Review – Planner, Reminders & Tasks Planner is a powerful productivity tool that helps you convert your scattered thoughts into useful to do lists and action plans, complete with due dates, reminders, and personalized notes. 

In other words, it’s not just a checklist app – it’s a complete task management system for keeping track of all your tasks and acting as a personal assistant for you by keeping all your thoughts in order. uses artificial intelligence to automatically learn the way you work, so you can do things in the fastest way possible – and only the way you want to do them.

Best Weekly planner Apps is one of the first task management apps which uses a timeline-based approach to organizing your tasks. is one of the first task management apps which uses a timeline-based approach to organizing your tasks. Planner is an easy-to-use cross-platform to-do list app that helps you organize everything from daily tasks to long term projects. The app seamlessly integrates with Google Calendar, and allows you to sync your tasks to the cloud. It is available on desktop, iOS, Android and web browser. Features is a task management app that allows you to create lists and organize your tasks in different categories. The app has a lot of features for managing your tasks:

Task Scheduling: lets you schedule due dates for your tasks so they get done on time. You can assign due dates to individual tasks and add them to multiple lists at once in order to keep track of them all at once.

Recurring Tasks: If you have recurring tasks that need to be completed every day or week, lets you set up recurring reminders that will pop up on the day of each occurrence with a reminder notification until the task is completed or canceled by clicking on it in the notification panel. Recurring reminders are also customizable so that if one day falls on a holiday or vacation day, the reminder won’t pop up.

Tips To Be More Productive at Work

• Set tasks and reminders with our simple interface that looks great on all devices and screen sizes

• Add notes & photos to each task for better organization

• Get notified of upcoming tasks via email, SMS or push notifications

• Collaborate with colleagues and friends on shared projects using comments & hashtags

• Schedule recurring tasks like “Call Dad” or “Pay Rent”

• Add dates/times to tasks so they appear in your calendar as well as on their own line (e.g., Call Mom Thursday at 8pm)

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With ANY.DO you can:

  • Create new tasks and reminders using natural language (e.g. “Buy milk”) or by adding a task to an existing list in one click.
  • Share lists with friends or colleagues to collaborate on projects together.
  • Organize your life into lists like Groceries, Movies to Watch and Pack for Trip etc. You can even create different shopping lists for your partner and kids!
  • Get reminded of important tasks via push notifications on the Android Wear watch face or by email/SMS message at a set time/date or location (geofencing).

★ Set Reminders: Get reminded for a scheduled time, when you reach a particular location or set recurring reminders so you never miss a thing

★ Work Together with Shared Lists and Assigned Tasks to Collaborate and Get More Dozen

★ Prioritize Your Tasks with Sorted Lists: Create unlimited shared lists with your family or colleagues to stay on top of projects, purchases or anything else that matters most to your family

Best Planner App for Students

★ Notifications for Your Scheduled Tasks: Be alerted about important events at a given time through notifications

★ Use Powerfull Filters to Focus on What Matters Most: Filter tasks by date, priority, list name or tags to find what needs attention now or later

★ Make Lists for Everything You Need & Customize Them to Fit Your Needs: Create lists for work, personal items, groceries & get them synced across all devices (phones & tablets)

TO DO LIST, CALENDAR & REMINDERS MADE SIMPLE’s powerful task list management is designed to help you get things done faster. With a simple and intuitive design, is the perfect app for busy people who need to organize their lives and get things done.

With, you can create a personal task list that automatically syncs across all your devices. You can even share tasks with friends and family members, so everyone stays on top of their responsibilities.


It has a clean interface which makes it very easy to use without getting overwhelmed by too many features. The interface is very easy on the eyes as well. It includes a calendar view which helps you see what needs to be done at a glance. There are also themes so you can customize the look of your app if you want it to look different from other apps on your phone or tablet!

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The life organizer and daily planner will help you organize everything from birthdays to anniversaries, holidays, meetings and more! And as I mentioned before, there are various themes available so you can customize your experience even further!


You can share your lists with your family members or co-workers so they know what needs to be done around the house or at work. You can also assign tasks to other people so they know exactly what needs to be done without having to ask questions every time something comes up.”

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The Verdict stands out among to-do apps and will likely be seeing an increase in its user base. We’ve found ourselves using more and more every day, and it’s obvious that this app was created with the user’s experience in mind. The app is well designed, intuitive to use, and makes it simple to manage your life via a “to do” list of sorts. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for a new way to manage your daily tasks, whether personal or professional.

With its gorgeous design and incredible features, stands as a testament to the potential of the mobile platform. It provides users with more than just a to-do list apps—it’s an app that allows users to change the way they think about productivity and future planning. With its fast and fluid design, ability to sync with multiple platforms and devices, and sleek UI, is set to take on other productivity apps in the near future.

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