How to use Live Text in iOS 15: iPhone and iPad

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you probably know that Apple released a new iPhone update on September 16th . This update brought a long list of new features. My favorite? The ability to turn camera mode into a document scanner.

Live Text is a new feature in iOS 15 that changes the way we can interact with text and photos. Using Live Text, you can select and copy text from any image on your phone, including photos taken with your iPhone camera, pictures you’ve imported from the camera roll, and even screenshots.

How to use Live Text in iOS 15 iPhone and iPad

Live Text works using handwriting-recognition technology, so you can select and copy text even if it’s written in a language you don’t recognize.

Where photography meets technology, users will find Live Text. It's a new messaging feature that uses your camera and Apple's ARKit to bring handwritten notes and photographs to life – you can move, rotate, and scale them by turning your phone.

Take a photo of a paper, cup, or even a book and Live Text makes it possible to extract and copy the words. Now you can create text-only photos that you can use in any iMessage conversation — just like you would with stickers or an emoji. There’s not much else to say here other than, get out there and start creating some cool text-only images!

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This might not be at the top of your list of iOS 15 features to try, but after some hands-on time with it, I’m betting Live Photos will end up at the top of yours.

There's no shortage of text capture apps available for both iOS and Android, but the latest feature added to both iPhone and iPad devices makes capturing text as simple as snapping a photo.

This feature is great for people who often find themselves needing to jot down information and email it to themselves. Instead of taking a picture and having to open the Notes app, you can simply use this…especially if your mobile data connection takes a while to load, which would result in a delay in sending the text.

Let’s take a look at how to use Live Text in iOS 15:

All it takes to get started is selecting a photo. If you double tap on a photo, it will open the Camera, Live Text, and Live Photos screens, all within one interface. The Camera screen lets users take photos or use ones that are already in their camera roll.

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The Live Photos screen lets users select a Live Photo. And lastly, the Live Text screen lets users select any text right from the gallery view. The process of finding text in photos is fast and accurate.

Live Text uses machine learning to identify addresses, phone numbers, dates, currencies, and other types of text in your photo or image.

You might be asking how does it work? And that’s a great question. It works by mapping out images to text, and the text is selectable. So you click on a word to select it.

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Copy text within a photo or image on your iPhone

  1. Open Photos app and select a photo, or you can also select an image online.
  2. Touch and hold a word that you want o copy.
  3. Move the grab points according to your preference to select the length of the word or select multiple words.
    Copy text within a photo or image using Live Text in iOS 15
  4. Click on Copy. Tap Select All to copy all the text in the Photo.
  5. Tap the indicator icon in the lower right corner to highlight all text within a a photo or an online image.

Make a call or send an email using live text feature in iOS 15

  1. Open Photos app and select a photo, or search for an image online and select it.
  2. Tap the phone number or email address on the image or the Photo.
    Make a call or send an email using live text feature in iOS 15
  3. Tap Call or Send Message.
  4. You may also make a FaceTime call or Add to Contacts depending on the website and contact details.

Translate text within a photo or image on iPhone Using Live text

Whether you are travelling or just trying to read something in another language, Apple’s new Live Text feature will be immensely helpful. This is because the feature lets you translate text within photos and images on iPhone!

  1. Open Photos app on your iPhone and select a photo, or select an image online.
  2. Touch and hold a word that you want to translate.
  3. Tap Translate.
    Translate text within a photo or image on iPhone Using Live text
  4. Choose a language to translate the world. You can also change between the languages.
Live text is a new feature on the iOS 15 that lets you translate text within a photo or image. Most importantly, it can be used with any image in your camera roll or one you’ve taken using the stock Camera app. This is especially helpful when traveling abroad so you can read street signs in another language.

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Find and search text on the Photo Using Live Text on iPhone

  1. Open Photos app on your iPhone and select a photo, or select an image online.
  2. Touch and hold a word on the Photo that you want to search in google.
    Find and search text on the Photo Using Live Text on iPhone
  3. Tap Look Up. 

After you tap Look Up, you can look up the definition of any word in the search results. You can also double-tap any word or drag your finger across that word to select it, then bring it up again.

Whether you're on vacation and trying to figure out what a building is or reading a novel and searching for a character or location, Live Text gives you quick and simple access to relevant information without having to type long queries. If Siri doesn't know what you're looking for directly, iOS will try to handle your query using GoogleHow to use Google Lens on iPhone or iPad or Bing, powered by Microsoft's AI technology.

Which iPhone’s support Live Text feature?

Live Text uses deep learning technology to automatically recognize addresses, phone numbers, calendar events, email addresses, websites, and more within online images. It can’t identify handwritten text found in photos you take with the Camera app. Live Text is designed to run on iPhone 13, 13 Pro, 12 Pro, 11 pro Max, XS, XS Max, XR, X, 8+, and iPad Pro.

If you already have an iPhone with the A12 Bionic chip (or an iPad with the A12 Bionic chip) and iOS 15, you’ll be able to use the new Live Text feature.

It doesn’t say as much in the announcement — just that you can now send animated text — but we do know that Live Text is coming to all iOS devices running iOS 15 and beyond. This means that anyone with an iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max or any iPad for that matter can use it.

Wrapping Up

Live Text is an augmented reality feature that lets you find and search just by pointing your camera at text written on paper, signs, labels, and more. Live Text uses an iOS device’s built-in sensors to scan the real-world text and display it as a digital version so you can read and interact with it using different kinds of tools and filters.

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If you’re like me and love to take and share photos with friends and family — odds are, if asked for a description of your latest snap, you sometimes might not be able to figure it out. You’ve likely seen iOS 15’s new Live Text feature which allows you to turn text into an image so that it blends in with the pictures you take. This is an extremely clever tool that makes communicating via picture easier than ever. Plus, iOS 15’s Visual Look Up feature means identifying objects within your photos only takes a few taps.

So let’s dive into Live Text and Visual Look Up and learn how they can improve your iPhone photography and communication skills.

That’s how you can use Live Text in iOS 15 on your iPhone and search /copy text on Photos. If you have any tricks regarding Live text on iPhone or iPad then comment below or email us.

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