Ulysses App Review: Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

You’re probably wondering why you need Ulysses app and what it can do for your productivity. That’s what I aim to find out through this Ulysses app review. First of all, Ulysses is a cross-platform text editor with a built-in writing mode without distractions.

It helps users to focus on the content and write without interruptions. Writing with a keyboard is more effective than typing on a computer. But the process of creating is the same as always: start with an idea, create an outline, fill in details and add a conclusion.

After you’re done writing, Ulysses can turn your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks and even blog posts.
After you’re done writing, Ulysses can turn your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks and even blog posts.

Ulysses is an app for writing that is highly customizable to fit your needs. The interface is clean and simple, highlighted by the ability to use a variety of text styles.

You can write and export a document using LaTex, or have it formatted as plain text with no visible evidence of styling elements. By hiding these elements you have a document that reads nicely in its natural form, whether on your computer screen or on mobile devices.

Downloading an app like Ulysses does give you a trial period to see if it’s for you. And you’ll know whether or not it is for you by the time your trial period is over, and if it isn’t whether or not there’s another app that is for you. I think Ulysses has a lot going for it and might be worth checking out. At only $5/month or $49.99/year, there’s very little to lose by giving it a try.

  • Sleek, easy-on-the eye interface
  • Flexible organization of your writing projects and files
  • Flawless in-text editing and formatting
  • Beautiful typography
  • Publications, customization and other extra features
  • Focus Mode – Dim everything but the sentence you’re editing.
  • Writing Goals – Stay on target with regular word count targets.
  • Auto-backups – And if something bad happens, use an older version to get back on track.
  • Export – Publish your documents in a variety of ways.
  • Helps you organize and manage your writings.
  • Provides a distraction-free environment.
  • You can switch between a Blank mode and Focus mode.
  • Can create subfolders to organize your notes in any way you see fit.
  • The app – like other great word processors – makes full use of keyboard shortcuts Use different themes, depending on your needs.
  • All platforms sync through iCloud Drive, so you can always access the latest version on any device.
  • Nice price tag which makes it a great solution for those who want to save some money but still get a decent writing app that works on both Mac and iOS devices.
  • It’s an app that allows you to create and save text documents in plain text and export them to other productivity apps, as well as HTML.
  • It has a simple user interface, making it easy and approachable at first glance
  • It limits your choices by eliminating unnecessary features.
  • If you’re not a coder, it’s a good place to start learning plain text.
  • If you’re used to using plain text to write the building blocks of your work, it can be worth transitioning some or all of your work into Ulysses for more robust support for building upon your work.
  • Ulysses App is an excellent choice for drafting your content in Markdown syntax.

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The Ulysses app is a good choice for writers who are looking for a comprehensive writing tool that gives them everything they need in one place. Ulysses was designed with writers in mind, and while it’s not free, the price tag is very reasonable considering what you get. It’s a powerful tool whether you’re writing short stories or novels. The streamlined experience uses intuitive menus and well-designed forms to make creating your work as easy as possible. Start with the basics and build your portfolio with confidence.

Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

The application works similar to Microsoft Word or Google Docs but is packed with powerful features that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s an excellent tool for notes and thoughts as well as full-blown novels and scientific papers.

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Ulysses comes with a built-in library of templates, so if you’re not sure what kind of content you are going to create yet — just open one of them!

Built-In Proofreader and Editing Assistant
Built-In Proofreader and Editing Assistant

The app offers a full-featured writing experience that’s perfect for bloggers, authors or students. You can write in Markdown, export to PDF and even share your work with others via email or Dropbox.

The app also offers a few powerful features like text formatting, image insertion and document storage on iCloud Drive or Dropbox.

Powerful outlining – outline your ideas before you start writing so that you can focus on what’s important (your thoughts). You can easily add new topics anywhere in your document, rearrange them at any time or move them to another document.

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Distraction-free writing – Ulysses looks great on both desktop and mobile devices, automatically adjusting its appearance based on the screen size of your device. Writing feels more natural than ever before with distraction-free mode on Mac OS X Yosemite or later versions of OS X. It also comes with an optional fullscreen mode for both platforms which can be activated by hitting Cmd+Shift+F12 (Mac) or Ctrl+Shift+F12 (Windows).

The first thing I noticed about Ulysses is its minimalist design. There are no menus or buttons on the screen — just your writing, in all its glory. This makes sense once you discover how much thought went into building Ulysses and how many features it has.

Feeding a blog? Write your posts in Ulysses, complete with featured images, tags, excerpts
Feeding a blog? Write your posts in Ulysses, complete with featured images, tags, excerpts

One of my favorite features is the ability to export your document as a PDF or Word file with one click. This makes sharing your work with others extremely easy because you don’t need to send them an entire Dropbox folder full of files; instead, you can send them just one link that opens directly into their browser without even having to install anything (if they’re using Chrome).

Another feature I love is the ability to set up keyboard shortcuts for common actions like formatting text and inserting images or links. It’s really helpful when you’re trying to type fast while brainstorming ideas or outlining something quickly!

There are dozens of things that make Ulysses great.

Here are just a few of them:

Markdown support. You can write in Markdown and export your work as HTML, PDF, DOCX or ePub files.

Themes and templates. You can choose from dozens of beautiful themes and templates created by independent designers and developers, or even create your own at no cost!

Export formats. You can export your text as HTML, PDF, DOCX or ePub files with a single click — no need to install additional software or plugins on your computer.

