Google Fit Free Pedometer App and Activity Tracker Review

Google Fit is like a pedometer on your phone, except with more functionality than most. In fact, Google Fit could just replace the need to use a dedicated fitness tracker.

Many trackers are restricted to certain types of exercise, can’t count stairs, and don’t have as much functionality. Google Fit will tell you how much time you’ve spent active and even suggest that you try to be more active.

Google Fit Free Pedometer App and Activity Tracker Review
Google Fit Free Pedometer App and Activity Tracker Review

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Lightweight tracking app to help you keep fit, motivated and energized. Designed to fit seamlessly into your life and motivate you in a simple, yet effective way.

Choose from a variety of easily customizable activities monitored by Google Fit, including biking, walking and running. Automatically track time spent sitting with the integration of Wear OS watches.

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Did you know that most adults don’t get enough physical activity? And when you don’t get enough physical activity or even worse, if you sit for long periods of time on a regular basis, it can increase your risk for heart disease, type 2 diabetes, obesity and other serious health conditions.

That’s why it’s important to make activity a part of your daily routine. But making sure you’re active — not just moving more — can be tricky.

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It can help you track things like running and cycling by allowing you to manually add these activities to the app or sync it up with a third party apps such as Strava which will sync up automatically.

  • Google Fit Free Pedometer App is a free pedometer app that can be downloaded on Android smartphones.
  • Google Fit Free Pedometer App is unique among free pedometer apps because it can also track other activities such as swimming, biking, and hiking.
  • Two modes are available on the Google Fit Free Pedometer App; move mode and heart points mode.
  • The app provides a daily report of how many steps you have walked, your calories burned, and the distance you have walked.
  • You can use this app to set goals for yourself for each category.
  • The service integrates with other fitness apps like Strava, Runkeeper, Endomondo and MyFitnessPal.
  • It takes data from the accelerometer of your phone or smartwatch to track how many steps you take.
  • It offers a history of steps and progress over time.
  • This app is an excellent choice for tracking your steps to meet fitness goals.

Google fit is the new fitness tracking app from google that’s now available on the android play store and Apple App store. It combines the health tracking features of google fit with Moto Body, a fitness app that Motorola provides exclusively for its devices.

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The result is a polished and intuitive Android fitness app that’s pretty easy to recommend. Google Fit is a great first step and a solid bet for anyone who wants a simple but powerful fitness tracker.

Google fit aims to be your one-stop shop for all things health. You’ll be able to track your daily step count and calories burned on your smartphone or wearables, such as Moto 360, LG Watch Urbane and Huawei Watch, in addition to other popular devices.

The information will then display in Google Fit’s main screen, where you can monitor your progress over time.

Keep your Heart Healthy

With Google Fit, you can choose to do Heart Points with a Google Fit app like the one from American Heart Association or any other fitness app from the Google Play store.

Just open the app and perform at least 10 minutes of brisk walking, running, or cycling, remember to grab your phone and go!

Those 10 minutes are converted into Heart Points and added to your progress. You can keep track of how close you’re getting to your personal goal by checking your Heart Points progress within the Google Fit app.

Some Advantages and benefits of google Fit

Features: Easy to use pedometer app from Google.

Advantages: Heart Points to track how much you’ve walked, active minutes that combine walking and other activities for a complete picture of your activity level, graphs for 24-hour and 7-day view of your steps and active minutes. Google Fit also automatically gathers and logs data like distance travelled, number of steps taken and calories burned based on your movements.

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Benefits: The best motivation to stay active is tracking every mile, every step in your fitness journey. Heart Points provide encouragement and make staying fit fun.

  • The main Google Fit screen is a daily summary of steps, calories, weight loss (if applicable), distance and time.
  • When you start an activity, you can leave the phone in your pocket and the app will track your movement using the phone’s GPS to track your progress.
  • You can also manually enter information about your workouts or add historical data about previous activities in the journal section of the app.
  • If you have another fitness tracker or smartwatch, you may be able to link it to your Google Fit account.
  • The settings section of Google Fit allows you to set goals, turn on heart rate tracking (with compatible devices) and add friends who use the app for motivation.
  • Although Google Fit is criticized for being too basic, it has some useful features that make it a useful option for many users.

ThemaciOS Verdict

Given our two options for getting the most bang for your buck in regards to free pedometer apps and activity trackers, I’m recommending Google Fit as the best free choice available at this time. It’s simple, straightforward, and can integrate with several other fitness-related apps to give you even more insight into your fitness goals.

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Plus, it’s easy to use and compatible with most devices, so anyone should have no trouble downloading and using it right away.

I think that it has room to grow and improve in terms of features, but the fact remains that it’s a polished option that many people are going to enjoy using.

The Google Fit App is an excellent platform for those who are looking to live more healthy. It’s not merely a pedometer tracker because it can also track a variety of other exercises as well, such as runs, walks, and bike rides.

Also, it allows you to share your progress with friends and family on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus. It’s very easy to use, free of charge and easy to set up right on your phone or tablet! If you’re ready to start living a more active lifestyle and want help keeping track of all the steps you take each day, this is an app you should definitely try out.

Wrapping Up

With Google Fit offering one of the best free pedometer apps and activity trackers in the business, and with integration with Android Wear watches and even the Apple Watch on the horizon, it’s our hope that more people will be more active. What is your take on Google Fit? Do you feel it will help you to reach your exercise goals? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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