Sleep Cycle App Review : Apple Watch, iPhone, Android

While there are many apps out there that track your sleep, none of them can do it like Sleep Cycle. Sleep Cycle is a beautiful alarm clock app that helps track your sleep cycles while you sleep.

It has gone viral on the iPhone and iPad because of its ability to really wake you up in your lightest sleep cycle. As a result, you feel refreshed and energetic when you wake up.

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Sleep Cycle App Review Apple Watch, iPhone, Android
Sleep Cycle App Review Apple Watch, iPhone, Android

How many of us snooze our alarms in the mornings? And how many more of us simply hit the snooze and roll over, hoping we’ll fall back asleep again? Not exactly an optimal way to start your morning. But with Sleep Cycle, your morning woes can be a thing of the past.

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Have you ever wondered how much time you’re actually spending in the deep sleep phase? Or did you know that your heart rate can predict what stage of sleep you are entering? Sleep cycle can measure your heart rate and activity to determine sleep phases.

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All of this information is extracted from your Apple Watch, and is also integrated with a beautiful alarm clock app for your iPhone.

Sleep Cycle App Verdict

Do you feel tired always? It is probably not a surprise to you if I say that lack of sleep can cause various health issues. There are even long-term studies suggesting that lack of sleep could shorten your lifespan.

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We are talking about serious stuff here, but if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution to help you get a better night’s sleep and ultimately feel more energized during the day, then Sleep Cycle might be just what you’re looking for.

Sleep Cycle Stages
Detailed sleep statistics and daily sleep graphs – Fully integrated with Apple Health, exchanging sleep analysis and heart rate

A remarkably simple yet intelligent way to start your day feeling energized. By tracking your sleep patterns from the moment your head hits the pillow, Sleep Cycle will monitor when you’re in a light sleep phase and set off an alarm when it’s time to wake up. What’s more, smart alarms adjust to your waking pattern over time, so you never have to worry about oversleeping.

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Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock measures your sleep patterns and wake you up during your lightest sleep phase. This way you’ll wake up feeling rested and energized. Sleep Cycle is so much more than a sleep tracker! It measures your quality of sleep, wakes you during the best phase for natural rest, tracks your sleep phases in real time , analyzes and interprets your sleep data.

Waking you up while you’re in a light sleep 

It’s not easy to wake up rested when you’re trying to do it on your own. You’ve set your alarm for the next morning and have started counting sleep. There are a few problems with this common scenario, however. First, you may not be getting the most out of your sleep. Second, when morning comes, there’s a little chance you’ll be completely rested and ready to take on your day like a real champion!

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The Sleep Cycle app is a sleep-tracking app that is created to help you wake up refreshed and ready to face your day. It does this by using machine learning algorithms paired with smart technology to track how well you’re sleeping at night (and eventually help you improve it).

As part of the award-winning Sleep Cycle Family, the Sleep Cycle alarm clock uses smart technology to gently wake you up during the optimal part of your sleep cycle. When you’re in deep sleep, you don’t hear a silent alarm – so most of us are left feeling tired afterwards.

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Track and analyze sleep patterns
Sleep analysis with Sleep Cycle patented sound technology

By monitoring your sleep patterns the night before, it knows when you’re in a phase of light sleep and that’s when it wakes you up. And once you start using your smart alarm watch, it learns from your feedback and our sleep cycle algorithm adjusts as needed for an even better wake up experience.

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Anyone who has ever had to get up and go to work, school or wake-up in the dark, cold morning will appreciate this elegant product that starts their morning with a snap. The awesome clock is designed for even the most tech savvy person who appreciates modern style and convenience. What’s more the alarm clock is loaded with updates that both men, women and kids can appreciate.

 Understand your sleep

In a Nutshell: Sleep Cycle is an advanced sleep tracking app for your iPhone and Apple Watch and Android devices. The app runs on your bedside table and uses motion detection, acoustics and lightweight to assess your sleep quality. Sleep data from smart phones has never been this detailed. It’s time to take control of your deep sleep and general sleep patterns.

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Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep patterns and shows where you are in your sleep each night, so you can learn how to improve your sleep. Wake up easier with the silent alarm.

It’s perfect for parents that want to know more about their kids’ sleep, couples that want a better understanding of how much time they spend sleeping together, and athletes that want a deeper analysis of their training pattern. Start reaping the benefits of better sleep today!

How it Works?

Download the Apple HealthKit-integrated Sleep Cycle app to analyze your sleep and improve your sleep quality. Sleep Cycles patented technology tracks motion and sound to calculate your personal sleep quality. It will awaken you during a light sleep phase, so you always feel refreshed. Your sleep results are stored in Apple HealthKit. Setting the alarm is both intuitive and discreet.

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The sleep app will wake you in the morning with carefully selected melodies that gradually increase in intensity. By using a gentle vibration at night, Sleep Cycle helps bring you into an ideal sleeping position and facilitate falling back to sleep when woken by noises or other disturbances while you are resting.

Motion and sound recordings set off an alarm when it’s estimated that the optimal time to wake is – without disrupting your natural sleep cycle. With this app you can also avoid embarrassing oversleeps by using the smart snooze functionality that allows pausing and rescheduling of snooze alarms. You can even enter notes on your activities for each day – all stored as part of your health profile.’

Sleep Cycle uses your iPhone’s accelerometer to analyse your sleep patterns. Based on this analysis, Sleep Cycle wakes you up at the best time point within a 90 minute window that you choose. They call it the “window of sleep”.

Sleep Cycle consists of an alarm clock and a sleep tracker, each working separately until you wake up and start interacting with the phone. Once you are out of bed, the sleep tracker will guide you through the morning and give you information about your preceding night’s sleep.

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