enough for some users. If that’s you, you’re sure to love the Low Power Mode enabled by the Monterey update, giving you a couple of extra hours of precious battery charge to complete all ongoing tasks.

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#4 Better Privacy Settings 

Digital privacy is the pain point of all devices connected to the Internet, and Apple engineers have found a way to resolve the issue. The new update in iOS privacy allows users to keep their IPs private in emails, thus preventing the hackers from finding out the sender’s location and the status of messages (whether they were opened or not).  

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#5 Smart Device Control 

Those who have several Apple gadgets will definitely appreciate the feature. By linking your mouse and keyboard to all of them, you can use one control panel to navigate all devices. No need to reconnect or disconnect the peripherals; they become universal for all linked appliances. 

To Update or Not to Update? 

As you can see, switching to Monterey may become a great opportunity for you to enjoy new exciting features and the new functionality of well-known apps. Sure, the transition may be cumbersome as too many people want to get the new macOS as quickly as possible. Still, if you’re patient enough to finish the update, you’re guaranteed a realm of new experiences with your Mac. 

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