Weight Watchers App Review: For iPhone, Apple Watch, Android

Have you tried WW’s new app yet? You can now access favorite features on any Apple or Android device. Plan ahead with our easy-to-use barcode scanner, so you can quickly scan the barcodes of foods on your grocery store trip before heading home to log them in on your phone.

Get nutritional info for thousands of foods so you can see points counts, ingredients, allergens and more! Lose weight with ease by adding new recipes to your favorites list—identify ingredients that work with the program and plan meals for success.

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Handy Barcode Scanner to scan foods
Eat well: meal planning tools, plus a food tracker, 10,500+ recipes

WW (Weight Watchers Reimagined) is the app for you, whether you’re just beginning your weight loss journey or are looking for a way to stay on track with the plan that works best for you.

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WW combines your unique Blueprint & Food Scores with proven scientific research to find your plan, so you can lose weight the healthy way. Plus, myWW+ features interactive tools and coaching to help you succeed.

Achieve the weight-loss results you’ve always wanted with Weight Watchers® Reimagined. The new app tracks your progress, offers quick tips, and lets you join in active conversations, all to help keep you on track with your goals. Plus, it’s got all your favorite tools for success—log food and water, weigh in, watch videos for inspiration, earn rewards, connect with friends, plus so much more.

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The all-new Weight Watchers (WW) (Weight Watchers Reimagined) app makes it easier than ever to do great things for yourself. From the moment you open the app, all you do is be you—it’ll handle the rest.

Match you with a personalized weight-loss plan
Sleep better: bedtime reminders, plus sleep tracking

Answer a few simple questions so it can gauge what’s important to you, and voilà! It’ll scientifically match you with the perfect program for your lifestyle. Plus, now members have access to even more features, including mood tracking, 24/7 support through the forum community, and personalised insights.

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Must have App for a healthier lifestyle:

With Weight Watchers App, get ready for a unique and personalized weight-loss experience. The app offers the latest tools and science to help you find your healthy lifestyle—what may be unique to you—and get there faster than ever before.

WW Weight Watchers Reimagined
over 9,000 WW recipes, 200,000 branded grocery items, and 86,000 restaurant meals

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Plus, the new myWW+ program makes this even simpler by giving you even more of what you need to lose weight and live a healthier lifestyle: access to Weight Watchers robust, social network and community; exclusive offers and money saving deals; intuitive food tracker; progress monitoring tools; and speed-of-life coaching around eating on-the-go.

WW+ personal assessment

The place to be for inspiration, encouragement and support on your journey to a healthier, happier life. Get out of scale-o-phobia and into the life you love. Get innovative tools to help you build habits that last forever. When you join WW, it’s not just about calorie counting anymore – the personalized weight loss program is about developing healthy habits that fit into your lifestyle – so you can feel better about yourself.

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Once you take the myWW+ assessment, you’ll receive a personalized weight-management plan, including a day-by-day eating guide and a personal symptom tracker. You’ll get the help and support you need to make smart food choices and reach your goals!

Designed to help make weight loss easier 

The WW app is designed to help make weight loss easier. What works for you? The new personal assessment and behavior change science can help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate and last a lifetime.

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The enhanced app is now personalized with the ability to track six metrics that are important to weight loss success—including BMI, weight, food groups, activity, sleep, and mindset. Track your progress over time alongside intuitive weekly check-ins, personal insights to help you uncover areas for improvement, and tools to help you build healthy habits that go beyond the plate—including customizable food preferences and digital nutrition education.

Weight Watchers has helped millions of people lose weight by making lifestyle changes, with millions more preparing to join them. This free app is loaded with features that deliver the smartest, most personalized weight loss plan based on your life and your goals.

The scientific approach combines your daily habits and routines with the emotional factors that make change last – positive reinforcement, action planning, tailored support, and accountability.

Nutrition and healthy habits

The WW app can track your calories, nutrition, exercise and weight. It also includes the Plan Your Plate feature to help you easily build healthy plates to reach your goals.

Stay connected with your Coach for insight into how you’re doing every day, plus live challenges that use exclusive motivational messages to help you move more and earn rewards.

Sync all of your data between the app and the WW online community, including Connect platform leaderboards for extra motivation to stay on track–and unlock deep discounts on everything from clothes to fitness gear.

The Weight Watchers app is like nothing you’ve ever seen before: simple, motivating, and easy to use. Simply select what you want to eat or cook, log in your food and activity, and it’ll help you stay on track. The SmartPoints system takes the guesswork out of what to eat, cook, or order. That pizza? Only 8 SmartPoints. Your favorite beer? 4 SmartPoints. It make it easier than ever to plan menus, shop for groceries, and stay on a healthy path toward a more fulfilling life with a stronger focus on health.

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Whether it's a fast start, a slow burn or a smart point plan, set your goals and you'll be on your way. Food for thought: Check out the latest zero point foods, tap into recipes from the kitchen, and stay up-to-date with easy tips from experts—all available from the WW app.

Weight Watchers expert support 

Find expert weight loss guidance from Weight Watchers whenever you need it, including additional recipes and articles. Just pick from three Membership Levels and opt-in to experience the program however you prefer—from online to in-person meetings, plus a lifestyle guide you can revisit for life!

  Weight Watchers is not just about weight loss. It is about learning to love and accept yourself—just the way you are right now ― with your imperfections and your imperfect weight. It’s about losing weight and keeping it off. It’s about health and happiness and hope and control over your life.

The mobile app puts program, tools, expertise, community, coaching, recipes, no-guilt indulgences and more right at your fingertips—where you need it most. You can track calories or points or both, browse recipes by ingredients & nutrition info, check out success stories from the community.

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