The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone
The Ultimate Writing App for Mac, iPad and iPhone

Focus Mode. This feature allows you to focus on writing without distractions by hiding all the other parts of Ulysses window (e.g., Navigation Bar).

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Cloud sync with Dropbox or iCloud Drive (available only in iOS). Ulysses will keep all your documents synced across all your devices automatically once they’re uploaded to Dropbox or iCloud Drive.

Multiple documents in one file. This is a feature that most other writing apps lack, which means that you have to create a new document every time you want to write something new. Ulysses lets you keep all of your work in one file, which makes it easier to find things later on.

Markdown support. Markdown is a simple markup language that allows users to write in plain text but still create formatted documents with bold and italic fonts, lists and more. Many people prefer it over traditional formatting options because it’s much easier to learn, and Ulysses has built-in

Gather all your scenes and chapters in one spot, and still keep the overview.
Gather all your scenes and chapters in one spot, and still keep the overview.

support for it.

A great distraction-free writing environment. One of the most difficult things about writing is staying focused on what you’re doing and not being distracted by other things going on around you or online. Ulysses offers a distraction-free mode where there are no notifications or other types of distractions — just writing and nothing else!

Tabs, columns, and sections

Ulysses makes it easy to organize your writing by allowing you to divide your document into multiple sections and then group these sections into tabs or columns. You can also create outlines within these sections and then collapse them when necessary. This makes it easy to organize large documents with many headings and subheadings.

Multiple language support. You can write in English, German, French or Spanish in Ulysses and the app will automatically detect the language used by your document and display the appropriate

Ulysses is equipped for managing writing projects of all sizes and ambitions
Ulysses is equipped for managing writing projects of all sizes and ambitions

keyboard shortcuts.

Inline formatting.

Bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and more are just a tap away.

Text styling presets.

Choose from over 100 presets that include headings, lists, quotes and more.

Swipe typing.

Type by swiping your finger across the keyboard. No need to tap every letter!

Code highlighting: If you’re working on code samples in your writing projects then Ulysses can do that too! The editor supports many languages including Python, Ruby and JavaScript (among others). This makes it easy to see where code should go in the middle of your document without having to leave the editor window.

Having all your writing in one place is just the first step. Once you’ve done that, you can then select what format the text needs to be in. Just think, with Ulysses, you won’t ever have to go digging for that document, presentation or ebook draft because it’s all right there. You no longer have to drag your work out of multiple different applications and deal with incompatible file formats. Whether you want to write articles, create quotes or make books Ulysses lets you focus on the actual content without being distracted by the formatting.

Built-In Proofreader and Editing Assistant

Ulysses’s built-in proofreader checks for common errors like typos and grammatical mistakes, while its editing assistant suggests changes based on the style of your document. This can help you improve the quality of your writing by catching common mistakes before they become part of the final draft.

The Ulysses App is well-known for having basic elements like a text editor or support for iCloud and Dropbox. These are all very useful because they allow you to have as much freedom as possible on your writing projects. The most important feature of the Ulysses App is undoubtedly the proofreader and editing assistant, which provides suggestions in different categories like punctuation, redundancy or hyperbole. This can help you write with more confidence or point out mistakes without having to use a different tool.

Customizable Themes and Typography Options

Ulysses offers over 20 fonts and two types of themes — light and dark — so you can customize it according to your preference. You can also change the background color for each section or paragraph, which helps you stay focused when working on long documents.

The Verdict

Ulysses is a powerful writing app that helps you make your text shine. When it comes to actually writing, Ulysses allows you to focus on the words and their meaning rather than worrying about distracting formatting. And once you’re done with writing, Ulysses can turn your texts into beautiful PDFs, Word documents, ebooks, HTML pages and even blog posts. Everything is just a click away, with on-the-fly switching of styles and a live preview built right in.

Ulysses is a powerful writing tool for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. It lets you write without distractions, organize your thoughts and export everything to Word, ePub, HTML, PDF and more. Brought to you by the creators of the groundbreaking writing app Byword, Ulysses brings together beautiful typography, intuitive planning and structuring tools, and a rock-solid export engine that will effortlessly transform your texts into professional documents.

Ulysses has everything you need to write. If you don’t know what to write yet, Ulysses has that covered with their templates. These seed projects help kickstart your inspiration before you even start writing. The smart sync and iCloud functionality are essential for writers who want to write everywhere they go. The app is optimized on the iPad and provides sufficient space to display text without being too complicated. 

Of course, if you want control over every little detail, then the app also has a rich preferences panel. Taken together, Ulysses is a powerhouse of a writing app and an excellent choice for anyone who’s looking for a well-rounded tool that makes managing a text project easy and efficient.

Ulysses is all about flexibility and customizability, being able to export your documents in the format that you need within minutes. It was designed for Apple users in mind, especially those who are constantly on the move and would like to read their work on different devices. Writing with Ulysses is easy and organized, as it has a very well-designed interface that makes finding what you need easy. The best part? Ulysses comes with a free version, which will be more than enough for most writers.

Considering everything Ulysses offers, it seems fairly intuitive and easy to use. After playing around with the app for a little while, I was already thinking about all the ways I might be able to incorporate it into my current workflow. That said, I do wish the import options were a bit more robust — especially considering how much of my writing life is spent Word-based documents — but overall, it’s a very promising writing app that every Mac user should at least check out.

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