Does Apple Watch Track Your Sleep ?

The Apple Watch is a fairly new product, so it has limited functionality or features when compared to smart phones. However, it’s becoming clear that the potential for apps on the Apple Watch is huge. Several health apps already exist today, and there are many more in development.

One of the app categories that has gotten a lot of attention so far is sleep tracking apps. Does the Apple Watch track your sleep and sleep stages? Let’s find out now!

Does Apple Watch Track Your Sleep ?
Does Apple Watch Track Your Sleep ?

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Apple Watch has grown in popularity since it first came out and people are increasingly using it as a personal fitness device. While Apple does not market Apple Watch as a sleep tracker, there is a way for you to monitor your sleep on the watch. I’ll cover everything you need to know about Apple Watch sleep tracking, and if it’s worth your time to track your sleeping habits with an Apple Watch.

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Apple Watch is a capable fitness tracker that monitors and records your current state of health. It’s also a great way to track the steps you take, details about your active minutes, monitor how long you’ve been sitting for and display your heart rate.

Which apple watch tracks sleep

What it does not however do is detail what stage of sleep you’re in or whether you’re getting better sleep than you did before. To date, just about all Apple Watches have suffered from some of these problems, but Apple has admitted to being aware of them and working on it.

So, the question : Does apple watch have sleep tracking?

Does Apple Watch track sleep ? Yes, to an extent. The newer models can track your sleep automatically, but the data is subpar compared with what Fitbit or Garmin can provide. You can still use the Apple Watch to record and analyze workouts, control music and apps with a flick of your wrist, and track health information like heart rate and activity.

How does apple watch track sleep?

If you’re looking for a more restful night’s sleep, it may be time to add tracking your hours of slumber to your health and wellness routine. Not only can the Apple Watch track heart rate while you sleep, but it can also help you form good habits and identify factors that affect your sleep rhythm.

How to track steps on Apple Watch

Sleep tracking on your Apple watch is fairly easy to set up, so why not take steps to ensure you’re getting enough rest? Here are a few ways in which the Apple Watch can help with sleep.

How to track sleep on the Apple Watch

  1. Open the Sleep app on your Apple Watch.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to establish a Sleep GoalBedtime, and Wake Up time.

Wearing your Apple Watch to bed is one of the simplest ways to start tracking your sleep patterns. As you fall asleep, you can tell the watch to automatically switch into low-power mode and track your sleep. Apple Watch tracks your movement during the night, gently waking you when it detects you’ve entered a light period of sleep.

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By morning, you’ll see a complete picture of how long you slept and how many times you were restless. To get started with this new feature, go to the Clock app on your iPhone and then tap “Bedtime.” You can even set an alarm on this screen to help ensure you wake up after a good night’s sleep.

Apple’s wearable may have a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to tracking sleep patterns, but it doesn’t always get it right. The Apple Watch begins counting the hours after you fall asleep, and you can set your “sleep phase delay”—the amount of time before tracking actually starts—from 15 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes.

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If you’re awake more than 20 consecutive minutes while the app is in sleep mode, the total number of hours recorded are reduced by 50% . For those who toss and turn throughout the night, this can certainly skew your data. After all, what good is a smartwatch if you don’t know how many zzzzs you got?

What does the Apple Watch track?

Using Apple Watch as a sleep tracker, you can get a general idea of your sleep trends. After going to bed, raise your wrist near your face and the watch will automatically detect that you’re sleeping. Each time your alarm goes off and you wake up during the night, the watch detects this and logs it in the Health app under Sleep. You can also manually log when you go to bed and wake up.

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Apple Watch uses advanced algorithms to look for your breathing patterns during sleep. Over time, Apple Watch learns how you breathe at night and can tell when your breathing has become shallow or erratic, an early sign of possible respiratory issues. So if you see an irregular sleep pattern, or if you think you may be experiencing respiratory problems, it’s worth a trip to the doctor.

Use sleep apps for better data and accurate sleep tracking

The Apple Watch sleep tracker is easy to access, but the data provided is limited. The watch doesn’t collect accurate sleep data, so it’s important to pair your watch with a third-party app—especially if you suffer from restless nights and want to keep track of your movement across the hours.

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Get complete sleep tracking on Apple Watch, including heart rate and nighttime movements, with sleep apps from Sleepscore and Pillow. Sleep++ uses sound analysis in combination with other data to study the sounds you make before and during your sleep. Pillow takes an introductory approach to sleep technology by monitoring your movement throughout the night. This allows you to track when you are in light, deep or REM sleep, and it can wake you in your lightest sleep phase for a more natural feeling wake up.

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Get detailed sleep analysis with the Autosleep App. Autosleep takes your tracking one step further by tracking not only the quality of your sleep but how much you’ve slept, how rested you are and most importantly when you’re at your best performance. It integrates seamlessly with HealthKit and offers a similar experience to Apple’s activity rings. Don’t just track the way you move; track the way you rest too.


Good sleep has numerous health benefits and can make us feel more alert and taking better care of ourselves. Your morning may look familiar, but your sleeping habits could use a little change. The Apple Watch is able to track your sleeping patterns and provide you with valuable knowledge about sleep quality based on your movements. You can learn how many hours of sleep you are getting, how much time you’re in each stage of sleep and more. Use this information to improve your sleeping patterns by identifying trouble areas.

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Improving your sleep habits and quality of sleep is easier than you might think. The Apple Watch makes it even easier with tracking capabilities. By monitoring your sleep, the watch helps you to set and define your goals in order to improve your health. By creating new sleep habits, you can start improving your life today.

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